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I picked up an Oscar Shimidt  mandolin for 100 bucks in brand new shape this summer I love the sound and I got a pickup for it which works great too, the thing that makes the mandolin stand out is the tuning it is the same as a violin and the chord sounds are unique and make the bluegrass and folk songs really sparkle. The work-around tuning is ok but you are depriving yourself of the uniqueness of the instrument tuned in 5ths sound in my opinion only smile     


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I wrote and recorded this a few years ago


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Thank you!

Peatle Jville wrote:

Russell you got all the right ingredients on that video great song.



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Thanks for taking a look and for leaving a comment smile

TIGLJK wrote:

Russell - Great stuff - love the song !    Performance was flawless as much as I can tell.   Well done !!  Jim



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Been a while since I played this just thougth I would put it up


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I don't know if this will help but I had the same issue, on the startup google page upper right side 3 dots click> settings> advanced>printer see if your printer is listed if not enter the info if it is you may have to go back to your boot screen and open settings> printer> and see if it is listed if not turn the printer on it should pop up if no response someone else may be able to help good luck     


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when I was still in grade school rock and roll was born the stars Bill Haley and the comets, Gene Vincent, Jerry Lee Lewis, Buddy Holly and the most outrageous was Little Richard with all his saxophone players and Jimmy Hendrix on guitar(unknown at the time) I used to go to the dance "hops" as they were called where we all burned off teen energy trying to show off for the girls Little Richard was totally Rock n Roll before Elvis he was outrageous and we loved it and this was a defining moment in my life to choose to be a Musician RIP Little Richard you were one of a kind.     


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Baldguitardude wrote:

Here's my favorite version. https://youtu.be/T_tbc8D_yfQ?t=21

Most excellent! having a whole band and a very talented musican to feed off of is priceless and I can say from experience  and concerts I did before large festival audiences it is a whole different mindset then just jamming by yourself when it comes to the creative juices flowing and the excitement of being alive at that moment in time. My next project is in the works I am doing "Winds of Change" by the Scorpions, I already have the keyboard parts worked out and the vocal is in my range just need to nail down the lead solo and I will do a video Then on to David Bowies "Putting out the fire" from the movie Magnificent Basterds (this song is a lot easier) at least it will keep me busy with something I really enjoy doing stay safe smile     


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Thank you! I just had to try it I love that song too and I had another motive one of the guitar players where I live likes to needle me and this is his favorite song so it was a challenge and a way to stick it to him he is a very talented musician but all his leads must be note for note (boring) so that is his reason for not covering this song so I felt this was a "gottcha moment" smile (he has not commented on it so I know it worked)  lol 

Baldguitardude wrote:

man I love that friggin song. You have brass cojones to even try it my friend! Good job.



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Thanks for leaving a comment on my page and I am toying with the idea of doing several David Bowie songs one in particular is the song from Magnificent Basterds smile easy chord structure smile

TIGLJK wrote:

Fantastic Russell !  Jessica was also a favorite of mine - except you can play it and I can't !  smile It brought back some great college days memories.
VERY NICE recording studio as well!



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Thank you! I learned a very important lesson on recording and videos from this smile

Peatle Jville wrote:

That came out good Russell.



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I had the urge to cover this song for quite a while Jessica is one of my favorites and I 1st recorded the drums on my Alesis SR16 so I could put down the rhythm track next the bass track and lastly the lead guitar track what I didn't know at the time was after I filmed myself playing to the mixed recording I could have save tons of time by just running a mini jack out of the recorder into the Sony music cam instead I laboriously spent 3 hours tying to sync the separate audio and video in my video program "oh well live and learn" I did not play this note for note no fun in that hope you enjoy!


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Classical Guitar wrote:

I think you will be a large step ahead of the game. I made ten masks and then someone who had a case of 3m masks from taking care of a relative and   bought a case of 3m masks  a  year ago and he gave us  20 masks and to be honest I like them alot but I also like the masks I made and they are washable. WE only where them if we have to go somewhere. 

The people I have seen with their windows rolled down is unreal. Mine are on automatic and they stay tightly closed.  Every one here is still  at home unless you have a good reason to be out.  The last time I went to the grocery store I got stopped by the police 4 times in three miles.  I do not mind staying home but we also like to have food to eat.

I am the same I only go out for food, personal items or medications but I can drive around my town (population 14,000) in Wisconsin with the windows rolled up.     


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TIGLJK wrote:

Very Honorable Russell
Way to go !!
Heroes come in a variety of  modes and manners.




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It took a while to grasp the concept of the design it looked so easy on the video but making it fluid is another matter lol

Dirty Ed wrote:

It's great that you're doing what you can to help out during the COVID-19 pandemic Russell. My oldest daughter has also been sewing masks for the last few weeks and donating them to friends and assisted living facilities in her area.



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This not only keeps me busy when I am not practicing or watching TV but it go's to a good cause and makes me feel better about the sewing machine I purchased to make guitar straps


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I recently purchased a Firefly Les Paul total cost with shipping was around $180.00 and I decided to do a comparison with my Gibson Les Paul  ($2800.00) surprisingly the play ability and tonal volume were very similar I did make one small error I had to volume on the amp up to loud and it distorted the video sound but that aside it is a fair comparison smile

This is the follow up video I edited the audio and video


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On a follow up I contacted my bank and signed some papers disputing the charges to my account, I also revisited the page where I first seen the mandolin and there is nothing on the page that says this is a mini or miniature item, not to scale etc.. very misleading Ebay sent me a follow up refund page with a little hitch they want additional funds for shipping it back thats when I decided to let my bank handle it. I will never shop on ebay again.     


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smile yep

neophytte wrote:

LOL, funny story smile



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yep no reason to get mad at myself it could happen to anyone

TIGLJK wrote:

Russell you are taking it wsy better than I would have.

maybe the corona virus got to it or it experience a serious case f " Shrinkage"  smile

Good luck



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If I have to keep it and not get reimbursed I will put it on top of my speakers to remind me next time I buy off the web to make sure it is what I want 

Zurf wrote:

Well. It'll make a right nice, though crazy expensive, Christmas tree ornament.



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It came with a box don't have a cat  I called the number on the packing slip no answer yet I may have to eat this purchase sad

Doug_Smith wrote:

That is a nice looking instrument..... did it come with a hard case?  How long do you think it'll take to teach the Cat to play it ?

Take Care, and Stay Healthy!



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This is what happened to me
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xEQsnb0 … e=youtu.be 


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The best way to keep track when new shipments are coming is on Facebook  Firefly friends I will get a link to the page, also Amazon had some firefly guitars same price with free shipping   
link to Firefly fans on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/2234110 … =bookmarks
Amazon Firefly https://www.amazon.com/firefly-guitar/s … fly+guitar
still some left on Amazon


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They are made in China and from most of the comments on Facebook (Firefly friends) and youtube videos there is no difference in sound or playability or quality  between the Fireflys and Gibson Les Pauls only the price but as I mentioned the one I ordered will arrive by thursday and I will make a video comparing mine

Baldguitardude wrote:

Where are they made?