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Thanks Pix!

No doubt about it---Roy Orbison(spl?)


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Thanks for the approvals all. Even thru all the anxieties of choosing a name I think it was worth the wait. I
   Googled the name and I think we have a not so common one picked out. If anyone knows of a band by
   that exact name please let me know-it would be interesting to find out where they are or were. We don't
   aspire to be world renowned with a great single, but the potential is there, and who knows? Doin covers
   for now and as we progress as a band the creativity will simply ooozzzz out!:D

   I hope Satriani96 checks in and notices he won. Is there any other way to notify him? His profile is empty
   of info. Maybe a moderator could help us out getting my email address to him?

   Tyson-Youngs song is on our set list. Fun song.             Thanks all, Mike


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As per the "NEW BAND NAME COULD WIN YOU SOME CASH" thread, we have a band name, HOTLICK MOJO, and

since none of the Chordie entries were used all entries from Chordie were put in a hat and the winner is KARK.

Seems a new member Satriani96 holds claim to the bounty!! Congratulations! All I need is an email with a postal

address for you. Money order to follow so you can take that dream vacation.:D  Ok-- at least you can get a set or

two of strings.      Thanks all, Mike

Good for ya Jim, glad to see you're havin fun.

Finally!!!!      Since the holidays a lot has happened to our newly formed band, one being a name finally chosen, or
  actually just thought up a couple days ago and agreed on.  Some others issues involve loosing our drummer to
  personal issues needing attended to and without any hatred we understand. He will be missed, but still a friend.

  A couple phone calls over a brew at a band meeting and we have not only another drummer showing sat., but
also keyboard/guitar, and a name all in one. Some of us have worked with both in the past so it should work out

  Simple band name but has some flare to it:   HOTLICK MOJO

  So now we'll put all entries from Chordie in hat and draw as none of the entries were used, not that many were
not good, and thanks for all the input.   I''ll post the winner tomorrow.                 Mike


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Was this a Christmas gift Zurf? It sounds like we all will be getting lessons with her talent. Get her to sign on
  to Chordie soon.


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Done yourself good Russell. I haven't stared at a chessboard in a long time but perhaps at looking at the nice
  board you did may spark my interest again. Never was good at it but like Jim says it helps the mind think
  more clear.

Looks real good Pix. Aluminum is much too common, this design gives them character.

Thanks to all for the nice thoughts. That is exactly what makes this the best place to go on line to talk music and make
  friends! Mom is doing very well, baby also, Dad is still scratching his head I think.:) 

Now I can feel more relaxed and get back to other important subjects. Our bands bass player will return from the
  Netherlands tomorrow, recoup, and we can hit the studio once again this week hopefully. I have my fingers crossed
  that a band name is chosen finally. At this point I don't give a rats... let's move on.:O   BTW, I agree with ya Jim.
  The little guy looks more like Dad than Mom. Sure hope he grows out of that, just kiddin Jason(incase he's spying)
  Thanks again, Mike

Had plans to stay up past midnight and celebrate but my new grandsons birth had me wore out from
  all the driving and excitement so bed came early. No aspirin needed today though. Happy New Year
  all! Happy belated B-day to Amy as well!         Mike

Thanks Jerry, hope your head isn't hurting too bad. Happy 2012!!

Haven't been on Chordie much lately with the holidays here, shoping,visiting etc, and a new grand baby arriving

yesterday at 2:15pm in Olympia,Wa. !!! My youngest daughter's first. They were hoping for a new year baby

but she had been in labor since Wed. so he needed to be born asap. Healthy baby boy, and good lookin like

gramps! big_smile big_smile  Can't wait to get that first gitfiddle in his hands.


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Wishing all a great New Year 2012!!

Wow, I did not know you had lived out here Russell. Must have missed that tidbit along the way here. I'll bet some
     of the local fixtures may remember your band as I didn't call this area home til 1980 and didn't visit the big city
     much anyway.

Hi all, just a quick update- No name chosen as of yet. We are in kindofa lull right now with the holidays. Visiting
  relatives and work has us missing practices and so we are going to regroup soon and get back at it.

Getting close to a name. We are narrowing it down, I HOPE, so may have news soon. Time has not been on our
side I guess. Had to turn down gigs because we don't have enough "solid" material ready. We are booking starting
February for sure. I also wanted to get a clip of a vid we did however my tech savy really sucks and I need help
to get that going. The vid is not a great one as the lighting and such wasn't favorable, but I'll get it on board as time

Hey Russell--I'm glad we are NOT a punk band.lol    There was a Portland band that went by the name Sweaty
Nipples. Must have been one of those kind.             Mike


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I operate heavy equipment so I couldn't pass this one up and is on my 95 Sidekick now:

Friends Don't Let Friends Drive Bulldozers Ripped on Acid.


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Awesome! Many more to come.

Funny but that is one of the band names I came up with: Sharpie and the Highlighters":)

Signing the old campfire beater would be a good idea, but for me not on a keeper unless the autograph

would by me an even better axe if sold. Toots is speaking from experience I would say!


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You'll astound yourself Crevs once you work on how relevant chords, scales, key signatures are to 'getting it' and then
improvise soloing. You already have great finger dexterity because you are now playing lead, you just need more tools
to be expressive without learning lead parts in a canned sense. Practicing finger patterns up and down the neck that
belong to a certain chord will help a lot. Learn the scales for each open chord. These open chord scales will go far while
soloing. Hope I haven't confused you. There are a lot of ways to learn theory out there. Dive in head first!!     Mike


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Yes, great sound enjoyed here. Thanks Cam.

Thanks for more ideas guys/gals. Sorry Katie-I didn't research it enough as the finger of a woman came up,ring finger,

and I didn't look at other meanings. It fits though, thanks. Funny Zurf, Misty is sewing up a tie died "flowing shirt", similiar

to something Grace Slick would have worn at Woodstock or any hippie chick for that matter.

Ok, " Live Thorny Procrastinators"! smile          Mike

Howdy Badeye, as of now the one thing we (the band), agree on is to pick a name SOON as this is dragging on and it seems
we are already being called the no name band here at home. Somehow I feel taking our time is the best route though but for
something so simple one wouldn't think this long. Auxi- there must be more in common than beer and music but ...?  Will post
a name asap.         Mike

Oh yes, Foghorn Leghorn ranks up there with Rodney Dangerfield in my book!


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1st run stumphole? Sounds like a good band name?:D