Hey there, I just bought a new jackson and took off the strings and now I can't seem to get this thing in tune and operate the way I want it too.
Any help is great! Thanks


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Thank you every one!!  I will be trying to record more songs in the near future.
Love sharing them here!!


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Country StormGreendale

12Bar Country Storm

[E]Rain hits the streets in an angry manner

But now I know it doesnt matter

So p[A]ack up your tent its time to scatter

[E]to [B]that [A]county [E]town

Now that the snow is gone

and theres nothing left to pawn

Go see your cuzin john

in the country town Jail

Fairly blue skys lit the torch

so we could all be under the porch

It's been a while since i've heard

That cool country tune

Too much of anything can get you cought

So take back all that you bought

lets bring it all home bring it all home

to that country town


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I love it buddy!!


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Thanks everyone!  I will be working on a myspace page soon so you can hear these songs I write. 

Best regards... Greendale


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Suite Judy Blue Eyes by Stephen Stills should do the trick


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This is my first attempt at anything like this so please bear with me!!

Its played really mellow and kinda country like...



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what are those rubber hole things actually called??  It seems like a good idea.  Does it leave any damage to the guitar or is it totally removable???


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SGinCYQX - Do you know where i could find those???  Are they reissues??


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I am playing an Ibanez Artcore and it has two stock humbuckers.  I've been messing around with pedals but can't find the sound.  Is there a specific pedal anyone cound recomened to try??

I'm willing to spend whatever it takes to get this sound!!!


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I need a little direction in which pick ups to get?!?!
Anyone help me?

I love the neil young distortion screaming sound!



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NEIL YOUNG........enough said


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Hey there! I have an Art Lutherie 12 string and it is pretty nice.  It is handmade in quebec and i paid 400 bucks canadian for it.  The only problem that i have seen is cosmetic.  I have seen a lot of the tops showing pick wear and scratches very very very easily.  Its obiviously the type of wood they use but that can be different from model to model.  I'd recomend one for sure!


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Bluebird is an awsome song!! what did u need?? tabs??


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I have a martin dr so i decided that I would call it "The Doctor"


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Really good mate!


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Value of a guitar depends on the quality of wood and obiviously the maker as well.  Some guitars won't be worth as much if they are a smaller like a "Parlor." A Dreadnoght is a fair size and very "average"