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Hi everyone

I dont post often, but couldn't resist this one.

I'm 48 and have only been playing for 3 years. Great website and I really learn alot from everyone - thanks for all the posts.
I only wish I had taken up guitar while my Dad was still living - what could be better than father & son playing guitar together.

Thanks again

I found the best way is to click on "View/Print Songbook" - this creates a formatted webpage of your songbook, with an index page. Then from that window click - "File - Save As" and choose 'Webpage Archive' and give it a name. This will save your entire songbook as a single file which can be viewed or printed without having Internet access. I use this to distribute songbooks to family members for our family reunions - campfire singalongs.

Give it a try - works for me.


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I have only been playing for abut 2 years and for the first year I didn't even think of singing along - I didn't think I could sing. Then at a family function I was asked to play and they even wanted me to sing - obviously it didn't sound very good (although beer helps) however I enjoyed it. Since then I have found that my playing has come along MUCH better/faster - singng helps you with the strum patterns and the chord changes as you know instantly when you are off. I now encourage all new players to start singing with their playing - it pays off.

Plus, like your playing your singing gets better the more you do it.



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Hi everyone,

I have published a collection of songs we like to sing at our family reunions. Easy to paly and most people love to sing along. I've corrected some of the lyrics & chords. I send the family members a link to the song book and I also 'print the songbook' out to an html file - makes it easy to use when you dont have an internet connection.

http://www.chordie.com/publicbooks.php? … gid=158997

Let me know what you all think.


Hi everyone,

This topic is dear to me. I edit a lot of songs, and I always use the steps above. Most of the time it works great, but occasionally it does not. I made a small change to a song in one of my songbooks - the preview shows the change however the song is not being updated - when I open the song from my songbook it is still the earlier version. I thought it might be a cookie issue - so I flushed all cookies but that did not help.

Any other suggestions?


Randy 'Scenics' Hill