It's at times like this I regret moving to Japan! Wish I'd not read this thread now. Django Reinhardt my hero! I have hands damaged
by arthritis and carpel tunnel syndrome.

Here in Japan you can play anything you like at a wedding, nobody understands the lyrics but they love American/English songs. Why?

I love tuning the 1st E string to D and playing ordinary chord shapes C,G,Am,D they produce some wonderful changes and the harmonics produced at the 12th fret are simply divine!


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Food: baked beans
Medicine: anti flatulence and my favourite tipple sho chu
Music: my guitar + 8 string sets.


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Thanks one and all! your input in this thread is very interesting and I like the pencil lead idea. I am on Slinky lights on my Babicz &
Martin phos/bronze lights on my seagull.
I tried Elixir nano's for a while but found them a bit dull. I buy strings on line from saves bucks.


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I attained the ripe ole age of 60 in Feb this year, started playing at 11 and still learning never quit, now't wrong with being young
plenty wrong with getting old! You young uns are the future of the guitar, good luck to you all. Most of all enjoy!

If there were no winter there could be no spring
no summer to follow or autumn to colour no
bird to sing, no tree to blossom or joy to bring.
No snow to enchant us or play in.

me, extract of a lyric


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What strings do you use and why?


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Do not adjust your mind, reality is at fault!

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ind the whole topic of business endlessly fascinating. I was stubbornChris Turner, Tibor Vamos, Miklos Vasarhelyi, Lazar Vlasceanu,

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response from you will just nail an innocent person.


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Keep a spare set, then you cant blame me!



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Hot humid Japan!

Guitar strings will deteriorate very quickly in tone if due care is not applied. Some people have more acidity in their sweat than others, avoid smoking, alcohol, spicy foods, garlic and onions as this will increase acidity. Washing your hands with soap and water is
not the best thing to do before playing because it softens hard skin and introduces moisture into your skin, I use alcohol which removes moisture and potential harmful oils. I always wipe down with a lint free cotton cloth after playing and return the guitar to it's
case. Then pour myself a large scotch, light up a cigarette. and eat a big plate of curry!

I've just added a Babicz identity series to my growing collection it has some awesome features.
Check em out.


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Originally from London UK, now living in Japan. Played guitar for almost 50 years, now suffering
a worn out basal thumb joint and carpel tunnel syndrome but I will not stop playing till they nail
the lid on my box! Then it'll have to be the harp.

Hey! I'm new. Love it is all you need. I too grew up in the late 60's What a time! I have a Gibson Les Paul studio. Fender Jagstang and
a Seagull acoustic I love them all!