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I used to be able to get good deals at Pawn Shops . . . but not anymore.  Everyone has the internet or a pricing book, and It seems to my thay the pawn shops way overprice the guitars they have nowadays.

I think that the best deals are on "Craigslist".  And the individuals selling are much more likely to bargain with you than the pawn shop . . .


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I use DR strings a lot.  I get them mostly because I like their slick feel.  I think they have good tone and are a very good product.  I wouldn't say they get "ratty", but the color tends to wear off a little in areas where you fret the most and pick/strum.  They still look good to me.  I use darker colors (evergreen, black, blue) on maple necks, and brighter colors (red, silver, purple) on rosewood necks.


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I got two tee shirts for Christmas with that guitarded sign on the front.  I don't know where my kids got them though . . . probably online somewhere.


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FYI . . . all the Fender guitars went up in price also . . .


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I use a "Big Shot" bypass amplifier switcher.  With it I can run thru two amps and switch from "A" amp to "B" amp or have both working.  One amp is a Peavy Delta Blues tube amp and the other is a Line 6 Spyder 210 that has a lot of different effects.  Really a good set up and if you spread the amps apart you get stereo too.  If you just wanted to run both amps without using a switching box, just get a "Y" cable.


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That is an "Outstanding" site . . . thank you!


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"The Wreck of the Edmond Fitsgerald"

I always use a tiny bit of MFR lube or graphite there when I change strings.  I've checked all the saddles for rough spots. (you wouldn't think 4 different guitars would all have a rough B string saddle)  One Tele and the Blues Boy have barrel saddles, while the Strat and other Tele have more modern type of saddles.  Maybe is has something to do with my plucking?, But I've never broke a high E string . . .

I play 1 Strat, 2 Teles, and one Blues Boy.  No matter which guitar I play . . . I seem to always be breaking my B string.  All guitars are strung with 9's, so the B string would be an 11.  I play mostly finger style or travis picking.  The break is usually at the saddle.  Any ideas why the B is always failing? or suggestions for prevention?


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I believe that acoustic guitars get better with age and also that they take some time to "settle in".  I suspect that most guitars will need a set up after they have been played for a while (few weeks/month).  A shop should offer you a free set-up . . . but after the break-in period.  I wouldn't ask for this service for a cheeper guitar, I'd do it myself.  But on a higher end model, say $500 and up, I would expect the shop to provide this service.


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I went to a Kenny Rodgers concert back in about 1982 when he was at the top of the charts.  It was a great . . . but . . . I got to hand it to you Brits . . . I saw Elton John here in concert in Alaska, last summer . . . and I was blown away . . . .


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Of course I know because I'm way old . . . Some of the turntables had one kinda built in that you just pulled up when needed . . . so you didn't need to mess with these . . . However it is a very cool collection . . .


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http://www.expertvillage.com/video/1692 … monics.htm


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I just play it . . . xx4210 . . . or if I'm in a hurry . . .  xxx210 . . . sounds about the same

Definately handcuff his hand to his belt and play a tape of "ice cream truck" music . . . real loud.


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Check here:



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Stay away from the toy store junk and "First Act" junk.  For about $100 to $200 you can get a fairly decent 3/4 sized acoustic from a good manufacturer like Fender, Alvarez, Yamaha, or Takamine.  When he outgrows it . . . it makes an excellent travel or campfire guitar.


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It could be lots of things . . . : Yes, it could be you . . . or it might be the neck needs adjustment . . . or it could be the nut . . . or the bridge . . . or just overall poor workmanship and set-up.

If you have a friend who plays, you might have them look at it for you and see if they have the same problem, or can identify the problem for you. 

If they have the same problem, then you know it's probably the guitar and not you.  Then, you may have to take it to a good guitar mechanic and have him take a look at it.  The price for an set-up usually runs from $50 to $75 and if you need extra work or replacement parts, it would be more.

Good Luck . . .


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Well . . . you can tune your guitar down or up as you please . . . and tune the strings relative to each other.

if your are playing by yourself, it's no big deal . . . if you are playing with others, they will have to be tuned the same.

I think people can do this for a couple of reasons:

It will make the strings a little softer and easier to play

and it might suit their vocal range better.

I think if you tune down more than a half step . . . it will probably make your strings a little too loose and create some string buzz that would need to be corrected with truss rod adjustment or raising of the action.


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Like wlbaye . . . I prefer to just use my fingertips and not the nails . . . . however you might like these picks which fit under your fingernails "aLaska Pik"    http://www.alaskapik.com/


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After the last chorus . . . I end it by playing the first half of the intro . . . in your case: Am  F  C  Csus  C . . . .


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Woodwinds are usually tuned by moving the mouthpiece in or out.  It usually fits onto a cork surface which should frequently be greased with cork grease so the mouthpiece can move in or out easily . . .


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Take the back cover off and jam a piece of wood between the trem area where the stings go in and the guitar body . . . this is called "blocking" the trem.  Loosen all your strings first before you do this so the springs can pull it all the way back and there can be no movement when you tighten and retune them.  Usually a piece of wood about 1" x 2 1/2" x 3/4" will work for this . . .


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A-D-E . . . is a 1-4-5 blues progression.  There are thousands of songs that follow a 1-4-5 progression and can be transposed to A-D-E. 

A couple of easy ones:  "Old Time Rock and Roll",  "Mercedes Benz",  "Margaritaville",  "Kansas City",  "Johnny Be Good", and etc. etc.   And yes . . . "Louie, Louie" fits the bill also . . .


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I recently bought a Telecoustic Deluxe.  It's the model with both a tele neck pickup and piezo acoustic pickups.  The two can be adjusted seperately or blended together.  It has a real Telecaster neck.   It doesn't have the boom of a dreadnought, but too me, it sounds ok when played acoustically . . . and when you plug it in . . . it's great.  The active piezo type of pickups have always sounded a bit harsh to me, and blending them with the magnetic pickup makes the guitar sound more natural to me.  I just love this little guitar.  The neck plays soft and easy like an electric, but the sound is acoustic.  The only problem with this guitar is that the body is light and the neck is heavy, so it doesn't balance well.  I also have a Fender Sonoran acoustic/electric, but prefer to play the Telecoustic because it's smaller, plays easier, and I think it sounds better when plugged in.