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Even though I stand a snow balls chance in you know where, I entered any way.. ya just never know



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there are a lot of great people here
if you have a question just ask



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Russell_Harding wrote:

I like the chair smile

me too
it's really comfy



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For Christmas my wife got me the Rocksmith 2014 "game" for our Xbox360
So I had to get a guitar to use with it, went to our local Guitar Center yesterday and picked up an Epiphone Les Paul Junior
It was on clearance for $99.99



Astronomikal wrote:
Baldguitardude wrote:

. . . have my ccw

CCW = Concealed Carry ... (?).  Don't know what the "W" stands for.

Assuming this is what you mean, in Texas we call it a CHL, or Concealed Handgun License.  I'm expecting mine to arrive in the mail any day now.

Texas has a reciprocal agreement with (I think) 35 states, but unfortunately Nevada isn't one of them.  So, Dude, if you ever decide to invite me to your place for a beer or six, you'll have to protect us because I'll have to leave my carry weapons at home.  smile

W = Weapons

Iowa legislature finally got wise last year and made us a "shall issue" state instead of a "may issue"
Use to be up to each county sheriff as to who got issued a CCW, some would and some wouldn't


Recieving my second degree from Iowa Western Community College May 12th, Associates Degree in Coaching.
Wife and I are going camping in northeast Minnesota over Memorial weekend.
Have a neice getting married in June.
Meeting up with some good friends from the Bradley Smoker forum for the Third Annual Midwest Smokeout July 28th in northeast Iowa.



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There is no cure ..... once you have it .... you have it ..... forever


Tried to do the paypal payment per your email and got a message today saying the payment was undeliverable. Could you shoot me another email with payment instructions.



New pics taken today from the pedestrian bridge between Council Bluffs Iowa and Omaha Nebraska

Omaha Skyline


Looking across to the I480 bridge leading into Omaha, the concrete pipe in the pic are stacked three high


Monument to Labor, the three statues at the bottom of the monument are at ground level and stand about 7 feet tall



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Zurf wrote:

Moose is awesome.  That one eye gives him a little bit of a crazy look - like that friend you never knew what he was going to do but you were absolutely certain that at some time in your life you'd be sitting beside him in a holding cell laughing.

- Zurf

That's how you tell the difference between your "friends" and your "true friends"

Friends are there to bail you out of jail, True Friends are sitting in jail with you laughing and saying "Wow wasn't that fun"



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One on the right is our two year old "Moose" he's part Huskie and ??? something else we have no clue what. Mom is a Husky and the people we got him from said she got out one day and then a few weeks later she was pregnant, we got him when he was eight weeks old. He was the only male in a litter of six and the only one with one blue eye none of his sisters have blue eyes. The one on the left is my stepsons dog Kiya, and yes she's as big as she looks. The also have a full blooded Husky named Nanook.
We also have two Firebellied Toads, one Leopard Gecko, a Turtle, fish and two common yard toads.


I'll take one in blue please, they look great.
Thanks for putting this together.



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Thanks Roger, I'm going to give it a go as well


Not sure how deep the water is out in the middle of all that.
But the light pole in the 2nd and 4th pictures is at the edge of the bank and there's normally about an 8 foot drop to the water. To the left is where the ramp down to the river would be during normal levels.
Flood stage here is around 30 feet and they expect it to hit 34 or higher by mid June, there's still a lot of snow in the mountains of Montana and they're getting a lot of rain right now. It all feeds into the Missouri so things are going to get worse soon.



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starrlee wrote:

Okay so this is probably the silliest question ever BUT on the songs here with the chords above the words... How many times am I supposed to strum each chord? I was just doing each chord one strum lol. It doesnt sound much like a song like that...

There are no silly questions
I usually look them up on YouTube to see the strumming pattern
I'm sure some a lot more expert than I will be along with another tip to help ya out.


The following pictures were taken 2 miles from my house at Lake Manawa State Park this is the Missouri River boat access inside the park most commonly called Long's Landing.









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Thanks everyone, we had a great time as usual. We like going this time of year because everything is coming out of the winter slumber. The Mammoth area at the north end of the park was warm and dry most of the time. The higher elevations near Old Faithful, Canyon and Yellowstone Lake still had snow. So you get the best of both worlds winter and spring depending on which area of the park you were at.
The night before we left the Canyon area received six inches of new snow. The road between Tower Junction and Canyon, Dunraven Pass, was closed the whole week we were there due to the amount of snow that they had to remove yet. There's still a ton of snow that has to melt and is going to cause a lot of problems down the road.
I'm going to post some pictures of the flooding going on in my neck of the woods.



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Saw Guitarpix's post on the hike he and his family took, so I thought I would post a couple of pics from Yellowstone. Wife and I were there for a week visiting family, her oldest son and youngest daughter work in the park. Jim works for the National Park Service repairing trails and the boardwalks. Jessica works for Xanterra the company that runs some of the gift shops and restaurants in the park.




Here's my newest toy, bought her as a Christmas gift to myself
Sounds good now can't wait to hear her when I really figure out how to play
Takamine GS430S



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Outfitter for "The Worlds Foremost Outfitter" --- Cabela's



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My wife and I got to go see them do the demo of the house they did in Lincoln Nebraska a couple years ago it was pretty cool. They're also going to be doing one in Omaha some time soon.



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Zurf we have the same thing here in Council Bluffs, Iowa
My wife and I were going to attend this year, however with the air temp at 4 and windchills around 15 below zero we decided to stay home where it was warm.
Across the river in Omaha, Nebraska there's a fireworks show downtown, usually there's a few hundred thousand people for it, but this year there was only a few thousand. The weather threw a big wrench into all the events this year.



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Merry Christmas to all from a very snowy Iowa
We got us a white Christmas this year.
We still had 6 inches on the ground from our last storm, and we've received 6 more, so far, from the current one. They say this one could dump 10 - 14 inches when it's all done tomorrow. Plus the wind is howling at around 15 mph with gusts up to 40

Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow



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2 - Lizards
1 - Turtle
2 - Frogs
6 - Fish
1 - Moose

This is Moose:


bensonp wrote:

Glad to hear it Don.  It's really never too late.  You just have to stick with it and practice alot and visiting here often will keep your interest going.  Good luck

That's my "problem" right now... finding the time to practice practice and more practice.