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Thanks for the advice.

Butch - yeah, I had a look and then looked at a few other videos on thumb position and how that affected pinky position. Checking how I was gripping the guitar, my thumb was staying too central and too high. Letting the thumb point out to the left more helped keep the pinky straight and the thumb lower down made it easier to arch the fingers.

Dude - I've been trying that recently as a way of getting my chord changes (G-C-D) a bit smoother. Thanks for the tip and even though it still feels awkward I'll stick with it.


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I know I've picked up some bad habits since stopping having lessons and I think I've become lazy in using my little finger when fretting notes, i.e., I tend to use my ring finger instead. Usually this doesn't cause any problems, except when I'm practicing scales and the notes played with the little finger are nearly always "off" (dead).

I've tried to concentrate more on using the tips of the fingers rather than the pads - fine with the first three fingers, but still awkward with the little finger. Looking at how the little finger comes down or closes on its own, I've noticed how far the finger points towards the thumb - try as I might, I can't get it to come down straight (Is this making any sense? I know what I mean and I just tried it again to see if it could be described better!)

Any ideas? Is it my hand position that sounds wrong or just a case of getting the finger straight?



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Well, I got the new (old) Fender home tonight. Took it out of the case and was just strumming a few chords, when the wife walked in and said "It's the same as the one you've already got!" Tried explaining the different makers, but she just told me "They're the same colour........" Remind me to say that when she shows me her 5th pair of red shoes ;-)


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Thanks for the input guys

Well, I tried out a couple of Tele's at the local shop - one a Fender (couldn't afford it, even if I wanted it) and one a Squier. Liked the sound, but when I compared it to the shop Strat (Fender American) I just couldn't get the right sounds. Sure it would come with a little or a lot of practice, but have opted for a second hand Mexican Strat'. Pick it up tomorrow!

(A year from now, once the wife starts to forget how many guitars I've got, I'll be going back for a Tele'!!)


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Race With The Devil - Cliff Gallup playing on the Gene Vincent track
C'mon Everybody - Eddie Cochran
Shakin' All Over - Johnny Kidd


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I've stuck by my original (cheap!) Encore 'strat' for 4 or 5 years sincxe I first started plkaying and have bought a couple of other guitars in between, both accoustic and electric (Tanglewood and Yamaha accoustics and a Gretsch Electromatic). Despite having the options, I still find the old Encore being the one I grab first. I'm not great - started way too late, and I've no ambitions to be up on a stage.

Anyway, as it's been way too long since buying my last guitar I've been thinking of upgrading the Encore ("shouldn't be difficult" I can hear some saying!). I'm probably 70% leaning towards a Strat - a proper one this time, or maybe a Telecaster. The music I play is mostly RnR (50's/60's) and Country, but I have also enjoyed learning and playing some Surf stuff (Dick Dale, Ventures, etc) on the Encore.

I've never picked up a Tele' before, but intend to when I get to the local music shop. But in terms of playability, sound, etc, I'd be interested in views and opinions.

Whether it's a Start or a Tele, it'll be a used one in the £300 ($450-$500) range. Other than the Fender, are there any good alternatives? How does the Squire compare?

Lots of questions, but I look forward to hearing your thoughts.



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Thanks guys. I know what you (Russell) mean about it depending on the tempo, but I find that even at what seems a steady beat I can't comfortably keep up using just downstrums.


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Don't forget Merle Travis - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N8vOTKMqzw4


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Hi all

I've been playing for about a year, mostly "chords" and strumming, but also a few instrumentals (Ventures, The Shadows). Most of my playing has been just on my own, no backing, no background even and it was only when I went to play Walk Don't Run (The Ventures) that I realised how slow I was and how much faster I would have to get to play it "in time" with the backing.

So, I've started to practice alternate picking and trying to use that in everything I now play. I'm still not great at it (i.e, I still suck!), but I was wondering - as an experienced guitarist, do you use alternate picking as the norm or do you, errrm...alternate, between straightforward down picking and alternate?

The practice routines I've been using, other than playing WDR over and over, are simple alternate picking chords and scales to get me used to string skipping. Pleased to say that in a week I've gone from Godawful to about 60BMP without slurring notes, so I guess that's progress!

Cheers, Kevin


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Thanks for the recommendations, guys

Love 'em both for their looks, especially the Gretsch. Maybe an ES-175 fitted with a Bigsby? (Probably come out at the same price).




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Hi Southpaw

Probably looking at spending anything up to £350 (about $500).




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I've been playing for a couple of years using a "starter" type guitar (Encore Strat), but I'm now looking to get something better. I play country, rock n roll, 60's stuff mostly, so I've been looking at the Peavey Rockingham and Epiphone Wildkat. Some others have caught my eye, but I'd be interested to hear any views or any suggestions of others I should consider.

Thanks, Kevin


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New to Chordie, so maybe I'm in the wrong place to be suggesting a few "older" guitarists?

Chet Atkins
Eddie Cochran
Cliff Gallup
Grady Martin
Hank Garland

Kevin (just an ol' rockabilly at heart!)