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Hi all,
My wonderfull wife bought me an Animal fur lined hooded fleece this year and i'm happy to say it is so cosy they're gona have to shoehorn me out of it round about April.

Merry Christmas and all the best for 2010.

P.S. it's fake fur, but still very cosy.


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Hi Panxzztop
Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, i just hope i can do it justice.
Thanks again.
Hang loose.


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Hi all,
Anyone out there got the chords to Terry's song from Springsteen's "magic" album?
All help greatly appreciated.


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buvvy wrote:

Hi all i have just turned 61 and celebrated by going to Jeffreys Bay, for 2 weeks of surfing by day and much finger blistering by night. two mates, 3 guitars and many frosties. With that useless bit of information i'll say cheers. Keep on rockin'. Buvvy Cape Town, South Africa.

Hey Buvvy,
Happy birhday from a middle aged scots rooie nook.
Glad to hear that you're still in the water at 61, the beaches of Durban were where i first tried my hand at surfing, and im glad i did, shame the water tempature here is not the same, but at least there are no sharks, eh?
hang loose.



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we are paying about £1.20 a litre up here in north east scotland which is bad enough, but if you go further north up to Caithness or the northern isles then there are some filling stations charging £1.40-£1.50 per litre.
I think what pisses pepole off in the U.K the most is that we are paying V.A.T.(value added tax, supposedly only for luxury goods) and then on top of that the government slaps on what they call "Fuel duty excise" which is yet another tax.The newspapers and television tell us that the true price of petrol/diesel is nearer 70 pence per litre.
Suffice to say that the bike i bought secondhand for £20. two years ago is now seeing a lot more of the open road than it ever did before these recent price hikes.


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The first concert i went to was Iron Maiden at the Edinburgh Playhouse on the somewhere in time tour.

Last concert was the Foo fighters in good old Aberdeen, still can't believe they came this far north.

Next concert is Hayseed Dixie, once again in my home town.

After that it's Bon Jovi at Hampden in Glasgow, can't wait.


Dont know about the ugly clothes, but the scrunching if a prune like face?
Hmm... Could it be Gary Moore.
Remember him? he used to do metal but is now much more blues orientated.
he's nae a bonny loon, some player though!



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tex, thanks for the sympathy, i take it you've had the bite put on you before?
Roger, thats some interesting lyrics you've got, im' sure there's a tune to be had out of it.
zurf, that may not be a moral, but it sure is good advice.
just keep smilin'.

smile smile



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Hi all,
just thought i'd share a funny (sic) story with all you chordie regulars, well it's funny now.
My wife and i took our two boys aged 7 and 2 to a city farm type thing today, they keep rare breeds and the like there.The city council are closing it down later this year in an efort to save some money, so i thought i'd better take my youngest along before it's gone, his elder brother has been a few times before and he likes seeing those beasts that you dont see everyday living in the burbs.

Anyway we'd gone all round the place and seen all manner of pig's and sheep and a few ponys too and they sure do love an apple to chew on.My eldest son is well used to feeding the horses and such like, his technique is if the animal in question does'nt get the apple off his hand first time, well then he throws it in the field and they find it themselves, he's a smart kid.

Dad (me) on the other hand is a lot dummer, i kinda like them getting it out of the palm of my hand, that way i actually feel like im' feeding said animal and it keeps the dirt off the food, i mean who wants to eat mud, right?

This is how after the third try at feeding an apple to a not quite fully grown Clydesdale horse i found myself in a wee spot of bother, the apple had fallen to the ground and the thumb of my left hand was still in the horses mouth.Well the horse had'nt seen the apple fall, i reckon he thought it was just a bit tough, either that or the STUPID human guy wanted it back, because thats when he started putting on the pressure.

Now i dont know the exact amount of pounds per square inch a horse can bite down with, but i sure am glad they have flat teeth, all i could think about was how long will it be before i can play guitar again if he breaks my thumb. My wife, godbless her, had managed to get the apple back, it had fallen just insde his fence, and she was trying to get his attention with it (sods law it was the last one) but he still was not letting go, i mean why would he? as far as he thought he already had one in his mouth.

In the dying seconds of this farce she had one of those eureaka moments where the lightbulb goes off in your head, she ended up rubbing the by now mushy apple on the horses nostrils, thats when he let go, presumably lured by the smell of easier to chew food.

All i can say is thank god there were no witnesses to this, could you imagine the scene, a nearly middle aged man with his hand in a horses mouth and a fairly younger woman rubbing apple on its nose while two young kids look on with mouths hanging open.

Im' not sure if theres a moral to this tale, if there is mabey its that city boys should stay in the city and leave the damm animals alone, or mabey feed them like a kid -just throw it over the fence.

Either way i still have my thumb, i also have a VERY, VERY red face.
thanks for listening, i just had to tell someone.



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boxer wrote:

I've just bought my first acoustic on ebay for a staggering £15. A Stagg. A lovely black body, and she sounds great to me. My classical is looking a little sorry in the corner!

Hey boxer,
glad to hear you got a bargain.
a friend of mine has a black stagg acoustic, and it plays like a dream.
I'm sure you'll be very happy together.


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After being looked down upon by someone who i now consider to be a "guitar snob", i spent some time looking into the heritage of my old electro acoustic. It is a slim bodied model made by Marlin guitars
It has a plate on the back where the neck joins the body with a serial number on it, a manufactures name, British music strings, Wales and so on.But even the internet has failed me find any information on this brand, all i can get from these guys is how they had one twenty years ago, korean import crap, plywood acoustics and cheap electrics and how they all play like s**t.
I bought my one about fifteen years ago now, although i  only made an effort to start learning to play four years ago, she spent many years being trailed around the u.k. by various friends who could play and a good few years in my attic.
The thing is she sounds great, yeah there are a few niggles on her but nothing that takes away the pleasure i get from hearing that sound. so basicaly what i want to know is, do you have a guitar that was/is cheap n cheerfull and/or looked down on by others.
I mean c'mon, we cant all be playing Gibsons and martins right?


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I also agree- feel your way around the song, i think most of the songs i play could be called my "version" and they mostly sound ok.


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About 15 years ago now, i was walking past the bigger of the two(at the time) music shops in aberdeen, on my way to the bus stop to get home after a hard days work when i spotted the most beautifull guitar i had ever seen.
A slim bodied electro-acoustic, shaped like a statocaster. At the time, and up until about four years ago i did'nt play guitar, but this one made me want to.
I knew nothing about guitars, who made the best or the worst, big names like martin, gibson and whoever were just names, i just knew i had to have her.
So i saved my labourers pennies and about six months later i made some sales dude very happy, He'd finaly gotten rid of that piece of crap marlin in the window.
Her name was already painted on the headstock JASMINE.
Fifteen years later she  sounds as sweet as any other  and is my daily companion.

Sorry, i do tend to go on a bit.


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while i'm here, thanks for the welcomes yesterday.
nice to be here.


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Cant get enough of poison's "every rose has its thorn".

"GUILTY" M'LUD.   Sad but true.


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this is my first ever post on any subject what so ever on any web page, chat thingy and or forum since the internet began. iv'e been a keen beginer for about four years now and i always get a smile or a good laugh from the forums on chordie.
But when i saw old doll's post on growing up in 50s, 60s and 70s it just stuck a chord in me, i grew up in the 70s and im' pretty sure i did most if not all of that stuff, me and my friends did it all in the north east of scotland where the biggest danger to a kid back then was the bloody weather, but, it sure was a lot of fun.
thanks old doll.