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Hi @all,

I play a 12 string acoustic guitar from Ibanez since 35 years. I never want play other guitars.
It sounds real great. It was my first guitar I bought, it is the same like playing a 6 string.
With fingerpicking I had some problems at the beginning.
I only can say buy one if you can and you will have much fun with it.


I´m 48 years from Germany I play guitar since 35 years. My first guitar was a 12 string acoustic from Ibanez.



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Thanks Helena,

If I get a record of your song I will send it to you.
My life is wonderful, I cancelled my job and I relax for a while.
The I will try to live from my music, it will be hard but I think I will have more fun in my life to do that.

Nice weekend



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Hi Helena,

I love your lyrics.
Is it ok for you when I play that song in my program on stage?
I would like to sing it.

HAve a nice day


Hi there I agree all your comments. I found chordie seaching a song. It´s a great site for everyone who plays guitar. But I have not much time to every day to the forum. I´m 46, from Germany.


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Hi James,
you right with historical reason. In the past I don´t know when, think 1800 or so there was a mistake in translation of the note b.
Someone who had to translate it, read a h for an b and so it is in Germany the note b is for germans  h.



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Great song James, I like it can not stop playing it, real great



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I think you all are right with your meanings but without knowless what you you can not play music with feeling from your heart.
you all that you first have to train what you want play and then anytime you can put in feeling into your play.
All you talk about the first position of pentatonic, but there 4positions more to play blues pentatonic.
That´s Am pentatonic scale
First position  second position    Third position   Fouth position   Fifth position
e - 5 & 8         e - 8 & 10         e -10 & 12         e -12 & 15        e-15 & 17     
b - 5 & 8         b - 8 & 10         b -10 & 13         b -13 & 15        b-15 & 17
g - 5 & 7         g - 7 & 9           g -9 & 12          g -12 & 14        g- 14 & 17
d - 5 & 7         d - 7 & 10         d -10& 12         d - 12 & 14       d- 14 & 17
a - 5 & 7         a - 7 & 10         a -10&12          a - 12 & 15       a- 15 & 17
E - 5 & 8         E - 8 & 10         E -10&12          E - 12 & 15       E- 15 & 17

You have to train that position so long that you don´t have to think what position you play. Try to bind the postions and you will get fun with it.

That positions are for also for the other Chords you only have to choose the position on your neck. For example for F your first position is on the first fret.


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Great love song, it sounds real good.

Hi last Rebel, I think you´re playing the notes right.
I play those notes even with my pick and the second with middlefinger.


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Hi Gene,
I began to play on 12s and had the same problem with pickings, so a friend told me to play with fingerpicks. and so I bought some. It was not easy to learn play with that Fingerpicks but if you trie  out to do that you ill see it will be good. You can get those picks in metal or plastic from Dunlop. Try it if you like, today I never want to play without them.


Hi Doc,
I use the software band in a box for composing songs, here you can compose your song complete with drumsets, lead guitar and all you like.
Its a nice tool with many samples.



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Do you need lyrics and chords you can get from me.

hi gitaardoc, I change strings every month if I don´t have any gig in the month. If I have one or two gigs a month I will change them all two weeks. Because I think the guitar sounds better with new strings. you have more sustain with new strings.
I play my guitars `til two hours a day and after two weeks the sound of the strings loose their intonation, I think and so I change the strings latest after 4 weeks.



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Yes old doll I enjoy it every day since 14 years.


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Thanks for your comment daddycool and yes I hope it never end.


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Hi there, it´s my first try to write a song.
I play it with the melody of Still got the Blues from Gary Moore.
Hope you like it.

Like your brown hair shining

1)    Well, I like your brown hair shining
    I like the way you smile
    and when you hold me in your arms
    I forget all trouble for a while.
2)     I like the way you're making love
    it feels like a burnin' fire
    heart to heart und soul to soul
    I wish you're my desire.

3)    I ain't talk about love with you
    `cause love is changin' fast
    I enjoy the feel at this time - now
    before it ends at last.


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Hi, Ihave the lyrics and chords in my darabase,
It´s one of my favorite songs.
I can send it by email

I got my Pickup from an online shop.
They send worldwide I think

Hi Nadine, I think you can get the same stuff like me in South Africa. If you have to use a Battery in your pick up system, it is active. If you don´t need any battery for your system it is passive.

Hi there, I don´t know what pickup you are using. Is it an active or passive system?
I had the same problem with my old pickup from Schaller. That was a passive system. It sounds not real good. I did anything to get a better sound of it, but nothing really helps.
So I bought me a new one. An active piezo Pickup system from Fishman and it works real good. The sound is fantastic.


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Hi there,
I´m new here and from Germany. Often I have gigs with my Band or alone. we get money for the gigs but I´m not professional. If we get one or two gigs a month we are happy. It´s a hard job to live from your music. In Germany if you want to live from your music you have work very hard for your gigs. If you call 100 People for a gig, maybe you get one and then it´s good result.

I play a Ibanez vintage 12 string acoustic, yamaha Jumbo acoustic, Pearl SG Copy from 196´, Fender Telecaster, Fender Stratfrom 1972, Johnson Dobro and I try to play them every day.