Well, we've got a slew of vehicles or tractors to choose from... or we could raffle it off... or give it to whomever travels the most miles (minus yourself and crew of course... or... maybe your wife could win, then you wouldn't have to do a darn thing while here and can still write it off)!

Maybe you just need to visit so you can give me a quote on ALL the above????  wink GET OVER HERE! 

Hopefully next year, Scott!

SEE ya next Friday JJJ!!!

Ohhhhhhh - don't forget we've got the Backyard gathering next week.  If we can pick at least one song that isn't too tricky, we may be able to get a collaboration with myself, MKD, UJB, JJJ, and DE! 

Post those ideas up!  Love the 50's and 00's!  big_smile

Huh, no one has done Cats in the Cradle yet?  Well... I've got that one printed out.  I don't do all the fancy walks, but I can strum that one!  I haven't tried in years though.  I'll see if I can give it a shot and help get my fingers ready for Backyard Gathering 2017.  wink 

I listed to everyone's recordings for this month.  Really great job everyone!  big_smile

Replied to your message, Ken! 

UJB- this is true!  Ha ha!  We certainly have room, even for a one or two ring circus tent, I think.  We also have some undeveloped land down the road a bit if anyone REALLY wanted to rough it!

Important lesson: when planning get togethers, check your email!  Lol!

I'm on board!  Because you ARE joeyjoeyjoey!  Chris really does have a great sense of humor!  We're looking forward to seeing you two again (and everyone else too of course)!!


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"Geeks" is the one I've been tinkering with.  But, I don't can't get as fancy as she does, so I'm figuring out some strumming to do with it instead (and anything other than barre chords, because I still refuse to learn them - it's all about being stubborn).

Oh, in case you don't know the song:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CWX5kXHazbE

Zurf wrote:

I know we tend to be humble about our own playing and singing, but what is good about this forum and this project is that at a big part of it is encouragement. Do a song badly, let others laugh along, you may get some constructive criticism to improve your performance, and everyone learns and gets encouraged in a safe space. How often do you get that?  Hardly ever.

Exactly!  It's not about doing it "amazingly" or sounding "just like them" - it's about doing your own thing.  big_smile 

Now, if I could just find some time to do a recording when there's not 20 other things going on in the background - I'd have a lot more songs up to listen to!  I may have to just go out back and allow the rooster to chime in and record anyway.  wink  Wouldn't be the first time!

Unfortunately, the date conflicts with my vacation plans. I am still looking forward to my first Chordie gathering.

Awe, too bad.  Hopefully we'll see you in PA!

Sounds like a great time.
I finally have my INS issues dealt with but alas still not in the cards for this year.
One day?  You never know...

Have fun!

We'll make sure to keep inviting you!  Maybe one of these years you'll make it!

I`ll be there.


We're not inviting as many local folks as we have in years past.  Not that the event ever got TOO big, but I'm a bit concerned we may end up in the house.  There's been a lot of local flooding with a very wet start to our summer.  The good news is that we've still got dry areas of the yard (it helps to be on a bit of a hill) for tents, and things can always be moved around inside pretty easily should we need to go inside!  Looking forward to seeing those that will be able to make it (so far UJB, DE, JJJ). 

Be it a large get together or a tiny gathering of just a few people - any guitar get together is worth the time and effort!  Plus, I desperately need a valid reason to take time off from work!  smile

I know I'm late to this thread, but I'm with ya Bill!  I print them out and then write all over my page!

Have you considered a K&K pickup?  They require no battery, glue to the inside of the guitar and the plug goes where the endpin is.  It's what I've got on my Martin.  wink


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beamer wrote:
easybeat wrote:

yeah phill i drop by every day,but hard to get a conversation going.Often no replies to private emails either.
so  i don`t bother to post much.same goes for Peatle.

I don't know why my last post did not go , maybe this will.   As to replies to post,, this has been a  issue for a long time, lots of views and average 3 to 5 replies if your lucky,
Many forums have messenger now,though forums are fast becoming a T-Rex, most are on FB, Twitter snap chat.... etc.   This is the age of instant access and reply.   Most of our member's are Anti FB. some are not.

We have about 20 +/- "Core" and active members.  How often do we get a new member who will post more than once or twice?  This is a issue I have talked to Doug about a few times.  There is a chordie FB but i only check it once in a blue moon because none of my friends are there.  It summer, no one is sitting in front of a puter LOL

I am ALWAYS sitting in front of a computer.  LOL!  Though, I do it so much (6-8 hrs/day, 6 days per week) that I tend to run away from it quickly these days as soon as work is done.  I'm becoming one of THOSE people.  You know, the carpenter with the falling apart house.  I spend so much time on forums and such for work, that those I once enjoyed visiting also feel like work at times to visit.  For me, it's been all about finding time to get away from the tech lately.  Sigh... I think about everyone here often though!

KIR - I'm so sorry to hear of your loss.  <3

REMINDER:  We're about one month away.  big_smile  If you were thinking of coming, let us know please!  Also, feel free to shoot me an email if you need specific directions and/or help with lodging (although the backyard is totally there for camping as well!)


I've updated the original post to reflect the updated date.  Thanks to those of you that shared a thought on this and helped us make a decision! 

For those that can come or are thinking of making it and need some direction, please send me an email and I'll be happy to provide you with the address.  If you need any help with accommodations and don't want to just camp out in the back yard, let me know!  DE likes to stay at a campground down the road and JJJ found a nice camp to rent on the lake when he was here.  Looking forward to seeing some of you in just TWO MONTHS!

Well, when in PA last year - Myself, UJB, and his buddy Scott fiddled through Bobby McGee together!  It's been up since, over here:  https://soundcloud.com/user-935684483/bobby-mcgee

I've another recording of it with just me that I had sent to Bill a while back.  Perhaps I'll do a new recording and video and plop it up here.  wink  I think MeKidsDad has a few Chris Cornell songs that he's been working on.  I'll harass him and see if I can get a recording out of him!


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TIME.  I have a feeling that a lot of that will heal itself in time.  It's good that you're able to stop chain smoking and drinking so much though, you already know that.  Take it easy, short walks, read a book, let your body relax a little.  You've been going 100 mph with life for a while now.  I know the difficulty of slowing down though, when you're used to being on the go all the time.  Reading is one of the things that helps me relax and slow down.  smile


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Bill and Dondra
It's heartbreaking to think of you going through this.  Jim and I went through the loss of a an infant, and can't begin to imagine losing one of our children who we've come to know as an individual.  More so, we can't imagine losing a child that we've raised to adulthood and is expected to have so much time left in this life, such as your son.  It's not the way it's supposed to go.  sad  None of us are in your shoes, and even if we had been through similar, we wouldn't feel exactly as you.  Your love and relationship with your son is unique, and I hope that in between the horrible moments you are able to pull some good memories of that love in.  Hold one another up, don't hide feelings from one another.  The two of you are the only two that share this as profoundly as you do.  Take turns being strong for one another. 

There are really no words that can ever make it better, though I hope you know how much you are loved.  Please, if there is anything that we can do - tell us and we will try our best to do it!

Our love and thoughts are with you during this very difficult time.
The Wall Family


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Nice, Russ!  I see you were having fun again playing with your green screen too!


(2 replies, posted in Song requests)

Chordify for the win!  Nice TIGLJK!


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Here's the all Chordied up pretty version for ya:  http://www.chordie.com/chord.pere/sites … mes.chopro

Nice lyrics as ALWAYS!  big_smile

So... it seems the weekend of August 4-6 might be a good date to aim for.  Anyone prefer a week later, or should we aim at that date? 

Things have bee insane busy since my promotion.  I went from working 20 hours to 50 per week, then down to a schedule 35 but always seemed to hit 40.  Now, I know 40 hours a week doesn't sound too crazy to most... but add to that the fact that I work from home so these are not like 8 hour straight shifts, they bounce around through the days (spread out over 6 days per week - who needs 2 days in a row off?) AND the kids are home with me as I'm homeschooling them.  So, I'm always doing about 20 things at once!  Ha ha!  LOOKING FORWARD to taking a week off to just play the guitar with all my friends and have a little time to just shoot the breeze. 

Add to that, we had been hoping to visit Ken and Jen in Ohio and just couldn't fit it in.  I'm so glad you're planning to make the trek to see us!  Perhaps I'll be in a better position with my job next year to take some additional time off.  I desperately want to make it out of this state again sometime soon (well... further than just NY and PA anyhow).

Jx3 - We sure do hope you can make it!  We'll try to get a date firmed up ASAP, and suggestions of course are welcome and helpful!  If we can get one set before you start out venturing on a possible new job, hopefully you'll be able to add that into your interview "I'd love to start ASAP, but I do have a prior commitment this weekend."  wink

Marshel54 - If you have any particular weekends that would be better than others, we're all ears!  Help us choose!

UJB - I'd be sad if you couldn't make it.  I'm glad it's already a plan!  Anything going on any weekend we should NOT plan on?  I'm kind of leaning toward last weekend in July or first in August - but it's of course negotiable!  wink


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Marshel54 wrote:

Great news. I got the guitar out to today to try it after surgery. Very pleased with the results. Sound wise a lot to work on, but fretting very very much better than when I gave it up 2 years ago. I was even able to fret the 12 string. A ways to go, but a lot better.

That's GREAT to hear!  Take it easy, and get back into it as you're able.  It sounds like things are looking up!


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Ha ha!  Nice.  Thanks Doug!

Happy Day to your Mom, any other Mom on Chordie, and all the Mom-like people in Chordie land!  wink

Like every stinkin' year, I don't have a date set YET!  But that will come, and will be updated here in the first post as we move forward.  I'm sorry I haven't been around here a lot lately, but that doesn't mean I'm not around.  I miss ya'll and sure do hope many of you regulars here can make it this year!

As this is the same deal as last year and the year before, I'm pretty much going to copy and paste from last year's thread with a few little tweaks.  No reason to fix it if it ain't broke!

When: AUGUST 5th
Where: MekidsFamily's backyard in Central NY State
Who:  Local and Chordie Friends

Backyard style gathering
Food on the grill
Bon Fire (we have no barn to burn down any longer, no more insane fires... I don't think)
Kid Friendly
Tent Friendly
Boat/Yak/Canoe Friendly

We'll do one day and evening dedicated as a backyard relaxed party (Saturday).  This means that if you live close please feel free to bring a dish, everyone BYOB and a lawn chair if you are able (coolers make great seats).  Bring your guitar or instrument of choice if you are able (or share, there's plenty of them here)!  Bring along the kids if you'd like (but keep an eye on them).  Bring along warmer clothing for the evening (or stand within 10 feet of the fire for warmth).  Should it rain, we'll move to the wrap around porch or inside.  Jim and I will provide food (NY Salt Potatoes, NY Sweet Corn, burgers, dogs, SMOKED PULLED PORK, the best tater salad you've ever had in your life, fresh fruit, homemade cookies perhaps, good yummy stuff, etc).

Note:  When I say, NY I do not live anywhere near New York City.  This is rural, Upstate NY.  We live in the central part of NY State.  Send me a message for the specific address.  Look up Oneida Lake, you can walk to it from my home, on the North Shore.

Of COURSE those traveling should plan to stay for the weekend and if you'd like to stay longer, we'd LOVE to have you!  The yard is plenty large enough to set up tents.  There are also tons of nearby NY State Campgrounds (as well as private ones).  There are motels close, and Hotels close enough.  We do have a little bit of space inside - couches to crash on, however we have hardwood floors so crashing on a floor may not be a best plan unless you bring along a pad.  Along with one day of an outdoor party, we'll do a few days of just relaxed picking, strumming, or helping you find cool things to see depending on the turn out of course.  Nearby are streams, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, nature trails, and historic sites.  The girls and I took Roger on a hike down the Salmon River Falls the year he came.  The Boxing Hall of Fame and Baseball Hall of Fame are within driving distance as well.  The Adirondacks are about a 1 1/2 hour drive, Niagara Falls is about a 3 hour drive from here, and New York City is about 5.  If you want to come up and join us and go off wandering and exploring, I'll have dinner on the table for you when you get back.  As Dirty Ed knows, the coffee is always on early in the morning, and hugs from the littlest are free.  Come visit and join us for a little in person Chordie Family Style Gathering!

The closest airport is SYR.  For more specific details, shoot me an email.

Last year's thread is here if you want to check it out:  http://www.chordie.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=29491

edited to update the date


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Welcome back!  AWESOME stuff you put up there!  Why haven't you posted recordings before?  How's life treating you? 

Chordie's still about the same, just a fresh coat of paint and a little tune up.  wink

He DID love your NGDs! 

Nice looking guitar there.  How much did you nab this one up for?  I saw your post on FB, looks pretty sweet in all the pics (I see the fairy added one here for you - I'm not the fairy).