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i'm just shy of 17 haha


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metallica, pantera, avenged sevenfold, and any heavy metal band really uses at least some power chords


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i"ve got a Peavey EXP Vandenburg and old Peavey acoustic


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i like a little of everything really. i listen to anything from Van Halen to Dragonforce to Staind. i dont really have a favorite lol if it rocks i'm there. what about you?


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i cut my teeth on iron man and crazy train (simple riffs) i wouldnt go with songs that are easy to play to start with cause if u find some good skills early on it will help a lot in the long run. its just now after 2 years of playin that i went back and learned sweet home alabama, turn the page, and simple man.lol. it really depends on the kind of music you love as to how easy a certain song will be. if you love it, you will play it till you get it if its easy or not.


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hmmm crazy train...hotel california


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GerB40 wrote:

I have been playing guitar for around a year and a half and i think im fairly good. The thing is i dont have a clue about music theory. I was just wondering if there is anyone who has been playing for years and cant read theory?? Nice one

well man i'm in the same boat. i've been playing for about 2 years, most of which i could even read chords, just played what sounded good...and that works for a little while but a little down the road not knowing theory is like hitting a brick wall goin a buck twenty. trust me on this. now i'm scrambling trying to learn enough to get by, learn it as early as possible.


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sweet man thanks. i want to get started building guitars myself, so i need to know that kind of thing haha


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haha ok i'll try to take a vid sometime soon. my stuff is a little different, i like to mix a lot of acoustic stuff in with some high end lead and such. but lately its been more acoustic driven than anything. do u write? (i'm 17 btw)


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haha i wish i could play that many instruments. i just play lead guitar lol. but yea theres a big pond 'tween Georgia, U.S. and where ur at or i'd be on stage w ya haha. why dont u, instead of trying to join a band, start one. you sound like you dont really need anyone else to rock a gig. i've been trying to start one around here too, alt rock/heavy metal. i might have to get your oppinion on some of my stuff sometime.


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i've got a beat up old Peavey Vandinburg with stock pickups in it, got it that way so i really dont know what they are. i want to replace em with something that will give me a sharp death metal type tone but at the same time have some sweet clean sound, anybody got some suggestions?


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when you really get down to it you can think of the music itself as a poem, and the notes the words. you have rythme, a asigned beat, and if its good enough you can make the listener feel what your playing.


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nice man nice


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the first song i learned was simple man by lynard skynard, its very easy, just C, G, A minor