Hey chaps.

Guitar as said above, I really want one, had a go and really liked it, but at £380, its quite pricey and I need convincing.

Has anyone got one and thoroughly recommend it?

Or know a good place to get a second hand one for cheaper? (UK)



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the guitar itself is not very valuable in monies, but it was passed down so there is some of that there.

It was a massive bang, I kind of thwacked it into a set of drawers, the neck has kind of come off as well, but that can be reglued.

Its really rather annoying!


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How easy / difficult / cheap / expensive is this to repair? I accidentley gave my guitar a bit of a ding!


Are we talking gaffa and lots of it? It can a woodsman repair it?


I have something similar on iPhone. A tuner and a chord chart.

It's quite handy.


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I hate to ask this, but what do you think is a good strum pattern for this?

I've got the chords and that is fine, its sounds "right", but I've tried quite a few different pattern's and it just sound's a little off.

Advice most welcome smile

Just the shine isn't it?

I notice whenever I restring, the most common parts I use often "dull" in appearance. Especially around the F# on the top E string.



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badeye wrote:
ApeDoctor wrote:
badeye wrote:

Just got a gift from my sister, a 1977 Hondo acoustic, a remake of a Gibsom Hummingbird. New strings and a set up and it sounds sweet. Nice even mellow tone. Can't put it down.

Badeye cool

Is it the black one?

If so I'm insanely jealous, I've been looking for one of those for a while.

It's the Hummungbird model, like a red sunburst.with white inlay.

Badeye.. cool

Ah I see, its one like :

http://www.hotukdeals.com/item/328688/b … oustic-gu/

That I crave.

Hope you enjoy it!


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badeye wrote:

Just got a gift from my sister, a 1977 Hondo acoustic, a remake of a Gibsom Hummingbird. New strings and a set up and it sounds sweet. Nice even mellow tone. Can't put it down.

Badeye cool

Is it the black one?

If so I'm insanely jealous, I've been looking for one of those for a while.

I came across one at an old car boot sale, and not a day goes by I wish I didn't buy it. Looked good, sounded really good, just didn't have the cash on me sad


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You know I had a loot at my own sound hole (sounds a bit rude) and I noticed that I actually have a few scrapes and marks.

I apolagise for the remarks!


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To be honest I wouldn't worry about hitting all the strings on an up stroke. I think I normally only hit the top four (ish). In fact sometimes I find if you upstroke all the strings, the bass often sounds a bit rushed with the following down stroke if you get what I mean.

Justinguitar is a good place to start. Bear in mind though, that a guitar is a very personal instrument. Unlike the piano for example, there is never a right or a wrong way to do anything, remember to add your own individuality rather than just copying things, what feels comfortable to you is the main aim.


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Without being rude, I would be interested in how you have managed to achieve that? I assume via a Pick, but running through my head just wondering how it would happen. Do you have a over exuberant strum?

Prevention maybe better than cure.

Alternatively you could get some of that rubber edging which you could apply just over the top.


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I've no idea how helpful these ideas will be, but being English, I feel I'm well qualified.

1) Symballs, one on each knee pointing inwards.
2) Big drum on your back, linked to a thing that hits it when you stamp.
3) harmonica around the neck ala bob dylan.
4) Tambourine on your left elbow (if thats your fretting arm) and attach a drum stick to your guitar to play it with.

Master those and you will be the ultimate one man band.

Though I now get the feeling were talking a different type of one man band....


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I've been doing a bit of looking into "limited edition" guitars of late. Mostly artwork rather than shape.

There is a four piece Fender Tiki set by Doug horne, as well as some really nice ltd editions by Takamine (I believe they do one for every year).

Does anyone else know of some really nice artwork on guitars?



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If you can do Barre chords, there is always


I would say stick with it though, its a nice sounding chord.


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Funny question, can you get electro acoustics that are not battery powered?
Specifically Seagull guitars, as that's what I'm aiming at next purchasing.

Where I'm doing a lot more amp work, It would be nice to not have to rely on a battery, as we all know its going to fail the time you don't have a replacement!



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I saw this and it really crossed my eye. I'm tempted to go to my local guitar shops to see if they can get hold of one for me :


Has anyone ever played one before?



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I find it helps to just "rest" your palm, as close to the bridge as you can, don't press down too hard!


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Maybe try looking into lessons to see whats a miss?


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On my acoustic I use Ernie Ball Earthwood Lights. Sound nice and bright. Though I have to say the bottom string is a bit rattly when im playing a bass note, most noteably on the 5th fret.

I bought some of those D'Addario's actually as my replacement pack (I always keep a full set for emergencies)


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Zurf wrote:

.  The songs people want to play have all sorts of instrumentation and often additional engineering and production work done to them.  And then someone wants to play a single acoustic guitar and either make it sound like an entire band, or they have a particular sound in their head that they want to get out but don't know how to express that to get help with a strum pattern that will make that sound. 

- Zurf

An interesting point about wanting to sound like the whole band. A great deal of performers who do "acoustic" versions of their songs, often completely change the chords, chord pattern and strumming to a degree.


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As much as i love playing my acoustic, I've often thought about having something similar, but different if you know what I mean. Sound wise.

I've looked into electric, but I've come to the decision, that I'm not going to venture down the electric avenue until I'm at a standard where I feel comfortable spending £500 on a guitar, and the same on an amp and accessories.

So I think I'm going to splash out circa £300 on a classical guitar. Is there anyone around who might know of a good one to aim at?

And do you think its a good idea? To practice and play something with the same principles, but a whole different sound and adventure?

Advice more than welcome.

Many Thanks


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Yeah I though it was very decent of him to do that. I sent him a very friendly thanks email.

I don't mind working it out to be honest, I can read sheet music, It just takes me a while to jot it all down and find the right notes in the right places on the guitar.


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Just like to say a big thanks to Alvee for the help.

I actually got an email from Chris Dedrick today (he's the guy from free design) and he amazingly sent me a copy of the original vocal arrangements. Unfortunately its all in sheet music form, but It's not to hard to take from that and arrange on the guitar is it?


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I can appreciate that you want to sound like the song, but by looking at the pattern, or someone showing you, your not really learning.

It might seem hard at first, but my advice is whack the song on an ipod, and put it on repeat for 20 - 30 minutes. shut your eyes and listen. It helps to tap your foot along to the rhythm, and to "fake" strum with your arm. find a motion that feels right and fits with the song. it doesn't matter if its perfect. The point is that you have worked out on your own, how to play the song. The more you do this, the better you will become.

You have to crawl before you can walk. These things take time, and they will come to you. practice practice practice!

But against all I have said, the strum pattern for Mrs. Robinson is :
You can find the chords anywhere.

1 & 2 & 3 & 4 &
D    D U   U D U

Good luck.