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Thank You


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I am rather surprised at the patronising tone of the responses I have received. My song contains no swear words, is not racist, sexist or demeaning to other religions but is a perspective into the mind of a bully victim. If you read the song you will see that the story is about two bullied kids. One decides to kill himself, the other decides to kill his peers. It also attempts to touch on the point of how quickly this guys YouTube video was accessed by millions.

I make no apology for any song I write. All my songs have a dark side to them. It is censorship andthat sucks. I have posted this song to other forums and had good and bad responses (about the song itself, not the content), although none called me 'sick'. As an Administrator I would have thought James would have had more impartialitiy.

Please remove my songs from the board. I will stick to the forums where I feel there is a bit more tolerance and understanding. It's strange to think that other songwriters, especially in the 21st Century are still willing to pass judgement on what can and cannot be listened to or written about.



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Hi mate,

I would advise you to learn a few basic guitar chords. G, D, C, F, Am, Em, E and get used to playing them in different chord sequences and at different tempos. Mess about with some chord progressions (even if they don't work at first). Once you have a good idea of what the chords sound like, start applying them to your songs.

I find if I start playing random chord sequences and humming (or singing rubbish lyrics) helps me to get the melody. Then I can start getting a uniform melody that I can apply the lyrics too. You can play the same 3 chords yet have a million different interpretations of how the lyrics would sound. Finding the right combination will be the key to a great tune. Once you get the 'bones' of the song you can start adding all the extras like backing vocals, guitar solos etc.

This is only my personal method and I am sure there are a lot more pros on here who can give you better advice. Listen to everyone and take the bits that woek for you.

Hope it helps nd good luck with the songwriting.



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{t:YouTube Hero}           
{st:Slow rock}               

Song removed from forum as per author's request.


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Hi James,

I think you hit the nail on the head with this song. It's every father's nightmare when his daughter starts dating and you summed the feelings up very well. It's very humorous in places and sentimental in others.  I got a kinda country feel when pklaying it and it works well. Good work mate



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Nice song for your first effort. I agree with Roger, you should firstly get a tempo for your song, slow, fast, rock, pop etc. Then you should try and get a tune in your mind and find the hords to suit that melody. I very rarely use more than 5 chords in my whole song so it is not as hard a task as it sounds. When you get the initial chords you can then add all the other bits like strumming pattern etc. That's the way I do it and I am sure you will find your own method.

Once again good songwriting especially for someone so young



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Thank you all for your kind comments. I got the idea for the song when I saw someone reading a book called the 'Five people you meet in Heaven' (I think that's what it's called). I then thought about the people you would meet if you were on your way to Hell.

I had the song produced by a guy called Mike Caro (substudio). He plays all the instruments and produced the song, including vocals for $450 (about £230 in real money LOL). I sent him a rough demo which was recorded straight to PC (with me on vox and guitar, singing and playing very badly). He sent me a couple of rough demos and eventually we got the finished product. This was the first time I ever had a recording produced and I am very pleased with the result. Mike is a nice guy who I came across on a couple of the other boards. I am not sure who the singer is, but he did an awsome job on vox.

Thanks again for all the feedback.

Happy songwriting



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Very nice flow to this one. I had a bit of difficulty going into the chorus on the G chord, but playing it a bit slower it worked.

Nice song and a very good lyric. The only thing I noticed about the lyric was that you used the word 'I' a lot of times (only my opinion). Keep up the good work



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I listened to the recording. Great vocals and nice guitar work. I've played along a few times and it gets better every listen. Nice work mate, especially like the guitar work at the end of each verse line



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This was the first song I wrote. I've since had it produced. You can listen to the song at the following link http://www.soundclick.com/bands/pagemus … dID=580809 BTW it's not me singing or playing on the track

{t:On your way to Hell}
{c:capo on 4th fret}

Song removed from Songwriting forum as per author's request.