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the wreckers-lay me down

Howie Day-Collide..(the accoustic version is lucious)

and my fav song EVER is Jimmy Eat World's "23"....pure class


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think ther class but only when the talent comin outta them is actually talent.,...ya know the way like....randomers that can sing gettin signed...most of em dont even write etc...but i spose its a way to get recognised which cant be bad...wouldnt mind gettin recognised myself ya know...?! bt ya ther cool i spose !*


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hmm ya ill get round to puttin em up alrite...jst hav em all scribbled into this old notebook i keep...really should  get round to typin em up.....ya i spose its good to have alright....dia dhuit a chara.. ..Ca bhfuil tú ina chonaí..?! Chónaím i gCorcaigh....up the rebels and what not....haha but ya music rocks.. .. ..!*!*!


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thats class lyrics right there...seriously i like it...she'll prob love it!*!*


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hey hey..well ive bin writing wit aaaaaaaaaages but i dunno would i post it up tho.. ..il think bout it...bt wat yer writing seems class......