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Baldguitardude wrote:

References to gerbils are way underutilized in modern music. I applaud you sir.



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Thanks.  I hope to be able to write happiness again, the big question is..... When.     


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Yesterday, we both said a lot.
Picking scabs and throwing rocks.
You set boundaries that I don’t like, I will not lie.
I LOVE YOU and that I will no longer hide.   
I entered your room against your line,
I have to tell you I love you no matter the cost.
I tell you this even though I am lost.

You are tired of me saying so
I can’t help myself, I don’t want you to go.
But it’s too late because you left me long before,
We pushed each other away and now you long to walk out that door.

I want you to stay. I’d like you to want that too,
You say you cannot/will not.
I understand not wanting to get hurt again, I understand the fear of a repeating cycle.

I’m on the gerbil wheel
I know this is so.
I should get off because you have let me go.
You want me to move on,
Find a new life.
I can’t do that, for you are my wife.

For better or worse that was our vowel.
So many as we, have forsaken that,
And thrown in the towel.

You get upset that I will not stop
These word I write, I know you will drop.
Yet I must give them to you,
My heart feels like it will drop.

Please do not lock your door,
I must tell you I love you,
Because one day,
I know I will not see you,
I won’t be able to say,
I love you so much,
Drive safe,
And have a good day. 


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That s a great song Jeff.  Defiantly a Jets style song.     


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It is so nice to read a love poem of a happily married couple especially after all the Heartbreak and sorrow I have been posting.  You guys got it right. Congratulations and many more.     


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Very cool!  My older boy wants piano lessons. 
Your son's fingers will be ripe for that guitar too big_smile

TIGLJK wrote:

Sound very cool !

You two go well together

You look so serious though -

keep em  coming


It's called trying to stay in time! LOLOL. And trying to figure out where I want to go next.     

neophytte wrote:

Sounding good!!! I wish I had an area like that in our house ... !!

(Part 2 gave me a 404 error)



All fixed     

Bill I use SoundCloud all the time the best thing to do is record it on your phone or on your computer.  I then load to audacity or whatever program you have for editing, do Post production such as Reverb or whatever I need to do, export to MP3, if you've never used audacity then there's a couple little tricks to that,. And then basically you hit the upload button or drag-and-drop. eventually your free account will fill up and you either have to delete songs or pay for the premium.I just delete some of my older stuff and stuff that's not exactly the best that I have up there anyhow you'll hold quite a lot.

https://youtu.be/oxY_gixDpGk  part 1
   https://youtu.be/DsxbUJw1zlA  Part 2


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I look at your hand,
And it's not there.
I see your wrist,
Someone else is there.

I look at your hand,
And I wonder where.
So I look into a box,
It sits right there.

Made of diamond and gold,
Sitting in velvet green.
In the dark, to never again be seen.

A new life
You say you must have,
Without me in it,
Your Independence
you must have

So there our ring sits
of Dimond and gold,
in a box of velvet green
for on your finger
never again to be seen 


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Classical Guitar wrote:

beamer you are getting better and better. It is like watching a caterpillar turn into a butterfly .

I just wish the metamorphosis did not have to happen. it's one hell of a way to have a creative Outlook.     


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The minutes pass by,
The minutes that bleed
As I have cried.

Starting to realize its for ever more
Never will we be stronger than before.

Will I be happy at the end of the day?
Will this path support me along the way?

I scream to the god
to whom I never pray,
Turn this grey to sunshine,
let it stay. 


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Lisajohny9878 wrote:

Informative post

Thank you.     


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You don't love me anymore
show yourself to the door

I've tried to show you,
I want you more and more,
you don't love me anymore
So show yourself to the door

Independence comes at a cost
Will you regret all that you have lost?

So go ahead and keep your walls built high,
I'm tired of climbing
though I've tried to reach the sky

There is no smile
as I walk through the door,
How often do your eyes
cast themselves out or to the floor?

The harsh light of reality comes crashing down. 

My face, neither a smile or a frown,
It's just another day in this now lonly town.

You don't love me anymore,
So show yourself to the door. 

Top dawg, if you guys are getting a group sweet, got room for one more? hell or high water, im gonna be there again.

or ill just reserve the same air B&B, worked ok last time.     


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By Scott Sailer, AKA Beamer


Slowly we built the cross,
The cross of our demise.
We built it,
Right before our very eyes.

Each grain of wood,
A part of our soul.
From the blood of our birth,
To the breath we can’t control.

With the length of each year,
The sins are layered.
Building, Building the weight we must bear.
Even as life moves forward,
Still, we take the dare.

The crossing timber,
unwittingly set in place.
We still continue,
Not seeing the pain being etched into place.

Now to late to see,
No redemption is to be had,
From our skin to our hearts,
Ripped layer by layer,
Like bark from a once beautiful tree.

The blood of our birth,
The breath we can’t control
The love leaches out
As we loose control. 


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TIGLJK wrote:

Good job fellas - sure is a sad song

It certainly is.  wish I could say that was not 75% direct quotes from my other half.     

bensonp wrote:

I use this program and it is wonderful.  It comes in Windows or Smartphone format.

I posted this the other day. its great.  but the chord pro format is a little different between this and Chordie so go over both sets of instructions.     

Without realizing it, my song  that I posted   A kiss  in the sun, is a sad love song,  so I guess ill say that was my submission.     


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neophytte wrote:

I think youtube has a built in editor ... but I may be mistaken ...

Guitar and candles; I'll have to have a listen when I'm at home ... !!

It's not a good one.only the ends of stuff can be edited.  No clipping the middle.     


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Just some more guitar and candles therapy.   Blues in the dark.  No vox.
Not perfect.but felt good.  A bit long as i dont have a video editor. 

Many sorrows to you.  It's very hard to lose a mate.     


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Peatle Jville wrote:

Interesting emotions in your song Beamer.

To put it mildly,. Yep     


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My Vid of me performing this song also