Been on vacation, and havent been on in a while ,, just wanted to say Happy Fathers Day, belated to all you fellow Fathers.


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I gotta throw my 2 cents in, this is what I told a guy the other day, that Im working on teaching guitar.

Lets say G chord ,,Play a G,, then lift your hand back off position, then back into G form. Lift off,, put back ,,  check the clock and do this 5 mins. then do C,
then go from G to C , using only your left hand,  no strum necessary for these exercises ,, until you have it down pat.

For Barres
Play a F maj.  strum once{ just to make sure your not damping}
then leaving you pointer in place , move the others to a Bb maj.
then back
next F#maj, to B and repeat ,going on up the neck..
Its not exciting , but it will work


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Thanks Doug,
I will keep on the lookout for a Applause for a beater. Never hurts to have 2 beaters , if the price is right  ;-)

Yeah,  Gabriela is amazing. I tried learning some of her rhythmic stuff,,, whoa , it aint easy , I never suceeded.  Rodrigo is great hisself,,  but I have never seen anything like Gabby is doing.
I have the cd/ dvd and she talks a bit about her style , and how to play some of her chops , worth checking out

I just got this cd yesterday. From 1997. Guess it slipped by me.
Dylan is playing solo, which is great ,, and he has some blues in him I didnt know he had. Dont get me wrong , I am a long time Dylan fan.  I think Im gonna have to find my harp rack. There are some great songs on there I want to play.

If you dont have it , its cheap on Amazon about 6 bucks.


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This may be a silly question , but   Do the ovation /Applause , seem to be more resistant to weather changes & the like?
I have a cheap fender lam, solid top that I got for 115. at a pawn shop.  I take it when I know the guitar will have to be in my truck for a while ,, 1 hour at most. We got crazy heat down here , and I crack the windows , but well,,, thats why I got this cheapy.
Yesterday while we were at park riding bikes & my guitar in the truck, I thought why cant they make a guitar like the Fluke/ Flea ukulele,,, and  then realized they do,,, its called a Ovation duh

sorry running on , too much coffee. Do you find they tougher ??


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Glad to read this,, I dont feel so strange LOL
  All the people I know face to face are much more consistent than me. They play one thing and stick with that .   I dont know if I just get bored or whatever . My wife says she can predict it.
Ive always thought if I had been able to stick with one thing ,, maybe I would get really  good at it ,, but I guess I will have to stick with enjoying them all.

Last nite while lying in bed reading ,,  No woman ,No Cry , came into my head.  I had to get up and play it on my uke.  I hadnt played my uke in a few months , but somehow couldnt resist.. When I had quit playing it ,, it was because I suddenly developed a interest in learning to play the banjo .  I messed around w/ that a few months, got tired of it and then got excited about my guitar.
Im bi-polar ,, so maybe this has something to do w it ,, but does this type of changability happen to yall?


I once was talking to a couple of guys at work , and asked one if he played guitar .. he said yeah , I play a little.. The other guy said "Steve are you kidding? he has like 17 students and plays for the la la la,, etc.

So that guy really went on the underestimating side.
If some asks me if I play guitar ,, i say I  really enjoy playing guitar.. So  i dont put any expectations on them.  That way whatever they think of me , when they hear me , hopefully  they dont go , { that dude cant play } lol.

If they come out direct& ask if Im a guitar player ,, I just take my chances and say yes


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The smaller shops may cost a bit more due to the limited volume they sell. But if they are friendly and helpful ,it may be worth it. I like to buy from  a shop 10 min. from myh house when I can.
'  Now just my 2 cents , but I think if you go for a solid top Yamaha, in the 175-200 range you will probably have a guitar , that you will want to keep forever. Now as a good starter. and later as a backup, for a friend to play or a beater.  Blueridge makes some good stuff , maybe if you can find a used one.

I hope you find one you like.


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Ill second the Kala recomendation.  I had a Kala Ka-st ,, solid top tenor that was about 150. and was a good uke . I had it set up and played great , for fingerpicking& STRUMMING OOPS .  I used the Kooolau? golds w/ the unwound C and  worked well


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What size uke are you interested in getting?

Oh yeah , that funny,,, love those gold jackets  LOL

If i was in a cover band I would avoid songs this well known,,,, no way your gonna play it like Billy ,, and I dont know if Billy or Dusty sang this one , but hard to hit that as well.

Ever notice how nobody covers Journey songs?  Love him or hate ,, only that guy they got now can come close to imitating  Steve Perry , and thats still a imitation.


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Friday blues , yeah , cant beat that ! Crow Jane , was too cool,
I need to find something to contribute


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I found this
Easy Guitar Song 4: Knockin On Heaven's Door, as made famous by Bob Dylan, and then Guns N Roses. This is another all time classic song. Great fun to play, and yet really simple. This is another one in G major, although Guns N Roses tune down half a step so their version is in F#. The chords are: G, D, Am7, just cycled over and over again. Easy huh?


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If you can play some 12 bar blues , you can each practice leads. If you know the pent. minor blues boxes, it kinda flows.  if your mostly into chording,, Knockin on Heavens Door, or  that acoustic green Day song, sorry I forgot , the name .
if your both chording ,, maybe one play open chords & the other barre.
Tell me more maybe I can offer better suggestions

  I just learned this tune a couple of weeks ago ,, so its still kinda loose.  ANY suggestion for improving song ,, re-structuring etc are very welcome .
Cant do nothing about the voice though LOL Thats the one I was born with



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Thank you ,, that is a very kind offer. Im in Houston . I better go and watch your video and see how hard it looks. Im not the handiest person around LOL   I have never heard, release angle before.  I have always just took my guitar to the shop and had them work on it.  But i thought I might give it a try this time .

Thank You


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First off, Ill admit my ignorance in this matter.  Ive deepened the string slots,, but never went from a blank to a finished nut.
I have a Fender beater ,, and I would like to change the nut to be spaced the same as my Washburn .  The nut widths are the same ,,, just on the fender the slots were cut closer together.
So w/ out buying fret files ,  do you think I could cut one , using little needle files and such?  Also at the bottom of the string slot should it be   U shaped  V shaped or does it matter?

any info would be appreciated.


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I am honestly not trying to be rude. I am glad you like your guitar , Im afraid quite a few others havent got as lucky in the draw.
Ive seen reviews on Zager, and  they were not thrilling.   Glad you got a good one.


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It may be too simplistic,, and you may not know the song ,,,, but,,,,
The first song I learned on acoustic was Ventura Highway. My bro in law showed me how to playit with 2 easy chords.
No it wasnt quite like the recording LOL but worked as a starter.
Knockin on Heavens Door is also a good starter.  Forgive me , as these tunes are old,, but so am I


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alvee33 wrote:

Hi Steve, I thought this would do better in this section. He's new to me but looks like he's been ramblin' a good while. I enjoyed it though.

Thanks for movin it. That not one of my fav songs from  him I put the link for ,, just one I found quick,,, he does a LOT of ramblin in it. LOL
He was a protege of Bob Dylan, Woody & Cisco way back.


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Heres one, thy call him Ramblin , due to his traveling & storytelling.


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I had a 335 yrs ago , and it was a good guitar for the money. I eventually sold it to a friend , wish I hadnt. It will  be a good beater ,, when you decide to get something more expensive.
If you didnt get it this wknd,, I bet if you go in, the manager will let you get it at the cost from the sale.  Usually you just gotta ask 


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Been listening to him a lot lately,he has a bunch of little fills and stuff that are great , and not too hard to decipher.   I love bands ,, but  really crazy about a one man band. Someone who can entertain with  just their  guitar & voice w/ a harmonica or piano  thrown in possibly,, ala Neil. Ramblin,, Woodie etc.