Yeah, when I learned to play cello it was the same thing - "all bows must move in unison and in the same direction" - as we play bloody Beethoven over and over!

Best thing about it - cello has an awesome spike that retracts from underneath which is perfect for annoying your little sister with

I'm a lefty myself but play all right handed guitars in a right handed manner. When I was younger(alot) I had a left-handed guitar and I played left handed for the best part of 2 years. Scroll forward 13 years to last year,age 20, when I start playing guitar again - can't play a lefty for love nor money. Can play it right handed though!

Same applies for various things - Cricket, when I was younger, to bat, I batted left handed, now I bat right-handed - I play darts right handed, but I throw and catch predominantly with my left hand. I play Squash right handed but tennis and badminton left handed?! I'm weird, I know.

I don't think that many lefty's now bother with the whole buy a right handed guitar and swithcharoo as there are some pretty good lefty guitars on the market compared to what there used to be


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Thank you both for the answers there.

I was just fiddling around with my spare room last night  shifting things around (throwing all my old crap out that I really should have thrown out years ago) and noticed when I shifted my amp out of the way there was a line out - so happy days. To be fair, on a bright Orange amplifier you would think I would have noticed the big black jack port marked "line out" a long time ago...


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So, on the back of that - If I run my usual circuit and use my amps line-out into the 1/8 inch jack for the pc - would it actually record the distortion or not?


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Well mate, I'm at work at the moment so don't have alot of time to do a full search but if you put "You'll never find another love like mine tab" into Google it brings up lots of results, most of which being Michael Buble - who covered it, noticed some sheet music of it i that helps


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Sorry mate, couldn't help myself - I saw the irony and had to point it out like General Obvious

Just wondering what peoples differing opinions are on this stomp box? I'm due to get one in a few days time from a mate as a present - never used a "Smashbox" before myself. Reading user reviews, though, it appears to be hit and miss - slightly more hit than miss mind, possibly about 70-30 in favour of hit.

Anyone have any experience of it then?


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I think the name of the song itself gives the clue that "You'll never find" it

I'd have to agree with GDP for the most part - A strong intro makes some songs stand out so well

Aerosmith/Run DMC - Walk this way
GnR - Welcome to the Jungle and Sweet Child O' Mine
Cream - Crossroads and Sunshine of your Love
and various others - see 'Queen'

there are more - but also, I believe that the rhythm/'hook'? is important as is evidence in Walk this way, Crossroads, Sunshine of your love and Sweet Child O' Mine as it is also fundamental to the songs composition - To be honest, when you think about it, I don't really think any one thing  can be more important than another.


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Ah, cheers for clearing that up Russell, I think I got completely the wrong end of the stick..I think I actually ended up grabbing a stick insect rather than the intended stick which leaves me in a sticky situation...


I thought this was kind of you guys teaching the new kids like myself a bit about playing lead via shared media - I'm completely misguided, sorry mate lol

Sounds good all the same though you guys, keep up the good work


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I think its best to just show to be honest so...


That is *roughly* the opening solo of Sweet Child O' Mine by Guns N Roses (if played in standard tuning)

All that means is you play, in sequence, the note on the 11th fret of the D string, 14th fret of B string, 13th fret of G string, 12th fret of G string, 14th fret of high e string, 13th fret of B string, 14th fret of high e string and 12th fret of B string

Tabs are usually written like this, just play the corresponding fret number on the corresponding string. Most usually have keys too so, for instance:

e||--14/15   would be a slide from 14th to 15th fret on high e string

e||--15\14   would be a slide from 15th to 14th fret on high e string

e||--14b(15) would be a bend on the 14th fret of the high e string to hit the same tone as the 15th fret and so on...


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Wibble (Nathan) - Rhythm mostly but trying to re-adjust to lead - i'm a noob but willing to read through some of the advice on here


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To be fair, it tends to go down to reputation, talent and looks I think.

In the 80's you had say, Guns n Roses - Slash and Axl were getting all the women - and Bon Jovi, It was Jon and Ritchie Sambora or even Aerosmith it was Steve Tyler and Joe Perry - so usually the Frontman and lead guitarist

Now it appears to be a bit more mixed with the emergence of bands like Fall Out Boy where Lead singer/guitarist Patrick Stump is a bit chubby and Pete Bentz is the bass player and the one the ladies like


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You both tend to do more than me lol

I just sit and work through songs for the most part and learn them over and over again until I can play them with only a few minor mistakes - I then break it down to play each section over and over until i can hit it - note for note - 5 times in a row before moving on to next section


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All I can say is that SG's are always lovely buys, especially if its a Gibson.

A song i'm really into at the moment is "Sidewinder" by Avenged Sevenfold


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Cheers for the advice Doug

Tried it in all 3 selector positions and still got the same thing. I assumed it was possibly the positioning of my pickups themself (maybe need raising closer or farther away from the strings) or possibly the general setup as its been sat in a gigbag for a couple months - Reckon it'd be an idea to take it to a guitar tech and get them to do the biz for me?


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Bit of a tech question i'm hoping someone can help with.

I got an Epiphone Les Paul Studio using Rotosound Purple strings and I've just noticed if a do a bend on my high E string (For example - Bending the A at the 18th fret) then the sound cuts out after about a quarter bend. Not used it in a while so wondering if anyone has any idea's.


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Oh, btw, the Beat it one, the solo is a bit daft if you go for the EVH version

I just batter the unholy crap out of them for the most part.

I've recently got rid of "excess guitars" which I didn't need and kept for nostalgia so down to an Epi Les Paul, Epi SG and and an ESP M-53 (Strat-style because I didn't want a strat...I know, silly really but its my "mess around" guitar) and with all 3 of them I don't spend any time cleaning them. They are kept in their soft cases (but on stands) to stop them gathering dust but thats about it, apart from when strings are changed when it gets a thorough clean. The only time I clean or wipe them down apart from that is, if i've been drinking or eating whilst playing guitar (ie - on my lunch hour), then i give strings a wipe down with a cloth and have a quick blast over with some string cleaner.


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Hello Mr 'Old Man',

If you want to learn something pretty simple to impress the "Young 'Uns" such as myself then something like a bit of punk rock (See: The Offspring songs - "Walla Walla" and "I want you bad") or a bit of rock (See: Bon Jovi's "Living on a Prayer) or possibly a bit of Metal (See: Trivium - "Dying in your arms" or Metallica - "Seek and Destroy" or "Enter Sandman") - Maybe even push the boat out a bit and go for something more poppy and look into Fall Out Boy's cover of Michael Jackson's "Beat It". All of the above songs can be learnt in an hour or so


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Personally speaking, for the 'Metal' sound I play:

- Epiphone Les Paul Studio with Seymour Duncan Distortian (SH6 and TB6) Pickups installed at the recommendation of a friend.
- Seymour Duncan SFX01 Pickup Booster which I got second hand off a mate when he thought it had broke. Took it to my cousin who's an electronics geek and he fixed it - bonus!
Boss OS2 Overdrive - second hand when my mate bought a Big Muff I think it was.
Orange Crush 30R - Does the trick, although its not exactly perfect for metal  - could probably do with a Marshall or Laney style amp


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Exactly my point, I've just found myself stuck in a rut at the moment with my playing whereby, I don't feel like I'm progressing with my knowledge or technique, I just feel i'm learning more and more songs. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, I would just like to learn a little more of the technique, theory etc behind my favourite music and also, I would like to be able to think outside the box a bit. I hear "oh well the solo on sweet child o mine is played in A minor pentatonic scale" etc etc (dunno if thats correct btw) and I think "Played with a who in the what??!!" What the hell is a Minor Pentatonic? Do you know what I mean? Hopefully this tutor will be good but I'll let you know.


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I'll be honest, guitar buying is always a strange phenomenon.

I've never played on a Strat or Tele and went straight for Les Paul style guitars and SG's and now I want a Strat-style guitar for some reason. Not sure why but I do.

As far as blues and old school rock is concerned, then if memory serves me well the Epiphone Dot's are a good choice but there are others that could be gone for. An Epiphone Les Paul, for example, is similar to Gary Moore's guitar of choice. Possibly a Gretsch electromatic? To be honest, your best idea is to get down your local guitar shop (take a day off work) and play every guitar possible but leave your money at home. Go home afterwards and see which guitar you think "Damn I should have bought it" and go back and buy that one.


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Thank you all, taken the advice on board and hiring a tutor who's registered with the institute of guitar tutors website. £20 for an hours lesson too which aint bad and in conversation he said the first lesson he just wants me to mess around so he can gauge what I do and don't know and then nudge me along from there to wipe out my bad habits and maybe broaden my horizons into some other genre's other than metal and rock - which is good. Can't wait!


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Hey, thanks for the replies.

I practice around 2 - 3 hours a day but nothing in particular (no bleeding direction really) apart from playing songs over and over again or learning new ones. The problem, I believe, is a mixture of not having a clue about technique and not having a clue about music. I did have an understanding of music when I was between ages of 8 and 11 when I played the Cello but I can't seem to pull that back out of my memory. Which is very annoying considering I played in a youth orchestra (shocking and a total street-cred killer I know!)

So will seeing a tutor help do you think? I'll pick it all up again because playing guitar comes natural to me and I have a decent understanding from the year i've been playing and a friend who's been playing 10 years says i've made alot of progress in the year and a bit i've been playing now. I've gone from just about banging out "Seven Nation Army" to being able to competently bang out "Summer of 69", "Back in black" and "Highway to hell" without breaking a sweat and even bits of some more complicated solo's in the songs of Avenged Sevenfold. Just want to progress to a standard I could play live