That might work for me too.  We'll see how the afternoon goes.


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wow... tough week Z.  I'm glad it worked out for you. 
Our boy just went through the same thing.  Mega corp just gunned the whole division.  He landed well too but the turmoil we could have done without.
Skype ya soon,

I`ll check in when I can but Pacific time ...  yàll are likely to be long gone.  No worries, if it works it works. 
We are also looking at company so don`t be waiting for me.   
Play on!

NICE... music be the universal language
one chord at a time wink


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Very cool!  Congrats -- I haven`t seen an ovation 12 since high school == a couple days ago...
As I recall, the harmonics just make it sing all on its own.


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Works for me... I am using Windows 7, maybe it is an OS issue(??)
Good Luck!
If all else fails you could just add a text type chart but te Chordie ones are way more nicer wink


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Sorry, Garyhays, I don't know what the problem might be.  I haven`t printed but the print preview shows my edited chord charts.  I`ll try to print and get back to you


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Hey ZG, By manys' standards, not much of a life here either but...
I do like messing around in the yard, rebuilding the fish pond seems to be a regular treat.
Out camping when time permits but it's a lot like home -- do the necessities and as things wind down... a fire and a bit of noise on one of the guitars.  (generally there's beer involved smile


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J3, the price was right... $80-- pretty hard to get hurt too bad.

But way more than cosmetic issues.  The headstock has been repaired -- quite nicely but...
Neck is actually fractured this is the main issue - can't even tune it at this point far too unstable;
Bridge lifting  - par for the course on a 30 year old 12er but better than most;
Several fret wires missing (what's that about??)

But the face is true, no lifting or warping etc.  beat to hell and back so finish is in rough shape but only one moderate crack.  Sides some relatively serious cracks. 

Why would I buy such a thing?  Well Larrivee is a pretty good Canadian name and this was early Larrivee so maybe some intrinsic value there.  Mostly tho, my gi-tar man says he can put it right for some long term play so I figure "what the heck."  Love the inlays.

It will be interesting to see how it works out.
Tuning and string changes -- yeah  I can hardly wait!


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Well, I am a bit of a sucker for "Vintage -- good deals"

1979 Larrivee 12 string - man that just smacks of awesomeness...
Hmmm sounds pretty good when you say it fast.  In actual fact its in pretty rough shape but my luthier buddy says I'll be amazed when I see what he does with it.

Kinda reminds me of a cuckoo clock I bought for $2 -- $120 later it keeps reasonable time.  LOL

I'll let you know how it works out.

Sorry, can't figure out how to imbed a pic...  try this: … mp;theater


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Hey, Mekidsmom, Zurf, and Topdown, that was a blast.  Thanks for extending the strum for a west coaster.
I'll have to figure out the time warp thing and pop in again soon.
Ack! -- sorry,   Other Jim too

That's pretty cool GW. 
Nice job on the design, extremely easy to use.

What I read in Nela's post was -- don't stop there!  C and G were pretty nasty not all that long ago too.
There's lots to learn, lots to accomplish.  You can do it (if you want to).


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I like to play the Crash Test Dummies' Funeral Song.
I'm just working on to Our Town - Telisha Williams brought the house down with that one (I can't do the twang justice but it's a great tune by Iris Dement)



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Sounds like a cool idea... only available in the US though *sigh*


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Try  "ctrl -" to "zoom out"  I too use W-Vista with no problem.
Good luck,


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Well, that's settled... and we decided to share the car.  So, less closet space for me is in the offing but -- it's N*G*D for me so I won't hardly even notice.

A friend is culling his crop and has a Martin D15 circa 2001 more or less; all mahogany body, one piece back, well seasoned and sounding sweet!  if the ad is still up there's a pic at 
<edit: URL removed, ad no longer posted  JG>

I'll post couple here if I can figure out how but it looks a lot like the one Guitarpix posted on naolslager's thread.
This one does have the Martin D15 mahogany top label inside.

Gotta go make some noise smile


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lol  Thanks Zurf... gonna need it me thinks


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Hey hey hey, it's NG(well "C" for now) Day
We just bought some new wheels, I subtly noted that since it was her car (the C) I should snag a new guitar...
She suggested it was really mine and she'd just pick up some new clothes.  *sigh*
We shall see...

I like the full chord when I play an alternating bass I like the sound of the lower 5th - it's worth the stretch.
I am still working on the barre but I see where being able to use different voicings makes for more interesting accompaniment --  2 guitars doing exactly the same thing is ok but the other adds a lot to the sound.  Capo works too but being able to move around the neck is pretty cool.


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Coming to the front room -- Rodney Brown
April 15, should be fun.  Y'all are invited!  How far can Prince George, BC be??


Here's a cool WW tutorial.  Some great info here - theory too (relatively survivable even) … all-chords 

BTW nice job GP -- do you still have the arch top??  very cool piece.

Hey Jim,
That sounds like a bit of a nuisance all right.  I know nothing about electronics, so with a grain of salt, you might want to check out  The "fix" is pretty inexpensive and might be worth a try.


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Hi all,

We've been having a blast hosting musicians from across the country and a few from the US right in our living room.  We bring in a bunch of our friends and share some awesome live music. 

We don't want to be on the open market though -- the demand from the musicians is inundating.  Instead, we discovered a crew out of Winnipeg, MB (that's in Canada) that puts 6 shows a year together for us and 12 or other hosts in the area (Northern BC).  There are currently 13 routes across Canada and with hundreds of artists trying to join in, there could be a lot more. USA too! 

I have been nudging David Hodge of to profile the program and last week it came to pass!  If it's of any interest to you, wander over to  for a look at the interview.  Check out a couple of the great tutorials and more ...

My FB page pretty much sucks but there are some pics and links to some of this year's artists.



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Hey M.B.  I can't totally make it out either but I think Guthrie's says "This music kills facists" and Dylan's "This music kills facists too"  -- great sketch.


Rats, I don`t think I can make this one either...  we are in panic mode for a home concert here tonight.  East coast singer song writer Kim Wempe is taking over the front room at 8: PDST.  I get to have a couple guitars laying around but I don`t get to duck out on the preps.

If anyone knows how to run a live video *easy* I might be able to share some. 

Anyway, maybe next time -- have fun!!.