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I just buy an entire kit for guitar cleaning (Dunlop System 65) ... I usually do a full cleaning every time I restring (i.e. fretboard oil, clean the tuners, top/sides, nut, etc.)

I think SouthPaw would be fired after his first set list went 8 hours instead of 2 lol

Wow guys ... after my list I knew 4 .... yes 4! songs ya'll posted! lol  Thanks for the kind vote Ken!!!!!  tongue

You know you've always wanted to be a Radio DJ, and now here's your chance.  Your radio station plays 60s-90's music.  What do you play?  To make this fun and see if your listeners like your set list, the next person to post will rate your set list 1-10 stars.  Example:   Next person to post after mine, rate my set list then create your own.

Here's mine:

1.  Johnny Cash - Ring of Fire
2.  Lynyrd Skynyrd - Simple Man
3.  Neil Young - Keep on Rockin' in the Free World
4.  Bob Seger - Like A Rock
5.  Led Zeppelin - When the Levee Breaks
6.  Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb
7.  Stevie Ray Vaughn - Pride and Joy
8.  Peter Frampton - Feel Like I Do
9.  Guns n Roses - Patience
10. U2 - One

Good luck and have fun!


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I'm more of a Classic/History movie buff

Ben Hur
Sound of Music
Ten Commandments
Pearl Harbor
Schindlers List

But I agree on Tombstone, Star Wars (Episodes III-VI), and The Crow (Brandon Lee was AWESOME in that movie)


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topdown wrote:

Under "Resources" there is already a list of "Recommended guitar sites". I'd assume that these sites have a link share agreement with Chordie.


How do we get sites added to the resources list?


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Russell_Harding wrote:

I would still like to see a classified forum for members wishing to sell trade anything smile

I agree Rus ... that'd be nice although I'm not sure I'd pay for shipping when sending a Les Paul off to Scotland tongue


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I know we refer a lot of people www.justinguitar.com ... and a lot of us recommend other sites that show scales, chords, backing tracks etc that are not deleted due to spam

It'd be nice to have though


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I know in the forum we give out a lot of good advice ... especially when it  comes to helpful learning sites and such ... is there a way you can create a sticky in the forum where we could place good helpful sites we come across so we don't have to keep referring to the same sites over and over?  We could just refer everyone to the sticky post with all of our site inputs.



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SouthPaw41L wrote:

Sometimes those "salepersons" in the store will have you to play the guitar you're madly in love with through $3,000.00 worth of electronic enhancement( acoustic/electric or electric). Play the guitar you're considering purchasing through what you have at home, or the next closest thing to it. I have several close friends who work at music stores so I know first hand much of the chicanery that is employed in "finalizing the deal".

Also, when playing an acoustic guitar( without electronics) in those "fancy, high-end( ah-hem; chain)" stores,the room where the guitars are displayed  are dern near acoustically perfect. So when you get home and play your new guitar, it ain't gonna sound like it did at the music store. Although it is nice and convenient to play a guitar in a soundproof room without outside noise, it is best to take the guitar of choice out into the open area of the store and play it in a "real" environment.

It's great playing in the open area so long as ten 16 year olds aren't trying to show off their shredding emo skills on some Ibanez RG!  big_smile


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Hi Jordy ... a good site for all the basics (besides here of course) is www.justinguitar.com ... excellent site for beginners and very easy to follow ... Justin includes video's, and tabs, etc.


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Good story Ken ... I've had it happen where I played a Takamine G series in the store ... absolutely loved it ... when I got home it was the opposite ... now it started sounding terrible and I didnt like it ... needless to say, I don't have it anymore and I ended up getting an Ovation guitar and I'm happy ... now when I get my $1400 Martin I'll be seriously ticked if I get home and it sounds like cr@p!  neutral


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KajiMa wrote:

Hey LPG.

In the 80's and early 90's I used to bleach my hair and everyone said I looked like Billy Idol, but my mate said "No he's his brother Bone!"

lol lol lol



lol .... ahh it's good to be in-famous!


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High School proms are a symbol of American culture ... the same as 1950 style diners serving Hamburgers and Malts and Drive-in's (which I wish they still had ... nothing beat laying on the hood of your car and eating a burger in aluminum foil with that crappy speaker turned up to 10)


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What do you think is the best era for music and what is your favorite?


70's ... gave birth to distortion and the big, fat Marshall crunch sound (also the era I was born into)

My favorite?  70's and 80's (the 80's due to the influx of British pop music and keyboards)


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Guitarpix wrote:

Yea man, Dokken was a good one to! I wore out 2 copies of "Tooth and Nail" I can't remember any of the songs from the album... But remember loving it smile Fixing to give it a listen...    I'm surprised I remember anything from those days myself lol         
Actually, I wonder how much of the stuff I do remember really happened....hmmm smile

Here you go Pix ...

1. Just Got Lucky
2. Tooth and Nail
3.  Alone Again

Those were my favorite songs from that album ... I love playing "In My Dreams" ... I can't do the lead but I love playing the rhythm

The bands I liked during that time were
1.  Slaughter
2.  Motley Crue
3.  Def Leppard
4.  Dokken
5.  G n R
6.  Journey (though not really a hair band)
7.  Styx (Mr Roboto WAS the 80's)
8.  Billy Idol

I remember only one song from Y & T (what did it stand for anyways?) and that was "Keep on Running" and the video had this robot that was in love with a human ... classic


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I thought it and you posted it SouthPaw!   tongue    Gretsch semi-hollows are good for your country/blues type sounds ... more towards the country sound ... the Epiphone is more towards the blues/rock area ...

Very good recommendations!


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I second the Elixirs and the Ernie Ball Coated Titaniums ... I've used both

lol Up The Irons ... oh wait, I just had an Iron Maiden flashback ... even though they support West Ham I love 'em tongue

Here's to hosting the 2022 WC in Edinburgh tongue

Agreed ... I was impressed with how well they played against Spain ... I haven't seen them play defense like that in a VERY long time ... against Brazil I had a feeling after the first half they would end up losing ... they were on their heals the entire second half .... when you strictly play defense you'll never get the ball out of your own half

But either way ... they beat the #1 team in the world and the #5 team ... they still played great in those two games ... they're frustrating though due to the fact that one game they play great and the next they stink

Agreed Tony ... sing along to songs you KNOW you sound spot on with ... I was trying to find what key I sang in and realized I sing lower tones rather well (i.e. Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam) ... so I checked the songs to see which key they were in (majority are in "A") and voila!  I found my key  tongue


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topdown wrote:

Welcome to chordie gamegeek. Most recommended and great free site is justin sandercoe. Check the beginners course.


Hang in there past the initial finger pain - that's where most folks give up. You'll build calluses pretty quickly and then the guitar will be a companion for life.

Agreed ... Justins instruction is phenomenal and free ... I've used it a lot in the past


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Tuning by ear will take time ... I've been playing for 3 years and I can get close to tuning it by ear but I'm usually a half-step off ... perhaps in another year I'll take a half-step forward tongue

Dreams by The Cranberries
Dreams by Van Halen
There Goes My Life by Kenny Chesney
You Had Me From Hello by Kenny Chesney
Who You'd Be Today by Kenny Chesney
Live Like You Were Dying by Tim McGraw