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Its 5 o'clock before friday night.....heres where the fun begins

Hey the song is Crystal Falling Rain.....I found the lyrics but no chords.........but thanks

Anybody know how this song is played?    I've got it at Em  A7  D  G    but its still missing something

I live in north Mississippi and I build transmission for race cars

Thanks guys i'm not an accomplished guitar player but this site has helped make me a betteer player,,,,,thanks Chordie


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I use a thumb pick....never got the hang of useing a regular pick ...when it moved in my fingers that broke my concentration....i was worry about the pick and not the music I was  trying to play..

Good idea Guitarpix.....and Marry Christmas too all .....Chordie has taught me alot


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Try an old Buck Owens tune Santa Looks alot like Daddy....


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Try "Toes" by   Zac Brown Band  cool song and easy too play


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I play Friday and Saturday nights at a local poker game////party....its good for the soul and fun cause the more they drink the better I sound...LOL


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I recently got an epiphone EJ300....and just love it

The best thing thats help me ,,,beside Chordie is being able to leave my guitars out where I can get too them at anytime,,,,I know that maybe hard to do if you have small kids around,,,but my kids are all grown...LOL


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Got my guitar back from the shop...... sounds great...... just got a acoustic amp @ guitar center now I will be loud LOL!


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Should get my guitar back this weedend or early next week can't wait


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StranSong     I hope I didn't do the wroung thing.....I can always go back to plastic if I don't like what I hear,,,,when I got the guitar it had been under someones bed for years the fretborded had dried out so much that the color was gray.....I put guitar honey on it... you could hear it sucking it


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Just took guitar to shop to have a bone nut and saddle installed with a pick-up under the saddle

That looked like lots of fun going to search net for more info on Bighorn Mountain Festival.....thanks for shareing


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Anyone play an epiphone 300 ?  Just got one sounds like playing on tin too high pitched anyway to mellow out the tone?  I changed the strings from light too med. and that helped some but not enought.....any help please......


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Thanks guys got it down good enough to play it in front of friends and people who

Just press your lips aganst a window paine and I'll be kissing you through the crystal falling rain.......


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Thanks Craig23....thats the best way I've heard it explained.....thanks again


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anyone play George Strait's Troubadour ?  I can't seem to get the strum pattern down.....

hey been playing for about 3 years...self a lot of old country...the more you drink the better I sound...LOL


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You've found the best guitar site ever....I've learned alot here and you will too just stay with it and have fun........