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As much as i love playing my acoustic, I've often thought about having something similar, but different if you know what I mean. Sound wise.

I've looked into electric, but I've come to the decision, that I'm not going to venture down the electric avenue until I'm at a standard where I feel comfortable spending £500 on a guitar, and the same on an amp and accessories.

So I think I'm going to splash out circa £300 on a classical guitar. Is there anyone around who might know of a good one to aim at?

And do you think its a good idea? To practice and play something with the same principles, but a whole different sound and adventure?

Advice more than welcome.

Many Thanks

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You can get a good one for £200!
It's a minefield just like buying a steel string. Everyone will tell you their guitar is just brilliant.
So here goes!
I decided to get a classical last summer and, after trying out a few in the local shop I went for a Walden "Natura". Walden makes a nice range of classicals. They are not expensive but are well made and sound good. Most are in your price bracket. My N730 was only £200. Best 200 I ever spent.
A couple of people who play much better classical than I do, have both expressed admiration for the sound it produces.
So there's me telling you how great mine is... wink

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Howdy ApeDoctor,

  Stonebridge has it correctly... it is the same as buying a steel guitar, like people each is different and it will all come down to the sound and playability that feels "right to you.  The necks are thicker and wider and the "headspace" between string and fret wider by a good margin requiring a more vertical attack with the fretting hand.  I learned to play on one of those and still have a nylon classical in the arsenal for those times when nothing else will do, I'm sure feeling neglected hanging over there in it's gig bag.

There are notoriously "good" brands out there, some of which sound terrible to my ear, and there are "cheap" ones that have exceptional character and resonance.  Test drive everything you can lay hands on and buy the one that "sings" to you.

  For all those who would ask "why would you want one of those things?" Check out anything on you tube by Peter White....
yes friends that is a nylon strung "classical" guitar laying down those smooth jazz tones.

Good Hunting, and Take Care;

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Good advice Doug. You reminded me to point out that the neck on the Walden is much thinner than a standard classical, but the fretboard is the same width. This makes it a little easier to play.
I original learnt on a classical many years ago and it's nice to play one again.
Don't forget that Leonard Cohen used (still uses?) a nylon string too.