I have played on both sides of the tracks so I will try to explain a little. Rap is just a vocal style just like singing. Some of us love distortion on guitars some of us prefer acoustic. It is the same idea. It is just a style. Rap and Hip Hop did in the 80s exactly what Rock and Roll did in the 50s. It is a new way to express yourself.

The context is still basically the same in many cases. The best example of this is is Eminem's version of Aerosmith's Dream On. Eminem called it "Sing for the Moment". The young rapper heard the same classic song we all heard and felt he could say it in a way his generation could better understand. The song is about clawing your way to the top. It's about your hopes and dreams coming true because of your hard work.

When Joe Perry heard Eminem's words he asked to play on the new track. He knew what was being said and believed it kept the spirit of the song intact. Don't take my word for it listen yourself.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vIGV4Vhd … r_embedded

Christian rap expresses the same thing as Christian rock. Both of those came from Gospel, just with a little distortion on it.

If you like christian rap check out http://www.myspace.com/hoperecordz
My boy Mingo is on this label. Hot Hot MC that went back to his christian roots after we spent some time in the clubs (both Rock and Hip Hop). He played drums for me in a real hard band called Trip Society. I've played bass for some of his Hip Hop tracks. We all trying to express the same thing.

One of my (many) new projects is playing bass in a traditional Gospel band (they know nothing about Rap). I can't wait for the opportunity to bring Mingo into this project. It is all music. We all play it and we all trying to express the same thing.

One Love
Luke Bass

My life revolves around music. It is truly the center of my universe.  Bob Marley and the Wailers are by far the most influential band in my life. I was born a little late to watch their albums come out so the first one I heard was their greatest hits aka Legend. Not their best album by any means but definitely the one that impacted me more then any other.

Legend has simple music made to sound like lush orchestration by adding notes in the off beat parts. The classic reggae guitar playing simple chords but playing them on the  the "ands" (1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and), the organ filling on the rock steady rhythm behind (rock steady is a reggae style. Google it), The solid, steady drum and bass to root the music, the entire band using rests to make room for a shared melody and then of course there is Bob.

In Bob Marley's own words he wrote songs "so even a baby could understand". They were meaningful, powerful, insightful and above all heartfelt. Bob's words were a beginning of a realization for me. I now know the most important part of music is not what you play or sing but your intent behind your actions. The most important part of music is why you play.

Luke Bass

Here is the solution to the edit problem.



I can't find the Quill Pen feature that Russell_Harding mentioned.

I tried to edit with a pen on my monitor but I ran out of space.

What is paper?

Insert another bad joke here.

Keep up the great work guys!



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I use Linksoft's Songbook.

It works great and is shareware (free). Looks like it is windows based not mac. I use it because it has more flexible printing options. It basically does the same thing as chordie.com.

I Copy the ChordPro format from a song in chordie and use the "New from Clipboard" function under file in Songbook. It works pretty seamless.

If you google ChordPro you will find some other programs that are helpful.



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This looks like a great project. Did this CD get made?

Description says Ebony nut, rosewood saddle so..... ya, wood.

Thanks for the heads up. I did not think it would be a real high quality uke. Nice to know how to improve if needed.

ukenroll - You mentioned that you made a new nut and saddle out of bone. Is that common? I mean Leg bone, dog bone or does someone sell blanks to carve?



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Damn. You did say that.

I guess I learned the hard way...like usual.
This way I won't forget. smile

It is an electric ukulele. I'm told it sounds more like a guitar than a uke. I'm looking to get away from an acoustic sound and trying for a early George Harrison type sound. (sharp, sticato sp? like chords and bright melodies)

Check them out here.

They don't sell the jazz ukes in the US. (US distributor don't carry them) but I found a decent one on Amazon here.
http://www.amazon.com/Eleuke-Solid-Elec … hisProduct

Anyone ever used them or heard them live?



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I tried it again. This time I sanded better and used more glue. It seems to be holding.

One thing I did wrong was only clamping the middle of the bridge directly behind the saddle. I did not put any pressure on the Wings(?) (extension on the sides of the bridge) and now they are not completely flat on the body. I recommend making a jig or using shims to put pressure on all of the bridge (if your bridge has wings).

I'm just happy to be strumming my uke again!

Thanks for the help and encouragement!



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Don't worry about color. See if you can find an old fender for him. Quality should always precede looks.


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I'm 34 and have been playing in bands since I was 14. So I guess I've been on 2 sides of this conversation.

All I can tell you is that I've never run out of new music (new to me anyway) and I doubt I ever will.

The longer I search for great music the more I find and the better my own music becomes. I will play forever.


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It was Titebond III Weatherproof so I guess it would be exterior glue. There was no finish under the bridge. The glue stayed on the body and did not stick to the bridge. My guess is I did not sand underneath the bridge good enough and did not get a good bond.

Now I will sand down underneath the bridge and tape and sand off the new glue left on the body. Thanks for the encouragement!

Acoustic instruments are so damn delicate.


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Well. I glued the bridge back on. It turned out to be a wood bridge not a plastic one (the top lamination through me off).

I sanded the bridge to get the old glue off and used Titebond glue to put it back on. I clamped it for 24 hours and let it set another 48 hours. I restrung the uke and started to play. It worked well for a short time. Of course it goes out of tune easily with new strings so I keep retuning as I play stretching the strings before I tune.

About 2 hours into playing the bridge snapped off again. This time it snapped in half. I was tuning at the time and the added tension proved to be too much. I did not tune past the correct note. My thought is it should have been able to hold the tension.

Maybe I over tuned. Is that a possibility? I kept stretching the strings and tuning them. Should I have tuned it and let it sit for a while before I stretched the strings?

Maybe I just did not use enough glue.

My uke is a Koloa barritone uke. It costs $150 I think. It was only about a year and a half old. Is it worth buying another bridge or should I trash it and start again?

I am very discouraged.



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Thanks! I'll let you know how it comes out.



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Tragedy struck recently. On a very high humidity day the bridge pulled off of my baritone uke. Luckily it came off pretty clean. It only broke a small chip off the corner of the bridge but the rest of the bridge is still intact. Now I just gotta glue it back on the body.

The body is wood, the bridge is plastic. What kind of glue should I use?

Any suggestions would help.



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I also use Songbook to read offline or print. It has some good print options and a lot of the functionality that chordie has. Just copy and paste the ChordPro format.

You can paste directly into Songbook too and save it there.


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I play Baritone Uke and was thinking about getting an electric. So I do a little research and find no electric baritone ukes but I did find Tenor Guitar. This sounds like what I am looking for.

Anyone know a place where I can find a inexpensive Electric Tenor Guitar?


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There is some ware on the frets in that area. I'm thinking a fine grit sandpaper will smooth them out.

I will also get some worth strings and see how they work out.

Thanks for the help!


This site rocks!



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I'm getting frustrated with my strings.

I use Aquila strings and they sound great on my uke but the G string brakes much faster then any other string.
It always breaks right over the 2nd fret. I realize that fret gets played a lot in strumming chords but I find it is a real pain to constantly change strings especially on uke because they need to stretch a lot.

I tune like this:

I think that is standard for a baritone uke.

G string breaks after about 20-30 hours of strumming. (really rough estimate)

Anyone else have this problem with Aquila strings?

Any suggestions on other brands of strings?

Am I expecting too much out of my strings? I'm a Bass player by birth and don't change bass strings very often at all.




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I used to use iTunes to hear 30 sec. of a song to get the feel. Now I use http://www.lyricsfreak.com/.
Search a song and click the player on the left. It goes to another site and the song starts playing. The down side is you cant rewind or pause. Just close the window and start it again.


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I have played music for over 20 years amateur and pro.

GeaVox is what I would call a true musician.

Whether playing for money or love it sounds like you just have to play. I know that feeling very well.

This thread just made me smile. smile


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Check out my new public songbook Folk Rock.

http://www.chordie.com/publicbooks.php? … gid=217420

It is perfect for strumming the day away. Also fully edited. No tabs, just chords and words. Most of it is easy to play. I spent a lot of time on it so I figured I would advertise a little. Enjoy. smile


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Correct me if I'm wrong but at the bottom of the song page is an add video button. Is that not what you want? Just get the UTube address of the song you want and add it there. smile


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My advice as a musician, print everything. He has the time to sort it all out.