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Phish is my all time favorite band, so to answer the original question, "Are all of Phish's covers that good?"  I think so.  I've personally seen them play songs from The Who's Quadrophenia, Also Sprach Zarathustra (2001 theme), Peaches en Regallia (Zappa!), A barbershop quartet version of Amazing Grace, Boogie on Reggae Woman, Jesus Just Left Chicago (ZZ Top) and Frankenstein (Edgar Winter) just to name a few. 

If you get the chance search for and listen to some of the covers they do.  SouthPaw41L hit the nail on the head as far as the reason for their popularity, they are all virtuosos on their instruments.  They were extremely tight when they were on, which was often.  Sure, they had their "not so good nights", but the reason they sounded so good is that they could jam out any song, bring it in to outer space and then bring it back to earth again.  They listened to each other play and reacted accordingly.  The thing that they did very well was create tension, then resolve it.  Trey plays blistering leads and interesting melodies,  Mike keeps the funky bass popping, Page keeps everyone in check and Fishman is.......just Fishman, he has incredible timing and can play a mean vacuum. 

Their original songs are of course my favorite.  The beauty of Phish is that they could play ten songs in ten different styles.  Bluegrass, Funk, Rock, Reggae, Classical, Jazz, Zydeco, Calypso, Disco, A cappella, Punk, R&B, Blues, Fusion, Ambient Trance.........name it and I bet they've tried it.  They challenged themselves and also challenged the listener. 

"A Picture of Nectar" is one of my favorite studio albums, but the TRUE experience of Phish is in the LIVE SHOW!! 

"Set the gearshift for the high gear of your soul.........."

Peace in.  Peace out.


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I own a Martin Backpack guitar as well.  It is very portable and stays in tune through a myriad of temperatures.  Definitely use a strap with it as it is difficult to play without one.  I have the steel string version and the sound is.....thin.  I've played the nylon string version and the tone is a bit warmer.  Yes, the steel string does kind of sound like a banjo.  Hope this helps!!

Peace in.  Peace out.


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I have a 3 songbooks that I have on Chordie here.  Check them out!

http://www.chordie.com/publicbooks.php? … ngid=14410


http://www.chordie.com/publicbooks.php? … ngid=14515


http://www.chordie.com/publicbooks.php? … ngid=14502

There are all different kinds of songs in these songbooks.  I'm sure you can find something you like.

Peace in.  Peace out.


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Ok....I think I have a tenative set here.....let me know what you folks think....

Mary Jane-Rick James
Crazy-Gnarls Barkley
Sunglasses at Night-Corey Hart
Sheep Go To Heaven-Cake
Don't Look Back in Anger-Oasis
Lola-The Kinks
Show Me A Little Shame-Ben Harper
Who Can It Be Now-Men At Work
Country Roads-John Denver
Ain't No Sunshine-Bill Withers
I Am The Walrus-The Beatles
Dear God-XTC
Come on Eileen-Dexy's Midnight Runners
Cruel To Be Kind-Nick Lowe
Can't Let Go-Lucinda Williams
Ophelia-The Band
Watching The Detectives-Elvis Costello

Thanks for your help!!!


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Oh my, I almost forgot about this video....It's Antoine Dufour's interpretation of Don Ross' "Dracula and Friends, Part I".....This will blow you away!!



Peace in.  Peace out.


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You guys should check out the channel "rpoland" on YouTube.  This is the channel for CandyRat Records.  They have some AMAZING guitarists on their label including Don Ross, Antoine Dufour, Andy McKee and others.  Here is one of my favorites  Robert Taylor.  Here are a couple of his performances....



my favorite....


Peace in.  Peace out.

Pretty good....Here is the incredible guitar player Monte Montgomery....If you guys don't know who he is, you're in for a treat!


Peace in.  Peace out.


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Thanks for the suggestions dudes and dudettes.  I'm actually pretty comfortable with everything I play.  I'm usually tired.....and drunk and they still sound decent.  Just kidding....I like to play all kinds of stuff.  I'm really looking for actual songs.  What do you like to hear when you are out?  What song has someone played that made you go "Wow, I haven't heard that in years!!  I love that song!" or "Wow, that is an interesting take on that song, that works well"  For example, I'm going to play Crazy by Gnarls Barkley, but I'm going to do a Reggae version of it.  I want to make some interesting choices and have a memorable performance.

Wanted Dead or Alive is a perfect song.  Everyone knows it and I'll play it close to the original. 

I Will Survive- Another perfect song.  Actually, it is another one that could transfer well with a reggae rhythm.

Buffet is always good.  John Denver, enough said.

Daughters is an awesome song.  Might do that one too.

I've played Gumbo by Phish before.  Love that song. 

Under the Boardwalk....Probably going to play that too.

I have a loop pedal that I use as well so I can solo on top of what I just laid down.  If I want to get really fancy, I can get my GNX3 and loop a bass line, play some riff or chords and then solo.  I've done that before with "Who Knows" by Hendrix (Band of Gypsys)  I mean Billy Cox, Buddy Miles and Hendrix!!!!  Does it get better???

So What are your top 10 or 5 or maybe even 3  FAVORITE songs that you've have heard or played at a show.  Remember.....1 Guitar.  1 voice.  I need some WOW factor!

Feel free also to suggest a song and change the style that I could perform it in. 

Thanks so much.

Hello Cleveland!!!!!!!!!


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An easy song, if you can play a C7 and an F7 is "Feelin' Alright" by Dave Mason.  Most people are familiar with Joe Cocker's version. 

Stir it up- Bob Marley
Creep- Radiohead
Every Rose Has Its Thorn-Poison
In The Summertime-Jerry Mungo
Me and Bobby McGee-Janis Joplin
You Can't Always Get What You Want-Rolling Stones
Angel From Montgomery-John Prine
Black-Pearl Jam
I Remember You-Skid Row
I Can See Clearly Now-Jimmy Cliff
Ripple-Grateful Dead
Sunshine Superman-Donovan
Run Around-Blues Traveler

There you go.  You like all music so I gave you some Reggae, Alternative, 80's ballad, 60's feel good, 60's rock, Psychedelic Rock, Grunge and some Pop.

A little tip.  GET A METRONOME!  It will help you immensely.  Play these songs at a slower tempo to begin with and get used to the chord changes.  Also, don't be discouraged about trying to sing and play at the same time.  It took me forever.  So frustrating!!! and PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE.  Build some callouses.

Peace in.  Peace out.


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Thanks for the suggestions so far!  I really appreciate it!!  I will  throw in some James Taylor and some John Denver....Country Roads is that type of song EVERYONE knows.....or should know. 

What type of crowd.....let's see.  Sports bar.  21-55 crowd.  Wednesday night.  I'm a regular at open mics there but I'm the featured artist next month so I get to play 45min-1 hour.  My friends own the bar so I know many people there and some regulars.  I guess I'm a regular too since I try to drink them out of Fat Tire or Blue Moon when I'm there....hehe.  It's hit or miss as far as the attention you get from the crowd....if there's a Cubs game on......or.....what's that other team?.....oh yeah, the Sox, then it's pretty hard to work the room.

I'm playing covers and I might mix in some new originals I've been working on.  I almost always play songs that I really like, but those aren't always what the average person likes.  Here is a list of songs I've done there over the past couple of months in order to give you an idea of what type of stuff I play.

Caymen Review-Trey Anastasio       
She Caught the Katy and Left Me the Mule to Ride-Taj Mahal       
Birdhouse In Your Soul-They Might Be Giants           
The Crossing-The Freddy Jones Band       
Dance Hall Days-Wang Chung       
Late in the Evening-Paul Simon
Let it Be-The Beatles               
Adalae-The Pink Spiders       
Karma Police-Radiohead       
Pretend That This is Fiction-The Pink Spiders           
Can't Get Enough of Your Love-Bad Company       
Down Under-Men At Work       
Inaudible Melodies-Jack Johnson       
Say It Ain't So-Weezer       
I Will Follow You Into the Dark-Death Cab For Cutie       
Jolene-Ray LaMontagne       
You Got To Hide Your Love Away-The Beatles           
Trouble-Ray La Montagne   
Here We Go-Dispatch   
Black-Pearl Jam   
Masters of War-Bob Dylan       
Not So Usual-Jason Mraz       
Garden Grove-Sublime       
Feelin' Alright-Dave Mason        
Drift Away-Dobie Gray       
Let it Be-Beatles               
Bad Bad Leroy Brown-Jim Croce           
The Times They are a Changin'-Bob Dylan           
Blue Suede Shoes-Elvis Presley           
Hide Your Love Away-The Beatles           
Indescribable-Chris Tomliin           
Empty-Ray Lamontagne           
Bubble Toes-Jack Johnson           
I Don't Need No Doctor-Ray Charles               
Big Empty-Stone Temple Pilots           
AC/DC Bag-Phish       
The General-Dispatch       
Curbside Prophet-Jason Mraz           
Caress Me Down-Sublime   
Chariot-Gavin Degraw
What's Up?-4 Non Blondes
Beauty of Grey-Live
Stoppin' the Love-KT Tunstall
It's Still Rock n Roll To Me-Billy Joel
A Woman-Mofro
Amie-Pure Prairie League
Drown-Stuart Davis
Drift Away-Dobie Gray
Jive Talkin'-Bee Gees
Cecilia-Paul Simon
Walk On By-Cake
Blitzkrieg Bop-The Ramones
Gone-Jack Johnson
Ripple-Grateful Dead
Bittersweet-Big Head Todd

Thanks for your help!!


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-I'm doing a short solo acoustic show next month. 

-What songs should I play? 

-I'm open to all kinds of music.

What are your TOP TEN favorite songs to hear/play?

Thanks for your help!!!


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Ok......so the best female guitarists............In no particular order.....the best are:

Joan Jett

Lita Ford

Jennifer Batten

Juliana Hatfield

Liz Phair

Nancy Wilson

Bonnie Raitt

Susan Tedeschi

Melissa Etheridge

There is this girl named Nori Bucci that plays some RIPPING stuff.....I was blown away the first time I heard her.....she has some videos on YouTube of course......I think the name of the band is Gamalon or something like that. 

AND OF COURSE......How could everyone overlook Ani DiFranco?  I mean C'mon.....she uses something like 29 different tunings and she ATTACKS the guitar in a way that is all her own.  She truly has a unique sound.

Peace in.  Peace out.

Read my original post again.........

Yes, I included Nirvana......I think they are one of the best ever........

I did put down Hendrix........He did things with the guitar that were revolutionary!!

Stiff Little Fingers?  Aren't they a punk band from Ireland or Scotland from the mid/late 80's?  I haven't really heard their stuff but would you consider them to be one of the best bands ever?




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Jimmy Buffet or Thriller by MJ........


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I like Jason Mraz too.  I think he has a very unique style that incorpoates a freestyle rap type of feel along with funk bass lines.  It's still pop music, but I think he's a great songwriter.  Check out his stuff on aolsessions.  His live acoustic stuff has a stripped down, raw feel to it.  He also has an amazing voice.  I play Curbside Prophet, Not so Usual and I'm Yours at my open mics and I'm learning Geek in the Pink.

Best band ever?  How should we rate it? By how they influenced other artists? By ticket sales? by record sales? By technical aptitude?  Here is MY list of the best bands/artists ever, in no particular order..........

Andres Segovia

Robert Johnson

Elmore James

Chuck Berry

Jimi Hendrix

Stevie Ray Vaughan

Paco De Lucia

Buddy Guy

Eric Clapton


John Mclaughlin

Dave Matthews Band


Miles Davis


Ray Charles

Stevie Wonder

James Brown

Van Halen

Simon & Garfunkel

B.B. King

Elvis Costello

Maceo Parker

Roy Buchanan

Sly & the Family Stone

Hank Williams

Etta James

The Who




David Bowie

Van Halen

Muddy Waters

Bruce Springsteen

Allman Brothers


15.  Aerosmith

14.  Pink Floyd

13.  U2

12.  Django Reinhardt

11.  Phish

10.  Grateful Dead

9.   Beach Boys

8.   Ramones

7.   Velvet Underground

6.   Bob Marley

5.   Frank Zappa

4.   Bob Dylan

3.   Elvis Presley

2.   Rolling Stones

<b></b>1.  THE BEATLES.


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Test, Test.....