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Thanks guys your comments they are always appreciated.


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Thanks for the positive comments about the singing..
Your comments have inspired me to have a go in the future.


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It's basically an ambient Chillout track.
If you have about 7 minutes to waste please have listen.
It's recommended to close your eyes and think of nice things smile



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It's rare for me to sing (The term is used loosely) but I have had a go..
Just a simple song about life.

[D]In the garden of his[A]life
[G]Sits a man on a[A]stone
[D]He's surrounded by[A]flowers
[G]But sometimes feels all[A]alone

[D]His flowers are[A]tall
[G]But the weeds still grow[A]to
[D]He keeps them[A]down
[G]But some still grow right[A]through

[G]Now this is the[A] garden of his [D] life
[G]Filled with [A] darkness and [D] sunlight
[G]There is some [A] colour there is [D] grey
[D]But it [G] is what it [A] is at the end of the[D] day
[D]But it [G] is what it [A] is at the end of the[D] day

[D]He's tried his [A] best
[G]To garden with [A] care
[D]But some of his [A] loses
[G]Have been hard to [A] bear

[D]He raises his [A] hand
[G]To shield his eyes from the [A] sun
[D]But does not see [A]
[G]His life is almost [A] run

[G]Now this is the[A] garden of his [D] life
[G]Filled with [A] darkness and [D] sunlight
[G]There is some [A] colour there is [D] grey
[D]But it [G] is what it [A] is at the end of the[D] day
[D]But it [G] is what it [A] is at the end of the[D] day


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I enjoyed your cover version of the great song.
The recording was a bit spoiled by the crowd chatting as they do smile


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Great stuff Russ.
I enjoyed that..


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How Many Lives. Good question Phill and there is no answer because we are dealing here with the mostly unpredictable  human race.
Maybe in the future our self destructive nature will be minimalized in our nature. I think it's true to say that generally we are less war like than hundred years ago. Time will tell as they say.
We have always lived a violent world and now through mass media the effects of it are brought into our homes immediately and graphically.
Which is good and bad.
Good song Phill.


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I have come to think in my old age that the human race takes it's self much to seriously. To think we matter individually or collectively to development of the universe is just a joke and it's on us...
When the human race dies out the earth will still spin until it's allotted time..
Nice song Joe got me thinking which is probably a bad thing. smile
well played..


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I remember you writing a poem and song about your loss a few years back. I think it was called "Six years of tears" that moved me and made me think then about loss of a child and what it means to the mother. Again your song has stirred up memories.
39 years back we lost a child and though I was upset I didn't realise how a mother suffers. I was young and insensitive to my wife's feelings.
We never knew where the child was buried as I dealt with the legal stuff my wife was ill at the time and I just I wanted to forget about it so I didn't ask.
My wife always wanted to know where the child was but didn't know how to go about finding the location.
Strangely it wasn't till her mother died and we sorted out the burial plot that she enquired about finding the location to the officials.
It turned out to be relatively easy just some searching through the cemetery numbers and plots until we found the unmarked grave.
My wife was so pleased she had found her baby after all these years. I had not really realised what she had felt all the years.
We now have a headstone and she has her peace..
I have always thought you had a great voice and your guitar playing has come a pace..
Well done.


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I'm not a fooball fan as such but like to see my country do well. After England rubbish performance against Iceland I was so glad to see Wales win against Belgium. They deserve to go all the way.
Their attitude to the matches they play is inspiring and the results are what they deserve.
Looking forward to the Potugal match.


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Rock on Guys...
Great stuff smile


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I really enjoy listening to your songs Phill and this one's no exception.
I don't think I've ever heard a duff one yet.

Looks and sounds like you all having a good time there Russ.
Nice guitar playing etc always like an instrumental smile


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I enjoyed listening to your latest song Phill.
I like the way the song poses the question of whether it's a real or imagined killing.


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Thanks for the listen etc and taking the time to comment always appreciated.
Peatle I do get the odd Squirrel in my urban garden plus Badgers and Foxes. The Badgers cause havoc on my lawn digging holes.
I tried to post a picture of a visiting Squirrel on the post. The img tags don't seem to be working.
so this is a link to the picture.
https://myspace.com/onlyarkady/mixes/st … /373648463

I guess there is a certain amount of payback from life or seems to be as we get older.
I now tell myself when I commit a fau paux that I'm going to be paying for that later and I usually do smile
I enjoyed the song Phill.


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Thanks guys for taking the time to listen/watch and the positive comments.
The birds I get to see in my garden are pretty much bog standard UK fair though entertaining for me and the wife.
All the best.

I reset the password on my old Myspace website page recently and rediscovered some old music I did a while back.
Myspace used to be the place where chordie members used to post in the old days. It became difficult to use as it upgraded itself so fell out of favour..
Anyway I did this little vid a while back. It's a montage of pics taken of garden birds and set it to some original music I wrote and recorded.
Nothing wonderful. Just nice. smile

https://myspace.com/onlyarkady/video/ga … /108719017


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Great cover of a great song.
Your mates version is excellent as well.


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I feel it is one of your best colabs.
Both the song and recording are great.
I enjoyed listening.


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Hi Russ
Great cover...
I'm a Tarantino fan myself and seen most of his popular films.
Django Unchained being one of the best. With his films you have to expect the unexpected and of course bloody violence. smile
His scores for his films are always great.
Well done.


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Quite catchy number. smile
Well done.


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Thanks Bill for the idea.
I thought I'd give an instrumental view to the inherent sinister aspect of AI.
Personally I've always preferred the sugar coated "Bicentennial man" outlook to Robot behavior than the "Terminator" view of mankind destruction.


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Now we are posting songs here I keep forgetting to check to see what's new. smile
Very nice.
Maggie Coulter has always been one of my favourites reworked sounds great.
Old friends as good as any you have recorded.

HI kim Good luck with your Ukulele journey.
The Ukulele seems to have got rather popular of late or more probably I just didn't take much notice of the instrument being a guitar man. LOL
Anyway I found your songs entertaining and worth developing. Being mostly an instrumental composer I find lyrics hard to do and always admire songwriters with the ability to literary find the words.