53 yr old newbie, playing for just under 2 yrs. I wont be posting a how to video on youtube anytime soon but I love pickin up the axe and givin her a work out. Barre Chords??? I cant play no stinking barre chords!!! Oh yeah, Ontario here.

Hey, All1Song, great job. Ive been listening to Neil Young for more years than I`d like to count and have never heard that song before.
My kingdom to be able to sing and play the axe like you. Once again, great job.


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Whoever said ya cant write the blues if you live in Canada, hasn`t spent a freakin winter here!!!!


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more spam


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Thanks , Craig, Jay, Les
Next restring will be elixirs

Jan, thanks for letting me know about the frets and who his family is. ??


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Thanks AD, I really like the D`Addarios, but my music store didn`t have them and he sold me the others. I also get a rattle at the higher strings with the Deans. Guess I shouldn`t have settled.
Thanks for the input.


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Hi guys and gals
Just wanted to get a little input about what strings to use.
I own a segovia cutaway electric acoustic guitar.
I just changed the strings from D`Addario phosphor bronze
to Dean Markley vintage bronze. The Deans dont sound as good
as the D`Addarios and wont restring with them. (I find they rattle alot)
I`m not looking for a particular sound, just a nice middle of the road resonance.
What strings do you recommend and why.



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Heres a solution for the Bm chord. Go to Iraq, steal a loaf of bread and get caught. Let them break all of the fingers on your left hand and viola, your fingers fit the pattern of Bm chord. If this is not your thing cheat, cheat cheat!!!    yikes


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Hey all
Anybody out there know where I can get any Murray McLauchlin tabs or chords. My searches have proven fruitless. Does anybody else but me know who he is smile
Have always been a big fan, but apparently I`m the only one!! Any help from you resourceful group would be greatly appreciated.
hog  cool


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Hey, "The Real Hotdog" one of the best sites on the net for strumming patterns, chord charts, tuning etc. This is a must see site for all beginners. Thanks for all the useful info.
Now if I could only make a bar chord ring.........:D


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Thanks Zurf


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Thanks guys, will try it.



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Hey All,
I`m looking for a couple of good strum patterns for country songs
ie: Randy Travis, Hank Sr. and the like. Any posts would be greatly appreciated.
hog      big_smile


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Acton, Ontario here. 55KMs NW of Toronto Been playing for 10 mths now (playing is a relative term). I am 52 and love learning and meeting people on this site. To the Admins and helpful members........Thanks Man


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When I finally got the F chord to ring I was so happy I forced myself to make love to the wife!!
If I ever get the Nasty "B" to ring NELLA, The neighbors better lock up their wives.



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LOL Old doll, I to had uncle neil on vinyl, maybe I`ll change my nick to Old Coot and we can both rest comfortably in the home.
Benson, did a search on youtube, some good stuff there, thanks for the input.



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Wow! Thanks for the quick response guys.  Thanks Benson will go to youtube and check it out.
Russell, will email thanks



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Another newbie here. I am learning Heart of Gold, I have the intro down pretty good I just need to get the strum pattern down for the chorus and verses. Can anybody post what these might be.

Thanks alot
Hog   big_smile


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Hey All
Anybody know a site that gives strum patterns with the Tabs?