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I'm an acoustic guitar player who's been at it for about 10 years. I've been looking to buy a Taylor acoustic-electric, and my eye was immediately drawn to the Dreadnought shape, specifically the 710ce. I do a lot of strumming, and some picking, playing a lot of 60s & 70s acoustic music as well as country and folk from today. Is this shape/model a good choice for me?? I prefer to have a glossed back and sides, so thats why I'm looking at the upper models instead of the 1/2/3/or 4s. Does anyone have any recommendations about what guitar i should get?   


I love my Schecter Diamond series acoustic/electric. Sounds great live or recorded, plugged into my amp, or just by itself. Mine was around $400, definatlely a AWESOME giutar for the price!!!!


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ok.... some things u just have to learn with a teacher. sry.... once u've been playin for 3-5 yrs w/a teacher then u can quit lessons and teach urself. I'm 13 and i pay 4 my lessons....

depends on ur music genre preferences. some music like folk and classic country u just have to play on acoustic. rock, pop and rock country u pretty much have to play on electric. Since i like all genres, I play both guitars.


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i play contemperary christian music and most of it is in standard tuning..... so the drop D thing might be working against ya.


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The Indigo Girls have great harmony and vocal parts!!


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heck im only 14, ive been playin for 10 years though...


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Play a fender strat through a vox amp and a vox cooltron pedal, and then we'll see what u think.


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The SG is for the more experienced player and is more expensive

The Fender is good for beginners and is sold at a fairly reasonable price

If ur goin for AC/DC, Led Zeppelin heavy rock, the SG is best. Fender's are good for The Beatles, Janis Joplin, softer Jimi Hendrix, and other more hippy psychadelic rock.

Hope you find the guitar that suits you!!


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if u write ur own song, make sure to use the chords Cmaj7, Fmaj7, Amaj7, and Dmaj7. These are THE most romantic chords ever!!!! U can find the fingerings in the chordie chord charts.


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Confidence and memorization are key. if u don't know the songs, don't play 'em. thats just a recipe for disaster. start small first, like small bars, pubs, festivals ect... Always practice in front of friends and family first, that way u'll have some thought of what it'll be like. just know the songs, don't get 2 nervous and u'll be fine!!!  <img src="images/smiley_icons/icon_cool.gif" border=0 alt="Cool">


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I used to teach myself classical guitar, and I used The Christopher Parkening Guitar Method which worked really well for me. I've never seen the book you used, so I not sure how it compares but I think that this one was pretty good.


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Wow, thanks a lot for all the suggestions, this sure helped!!!


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thanx, i'll look those up <img src="images/smiley_icons/icon_biggrin.gif" border=0 alt="Very Happy">


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major scales sound pretty good on the acoustic, they're for the really mysterious and serious songs, if thats what ur into.


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My guitar teacher in US charges $15 per 30 min. lesson. she's awesome 2.. i'm not sure what $15 bucks is in Europe but some of yalls teacher's sound pretty expensive i guess its worth it though if ur interested and the teacher is good


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Me and a friend are pretty medium-advanced guitar players i ve been playin for 10 yrs, she for 8. We're playin soon at a Human Rights fest with LOTS of hippies and classic rock lovers. we both play acoustic, though i can play electric 2 if needed. what kinda songs should we play to please the audience, we've never played for these type of ppl b4, and r unsure of what to do. suggestions please!!! thanx, gabby  <img src="images/smiley_icons/icon_razz.gif" border=0 alt="Razz">


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yeah, almost all the greatest musicians out there played the least common guitar for their songs in at least one of their songs just depends on what song it is some things u HAVE to play acoustic and some things u HAVE to play electric


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I'm a girl, and i've been playin about 7 yrs when i first started doing barre chords, it hurt like crazy, u just gotta keep doin it, after about 6-12 months just doin nothing but barre chords my hands and fingers eventually got callused and it didnt bother me anymore. I have a Fender Strat, and it is GREAT for startin barre chords on


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i dunno about a Maton acoustic electric i've never really heard that much about them but i own a Schecter Acoustic/Electric and it meets the qualifications that u listed i've had it for about 3 yrs and am completley happy with it, it sounds beautiful in and out of an amp.


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Well, you can make almost any good electric sound like Purple Rain, its really how good you are and the effects you put on it. If you're going for an electric, i would suggest an American Fender Strat, great beginning electric guitar, and if you run it thru a Vox amp and a distortion pedal, it will sound awesome. other good electrics are Gibson SG's and Gibson Les Paul's but those are pretty expensive and more for the advanced player.


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Hey I'm looking for the chords (if possible) to "You Don't Have to Say You Love Me" by Dusty Springfield. It's kindof a funky song, so I don't know if you could really play it on the guitar, but if anyone finds it or knows how that would be great.