Its been awhile. Hope all is well with everyone. We used to listen to this every year for laughs. I hope youenjoy it and Merry Christmas to all.



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We lost another giant of the music world.
So many great tunes and memories to go with his music and lyrics and harmonies.

God speed Glen


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Awesome pics & vids, Looks and sounds like everybody had a great time, all the way around from the food, the socializing and most importantly sitting back relaxing and playing sum guitar. You got some good players over there, maybe one day I'll be able to join in for a weekend and just kick back.

Good job smile



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Hi Keepitreal,

I gotta a Beatles style feel from your lyrics in the line of Lovely Rita and that is a good thing.

Well Done


Good for you Roger,
That's quite the family you have acquired after a relatively short time.

P.S. I like Silkies choice for a guitar, good to see she's not a lefty lol (coulda been spensive)



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Hey Dino, Thanks for the read and comments. Alas the confidence in myself to do a vid is at an alltme low so I can't see it happening.

Cheers and Thanks Again



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Hey Bill and Dondra
Real sorry to hear your going through these tough times. This is quite the support group you have here at Chordie. Good for you for reaching out and developing it.

Thinking of you from Canada



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This is a fictitious song about a guy that lives to dance at the local night clubs (not my cup of of beer) so I hope the lyrics make sense to all. Recording one day...maybe...probably not. lol Thanks for taking the time to read, I hope you enjoy the story line. Minor Chord pro glitch in 2nd chorus
Played up tempo in 4/4 time...I think
The F and the G are barred to give a fuller sound .
The middle G in the verse is played without the high E string...don't know the name of the chord.

Ride on the Rhythm Ken Peters October 13 2015

[Am]Willy don't need no rocking chair, he gonna rock the house tonight.

[G]Willy don't need to do his hair, the [Am]wind is gonna do it [G]just [Am]right.

[Am]Willy hangs out at JoJo's bar, the girls all dig the scene.

[G]They dance all night under disco lights, [Am]groovin to a record [G] [Am]machine.

[G]The dance floor's packed, the walls are shaking, [F]Willy's getting in the groove.[G] [Am]

[G]The girls stand back anticipating, [F]Willy's gonna bust a move.[G] [Am]

[Am]Ride on,

[F]Ride on the rhythm Willy, [G]ride until you feel the morning [Am]sun.

[Am]Willy don't need no dancing shoes, to dance into the night.

[G]Willy just needs a rocking tune, [Am]to move his feet [G]just [Am]right.

[Am]Grand Funk grooves with The Locomotion, the Stones plain steal the scene.

[G]The Hip they rock like a fine tuned clock, [Am]J. Geils is a rhythm[G] [Am]machine.

[G]The dance floor's packed, the floor is quakin, [F]everybody's in the groove.[G] [Am]

[G]The girls step back, in fascination, [F]watching Willy bust a move.[G] [Am]

[Am]Ride on,

[F]Ride on the rhythm Willy, [G]ride until you feel the morning [Am]sun.

Billy Idol Style Lead following the verse.

[G]The DJ's jacked, everybody is shaking, [F]Willy got no elbow room.[G] [Am]

[G]The crowd slides back appreciating [F]Willy and the way he moves.[G] [Am]

[Am]Ride on [Am]ride on

[F]Ride on the rhythm Willy, [G]Willy it's your moment in the [Am]sun.

[Am]Willy don't need no rocking chair.

[Am]Willy don't need no rocking chair.

[Am]Willy don't need no rocking chair.

[Am]Willy don't need no rocking chair


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Hey TF,

I gotta agree 100% with you. It's in man kinds blood to be #1 at whatever we try to achieve. Those in a position of power have a
tendency to abuse it thus we are where we are at. (I'm glad I got no power.....just ask my ex's lol) It's a good thing there are exceptions to the rule of power cause if there wasn't... we'd be toast for sure and I'm not one for toast.

Cheers and Thanks for the read and well placed comments smile



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Hi Amy smile

I really like that you got an honest feel to the lyrics as I wanted to write a lyric in the line of Barry McGuire's "Eve of Destruction" A lot of truths in that song.  Funny how it's probably more relevant today then it was when written.

Thank You again, Muchos Appreciated smile

PS I've been following the Chordiestock and your Backyard Bash  threads very closely trying to man myself up and commit to one  the other or both. Dealing with anxiety and the nasty D on my level makes it bigtime tough as I fear I'll somehow mess it up for everyone and that's the last thing I want to do. I'm only 5 hrs 47 minutes driving time away (Thanks Google) with 5 months to go I can make no promises but know in my heart I want to be there to meet and greet a whole mess of great people.  smile

Thank You for the invite, I'm really gonna try




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Hi Phill,

It feels good to get the moxy to post again smile

I didn't think you were preaching at all, if we are to get it right it needs to be talked about smile

I tried to write it by not pointing fingers directly at the causes, but more indirectly.
(Holy war, pounds at the door)......................refers to all religious extremist that believe killing is just.
(The atom bomb is standing in wait.).............reference to the Putin mindset that could end in a bad way for all of us.

2-3 hrs a day got me lots of blisters but it was worth it.
Now I have heavy callouses which is good but now I can't pick my nose. (very well) lol

Cheers and Thanks for the read



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Hey Ark

Awesome to hear your very imaginative and  creative songs again. You haven't skipped a beat and I for one sure do envy your talent.

Coming  to grips with the new recording software...priceless and definitely well worth the wait.

Looking forwards to your next piece.  smile



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Hey Bill,

Compliment accepted, always been a huge fan of Pink Floyd. I hope to give recording it a shot with the Sonar DAW. Who knows, maybe I can figure it and get er done. It plays as an angry style Nirvana tune so I hope your not disappointed should it get done.

Cheers and Thanks



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Hi Roger, All is well

Yup.... a rather dark view of the times we live in....unfortunately it is the times we live in. roll

Thanks for the read and comments.



A Canadian law on the books states:

Section 365 a or what could otherwise be called the Halloween Wet Blanket Law that says pretending to be a witch is a punishable offence.

Why it is on the books or what is the punishment for such a heinous breach of the law is beyond me... Only in Canada Eh lol


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Hi Ark,

The world sure seems to be getting more screwed up as the days go by.  It makes me wonder what the world will be like for our children's kids. Hopefully better but I wouldn't count on it.
The ME25 came bundled with Sonar 5.5 LE DAW.  Maybe I can figure this one out and record something.

Thanks for the read and comments



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Hi Dino,
Thanks for the welcome back and the read. You know me and recording....someday....maybe.

Thanks Again



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Last October I bought myself a 3rd generation ? Strat. Not American or Mexican but Chinese, one step up from Taiwanese, two steps up from Indonesian and what ever else follows them. I also picked up a Boss ME25 for the effects, hoping to get myself out of the lost  passion for music state. Anywho it seems to have worked as I play at least 2-3 hrs a day :-) ...not a problem living by myself.
This is a finished song I don't know how to chord so I am posting it in the poems section. Not happy with the title and will probably change it to Heading for a Breakdown

I hope you enjoy the read.



Rising tide, no place to hide,
The coast lines about to shrink.
Pesticide, slow suicide,
Leeching in the water we need to drink.
There's no doubt, here comes a drought,
Global warming teeters on the brink.
Frac for gas, man what a blast,
Light a fire in your mothers kitchen sink.

Here comes a breakdown
We're heading for a Breakdown
DON'T NEED IT! Here comes a breakdown.

Corporate greed, poor people squeezed,
One percent sets the pace.
Anger breeds, protesters bleed,
Aggression fuels a warm embrace.
Rich men shout, they need a bailout,
They've got to have a saving grace.
If you like my lies, the politician cries,
Then vote for me so I can win the race.

Here comes a breakdown
We're heading for a Breakdown
DON'T NEED IT! Here comes a breakdown.

Holy war, pounds at the door,
Religion keeps fueling the hate.
Civil war, refugees soar,
Genocide is ruling their fate.
Drones fly high, missiles in the skies,
The atom bomb is standing in wait.
When the doomsday clock, ticks the last tock,
The world is gonna blow up in our face.

Here comes a breakdown
We're heading for a Breakdown
DON'T NEED IT! Here comes a breakdown.

Ken Peters
December 2014

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your sisters family as well.


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Hi Robert,

Nice lyrics from the heart.

Well Done


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I posted these links a few years back and thought I'd post them again as it fits the topic. This is a good ole Canadian band from 72 called "Charlee" led by Walter Rossi. If you like bleeding guitar you'll enjoy these tracks. They only did the one album as a band unfortunately but it was a good one. After he changed his style but was still pretty good just not commersial.

Anyways enjoy

Ken      "for some reason the first couple of notes don't play"


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Vocals don't sound shaky to me Phill,
This one has a catchy bouncy feel to it. I like it muchly. smile



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Nice piece of playing/writing there Russ. It's gotta feel good to bones when you get a piece like that complete.



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Well Done Amy,
That's definitely not recorded from your Iphone..Recording Studio? at home? I haven't been playing but I'm glad I haven't...I like your version better.




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Hi Jeff,
Definitely a sad story to hear and read about. I think you have done the children justice with your touching lyrics.
Looking forwards to hearing the recording also.