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Nothing wrong with a good depressing song....how else can I make my fellow Irish cry in their beer?  amonst the best cry in your beer songs....Missing you Jimmy McCarthy, Ordinary man Christy Moore, Hurt Johnny Cash, Ghost in this house Alison Kraus and Only Our Rivers Run free Trad.  Could go on and on....

There have been several that have given me nightmares to learn....but thats aboout it!


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The Verve's Urban Hymns....just learned Lucky Man which I think is a great song for acoustic and now i'm trying to figure out The Drugs Don't Work....


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Old beekeepers swear that honey from the pollen in plants that grow near where you live will ease hay fever and the like.  trick of course is finding your local apiery......


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yes...its happened to me so i know they do. ouch


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It only really matters if you are playing with others, or if someone else is singing.  But like everything else where others are involved...yu can lead...you can follow or you can just get out of the way!!!   It doesn't matter just feel the beat and enjoy...happy new year!!


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I have a Zoom 504 II Accoustic effects pedal which I use with my electric guitar.  It works really well so I would happily recomend a zoom.  However a word of caution here... Dont confuse an effects pedel with a mood or wawa pedal.  In reality you need both unless the unit you buy has it built in.  Although the effects pedal has maybe 50 built in effects and can be programmed for many thousands more, while playing, all you can do is hit either on or off...so effect or no effect.  If you want to adjust how much effect while playing then you need the mood or wawa as well. 
Happy Christmas!!


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Thanks guys.  Good advice as ever.



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I have always ultra light strings on my seven year old Tanglewood.   I tried to change to lights maybe a year ago and they just didn't sound right.  A lot of buzzing and bum notes.  There is a fair bit of wear on the fret and on the bars as this is a much played and much loved guitar.  My question is this..has the ultra light strings 'bedded' in to the point that I can't use anything else?  I use heavier strings on my electric and I'd like to keep them feeling the same ish.



Yes practise will make perfect! but, what should you practise....how will going wrong every time you try the same song make you perfect?  It won't, it will just hack you off.  We can all sing, we have been doing it since we were tots.  But guitar is new.  So the two together are new and hard!  Pick a simple song that you know off by heart...something you can sing without even thinking about....get the chords, hopefully you picked a song with an easy progression.  then practise practise and practise.  If you still can't get it...put the guitar down and sing the song and keep time by clapping.  But even then there will still be songs that you will just never be abe to get right...I can sing (badly) and play for hours, but i can't get Cry Like A Man.....



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Hi Cork.  i too have an epiphone amp...a little 5 amp junior which does me well.  It also has two input sockets on the back with a differant rating.  Both work with the guitar plugged in.  no one has ever bann able to tell me what they are for and why they are differant.  I include the shop where i bought it, my teacher, the manual and searches on the net.  If you ever find out what they are for let me know!!



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Anything that gets close to the guitar body....my big sausage fingers just wont fit....


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Yes it can and should be recycled...all circuit boards can.  They contain a lot of expensive material and a fair bit of gold.


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Not certain if I know what a ‘frozen’ shoulder actually is.  But I think it’s a trapped nerve in the neck?  Like sciatica, but in your neck?  If this is the case the main cause is posture.  Things like holding a phone against your ear with your shoulder, carrying heavy handbags can cause it.  Also the pillow can be a serious problem.  What worked well for me was just sleeping on one pillow.  I rolled a small hand towel so I had a sausage shape and placed this in the pillowcase.  When I laid on my side with the towel against my shoulder under my neck it ensured that my head was in a good posture.  Hope this helps…..


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One thing that I have learned over the years is to be realistic about what you can play and the sound that you can reproduce with just an acoustic guitar.  After all most songs you hear are produced by several professional musicians, lots of PCs and expensive stereo equipment!!  Try to look at some sheet music for a song.  Doesn’t matter if you can’t read it…..but you will quickly realise how much is actually going on with a piece.  It will also show you how the words are spread across the bars of the song.  Some songs are much more difficult to learn than others, without any apparent reason.  Also be careful, because as good and useful as Chordie is:  not all the songs are tabbed out correctly.  So if you are playing and it doesn’t sound right, it might be a duff chord in there somewhere.  Pick an easy song to start with…something you know really well and can sing along with comfortably when you hear it on the radio etc.  Then practice practice practice and remember if it was easy every one would be able to do it!!


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My Tanglewood acoustic is called Fatboy.  My Epiphone Les Paul Plus is called Lecky....it should be the other way around cos that Epi needs a crane to move it.....


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who layed eggs


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Don't know where you are from Bernie60, but it will likely affect the type of 'Irish' music you are hearing.  Irish music is broad and differant as music anywhere else in the world.  U2, Boomtown Rats, Thin Lizzy, Christy Moore, Dubliners, Devine Comedy, the Pouges not to mention all the trad stuff.  So it's down to you hearing a song you like and learning it, like any song from anywhere elese in the world.  Also some of the best loved 'Irish' songs aren't Irish at....Nancy Spain and Black is the Colour are both Scottish.  Long way to Tipperary is English.  Galway Girl is american I believe.



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Just wanted to share with you guys that today is my birthday!!  Its also the sixth anniversary of the day when I fulfilled a life long dream to play the guitar.   Well, to be honest....the anniversary of when my wife bought me a Tanglewood acoustic, so that I could start to learn to play the guitar.

I've been a member here for maybe four years and you've been a great help.  From reading questions from other beginers to the videos posted by players at teh level that I aspire to.

I probably will never reach the level I long for...but it doesn't stop me trying!! 

Thanks for all the help guys!



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Only 1 for me....whiskey in the jar....when i hear it, the hair on the back of my neck stands up....


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My boss who has had the pleasure of me entertaining clients with my guitar is fond of telling me....

'You're playing all the right notes, just not in the right order'.


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How about Cake Sale's 'Some Surprise'?  It's a lovely song, duet with male and female.  Easy cords as well.  Or how about Ride On?  It's a timeless classic, Christy Moore gets the credit, although he didn't write it.  It was covered by one of the black sisters as well.  Again it's got easy cords.


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1 x German Shepard

2 x Cats

12 x goldfish

3 x Chickens

owww and 2 kids lol

41 year old male from Ireland.  Always wanted to play and I started playing almost 5 years ago.  Self teaching for first year, then lessons for 2 years.  The current economic climate means I'm back to teaching myself!


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camdener wrote:

lol the one i hate is bare with me

I hate bear with me, but I love bare with me.....  LOL :-)