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Keepitreal, i agree with you. First sign of snow in the South east and everyone goes into a panic. It's been cold but we have escaped the snow settling so far this winter. I do hope i haven't spoken too soon, expecting a big delivery tomorrow so don't want snow to be a reason not to get it. ha ha.


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Thanx very much Roger.


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Thanx Roger.


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Is there a tuner/gadget that can tell you what key you are singing in like the guitar tuners?


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I have always had trouble playing this song by fairport convention and was also covered by Eva Cassidy.
Can someone tell me what time this song is played in. Is it 3/4 or 4/4? I always seem to have trouble finding a suitable strumming or picking pattern to it.


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I have only just found out that Dan Peek died in 2011. I don't know why i didn't find out at the time. America was one of my favourite bands in the 70's, in fact i still listen to their music a lot. I know he laft the band in around 1977, its their first 2 albums that are my favourites. I felt very sad when i realised that he had died. RIP Dan Peek.


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My friend's got one and i was very impressed when i saw her using it, looked much better to use than the ibanez one i have  got.


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Mine was Amazing grace. It was the first song to learn in Russ shipton's book.


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Well done for playing outside of the bedroom after 3 months, it took me 10 years!! No kidding.


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Thank you very much for the replies, some good tips for when i change them next.


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How often on average do you change your guitar strings?
The bridge pins on my guitar are so hard to get out, i always end up breaking one of them.


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I never anchor my hand, i find it easier not to. Have tried it but it didn't work for me, but you will have to try and see what your comfortable with.


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Thank you Astronomikal. When i practice now i do a bit of both. Keeping up learning the theory but also keep playing my favourite songs.
I had got to the point where i felt a bit stuck and needed something new.


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I have been teaching myself for the last 12 years but up until now avoided learning to read music.
I have been just strumming and picking chords all this time. Just recently i bought a book from the fast track series (Hal leonard) and it's very good in teaching the music theory. Now after all these years i have managed to play 2 little tunes actually reading music and i'm really chuffed. I have got a long way to go yet but it's a start. It's certainly a book i would rocommend if anyone wants to learn to read music right from scratch.


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Does it make a difference being male or female concerning thickness of strings. I know we all have callouses but i imagine that men can put pressure that much more. What gauge strings could women expect to play up to?


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Maybe i'll go on to try medium lights then one day, thanx everyone.


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I recently changed to using light strings from always having used extra lights and i am surprised at how much better they sound. I think i will stick to lights now. They are Ernie Ball lights.Never tried Ernie Ball before either.


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I know there was a topic about this a little while ago but i cant find it now. I want to learn a few little riffs/ licks ? between chord changes. Have so far learnt one changing form G to C and back again from video but would like to learn some more between different chords, However i find sometimes learning from videos is difficult when they go a bit fast. I have been looking in all my tuition books but can't find them. Can anybody help? Would like to learn some more because straight chord changes all the time is becoming boring and i would like to learn a few embellishments to make it sound better.

I am HOPEFUL that one day i will be a reasonable guitar player.


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I am never quite sure how to play an intro before the singing starts. Some videos of cover versions i have watched seem to play it just like the original recording but i don't know how to do that unless you actually had the tabs of the intro i suppose.
I just end up playing the first line or two of chords but of course it sounds nothing like the original intro. Just wondered what others do if like me they can't read music. Hope this makes sense.


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Am i a senior member because im old or because i have been looking at chordie a long time? big_smilebig_smile


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Thank you for your replies, i have been using the capo a lot more recently and beginning to feel more comfortable with using it.Noticed a real difference with some of the songs.


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Thank you Russell- harding, i have a couple of local shops in mind to try. Just going to try and get something basic and easy to use.


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What's best to do some recording  singing and playing without the involvement of a computer. I haven't got anything to record with at the moment and would like some advice. I can't afford anything too expensive. Im just curious to know what me and my friend sound like. She sings while i play.


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Thankyou for your replies. I have a capo which has not had much use up until now so i think i'll definitely experiment with it more.