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A basic guide to the strumming is 1 2 and 1,2and 1 and 2 and 1
                                                 DD  U   DD  U   D  U   D   U  D  (repeat)
D=down  U=Up
But play what feels good and right to you. Even if it's entirely different from the original version, make your own. That's one of the beautiful things about music. It's all about interpretation, just like all art.   Hope this was helpful.
Peace and music, Rev.
p.s listening to the song a lot always helps

If you're gonna just use it to practice with, or jam with someone in the living room, you should have no problems putting the bass through the amp. I'd use channel 2 for it though. It's an amp set up for acoustic instruments, and it's got 2 8" speakers, so use it my man. You probably shouldn't play bass for a gig through it just to be on the safe side. I've been playing bass/guitar for 30 years and played lots of gigs through all kinds of weird set-ups in a pinch and the only time an amp ever went out on me was when a girl spilled a beer into my Ampeg SVT. So get plenty of use out of that nice amp you got.
Peace and music, Rev.


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I'd suggest a combination of the suggestions.  What I did when learning was picking a song to learn, practice playing it into a tape recorder, then learn a new scale for one of the chords in the song and play the scale along with the recording. You almost can't help doing "leads" along with the song. If you like blues, that is even a little easier, you learn a blues scale and it will work through the whole song. Just my 2 cents. Hope it's a little helpful.
Peace and music,  Rev.

The first finger picking pattern I learned was this one.  It works with all chords, but for this example we'll use a G chord.   Play G with your left hand, and keep it there.   With your right hand play the low E (first string at the top)with your thumb, then the B string(5th string down)with your middle finger, then G string(4th string down) with your thumb again, then the high E string(6th or last string down) with your ring finger.  Once you get this down you can alternate the bass notes between the Low E string and the A string.  It's all about practice, the more you do the easier things become. Start slow and play clear notes, then you can speed up if you want to. There are tons of different ways to finger pick, find one you like and feels comfortable to you and practice it.
Peace and music, Rev.


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Hi. I basically play it Down-Down-UpDownUpDownUpDown  (repeat) it works pretty much through the whole song. It's so hard to do strums with words. That's how I play it anyway. I hope it's at least a little helpful to you.
Peace and music, Rev.


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Anakin, Hi.  I checked out that Survivor song to try and figure it out for you, but I think it's too intricate a guitar part for a beginning guitar player. I tried to come up with an"easier" version for you, but it really won't work that way. Some songs you can use basic chords and play a "fakey" version. I did this a lot when I first started playing, but this particular song just won't sound good that way. Sorry, I gave it a shot. It's kind of like asking for an easy way to play a Bach concerto, it can't really be done. Once again sorry. Keep practicing, it gets easier as you go.
   Peace and music, Rev.