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anyone know the chords to the song slave girl??i just can't seem to get it right..thank you,keep rockin'.


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does anyone know the cords to the slim whitman song"north wind"?
for some reason i can't figure it out,lol.i sure could use some help.
thank you and have a great weekend.


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they all have to be felonies.


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everytime i click on a song how come it auto scrolls when i change from guitar cords to uke cords?


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one more thing if it wern't for the irish in the states,alot of the usa wouldn't have gotten developed back in the 1800's. peace to you all.patrick


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well let me tell you i am an (irish) american born and raised.i am 52 yrs.old,and i hate this country.we are supposed to be a free nation,( ass).the laws are for the goverment not for the people. i live in one city,and pay school taxes for an other city.they are tring to pass laws on smoking here.i don't smoke anymore.when people smoke around me it dosn;t bother me,but the goverment is tring to ban it all over my area.when the city wants to fix something we get taxed more,all the time.property,gas,water,etc. yea i am an american,but i am not better than anybody else.some do,and so do some of you europeans,do also.well i am going to shut my gob,if any one of you euros,has an empty room,loft or barn,i am looking for a place to stay.i don't eat much.lmao. peace to you all. patrick.


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best song ever,louis arwstrong,what a wonderful world. listen to the words closely.


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hello everyone,i just got a new mp3 player, i loaded up some of my cd's on it,but where do i get some free mp3s at? i find stuff all over the net,but there is always a catch.if any one has any ideas please let me know.i would really appreciate it very much.take it easy on me cause i am still learning how to work this comp.lmao. thank you again. patrick.

that's pretty sweet. take a look at thie web site. www.sheep-entertainment.nl     it helps me out alot.i just started playing my ukulele,afew weeks back,they are alot of fun.


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you  just have to stick with it and practice all the time.you will fell better about yourself know that you did it on your own. and to dguyton,my wife got me one of those Esteban guitars for valentines day last year,it is a, a/e . (she dosn't know anything about guitars except that it looks preety),it's the black one. any way i play it once in a while,and i was suprised that it sounded pretty good.well it keeps her happy.lol talk to you later. patrick


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ok i have this guitar,i got at a pawn shop a few years back.i like the style of it,but i don't know what kind it is. i posted some pictures of it on flickr.  www.flickr.com/photos/paddycake52   i looked all over the net and i can't seem to find any like it. the only one that comes close is ovations,but the headstocks are different. thank you all for the help. patrick.


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old doll i am irish american that was the only one i could find.i am changing it until i find one i like better. thank you patrick.


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ok one more time. www.flickr.com/photos/paddycake52


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that was a great idea thank you., keep strumming,and picking. patrick.


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can we upload pictures on here?thanks,patrick.   keep strumming,and picking.


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i forgot,it is not an ovation,it dosn't have the same head as an ovation. thaks patrick.  keep strumming and picking.


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ok,i like alot of people play guitar,and i know what mine are,but i got one at a pawn shop a few years ago,but i don't know what brand it is.it has a deep bowl back,redish orange color front,and a beautiful rosette around the sound hole.the only identifacation on it is a serial no.oh and it is a classical guitar.the only reason i got it was the style,i don't know any one who has a guitar whith a deep bowl back.i sure could use some help. thank you. keep strumming and picking, patrick.


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hay jets,really nice song,i have a girl just like that too.my wife and i it's been 23 yrs. for us.so stay with her she sounds like a keeper.                  keep strunnin,and picking,patrick.


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ok,but don't tell anyone,it is monty pythons,lumberjack song.shhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!.


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my first guitar was an old truetone,montgomery wards,i was 11.lol and then a harmony,and a silvertone from sears. i wish i still had them.that was 40 years ago. dam i'm getting old.lmao.


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that was a good song,it's better than mine i wrote about 100 yrs. ago.lol,took a look at your web site,very nice,i love the old church.talk to you later. keep  writing. patrick.


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hello oldnewbie, just wanted to say that was a very good song. i listened to it a few times.it has a kind of folksy sound that i really like alot.do you have anymore? nice to hear a good heart felt song. keep playing. patrick.

my first album was (meet the beatles) that got me in to music. ( i was 9)


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i have been playing guaitar for while,and i got a ukulele for xmas,but i really didn't start to play with it until sunday,and i can't seem to put it down.it is a fun little instrument to play.i found some great web sites,and this is a great one.www.sheep-entertainment.nl/ukulele  --------                    also check out some of the people on youtube . keep on strumming,and picking.

now i rember the name of the song,the rain the park and other things.ok  see what you can do. thanks.