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Very cool! I’m going to be in the market for a travel acoustic in the spring.     


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What’s mini about it?     


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TIGLJK wrote:

Congratulations to you and your wife Joe !!  This is an awesome blessing.

When I first look at your post and saw NKD  I thought to myself - what the heck is the K for? I was trying to think of something associated with guitars and said to my self - I might s well check it out b/c the only thing I can think of is a new KID Day - and lo and behold I was right !!! smile

Wonderful times - I think, despite all the trials and tribulations, it really is the best time of my life - when my kids were living in my home.
I now enjoy my grand kids as well, but still miss those years and wish I could have a do over.
Here is a video   I put together on the song I posted earlier on Chordie.   https://youtu.be/LV_ZRlMnoFU

Congats again Joe !

I have done a lot of cool things in my life.  None as cool as being a parent.     


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Thanks everyone.  We are in final name-gotiations. I will post here as soon as it’s official.  And my wife has hairy babies so I’ll be the lonely bald dude.  Still.     


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I was learning to walk.  I was just a year old. Heck my folks may have played it at my party.     


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Strummerboy Bill wrote:

Congratulations! Maybe learn some soft lullabyes and stuff? Leave a guitar out where the baby can see it and get curious? Drum kit wouldn't be a bad idea - toddler needs something to do with those busy little hands. Just kidding. smile

Bill my little girl is obsessed with music. There are guitars and musical art hung all over my house.  Above my mantle is a picture of Mr Marley.

She has her own percussion, guitars, whistles and is learning to play my keyboard. 

Next step is a piano!

We plan to follow the same blueprint for the boy, which is basically what you’ve specified here.  Immerse them in music from a young age.  smile     


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I realized this has been announced on the Facebook but not here.  We are having a baby! Boy, due mid September. 


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Classical Guitar wrote:

Baldguitardude I do not think what he plays or the venue is true blues. He is a great player but blues??

Wrong link:


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Seems to draw on Poe for me. Not sure why. Great job bud.     


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Just found this guy who evidently played with Jeff Healey for a while. Am I the only person who doesn't know about Philip Sayce? He's crazy good https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wNFXb44iJ98     


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What style of music? Have you tried both out?     


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I was not very particular about strings until Zurf introduced me to Earthwoods and John Pearse, which are in a class by themselves.

I was string shopping on Amazon this week and couldn't get the John Pearse in a timely fashion, so I checked out the Sonotone brand that came recommended to me by Amazon. The first thing that stuck out was their price. $18 a set. Not cheap.

But it's been a good year so I figure I will treat myself.

I set them up last night. WOW. Wonderful, bright (but not too bright), lush sound that really makes the Taylor pop. They stayed in tune after 2-3 stretches and sound amazing.

Definitely recommend. Now I have to find a place to buy them for less than $18 a set.

https://sono-tone.com/ if you want to read up.



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Update: In the intro he calls it a funny lookin homemade bass.     


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How cool! I did some googlin.  Looks to be a bass banjo!



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Stay strong bro.   You’re a great guy and friend     

First of all welcome to Chordie. Nice to have you.

I have an inexpensive uke that I play from time to time. I've been playing guitar for quite a while so the different tuning is challenging for me, but I can see your point about it being easier to play. The strings are softer, there are only 4 of them, and in the case of a baritone you can adapt guitar tabs to learn songs fast. Totally makes sense to me.

I would caution you on one thing though...buying a super cheap instrument. Lots of these cheap ukes (including the one I have) don't hold tune very well are are more toy-like than proper instruments. I would research student performance ukes and get something that will hold tuning and last you a while. You'll be dealing with plenty of challenges learning the instrument; sounding bad due to bad tuning or stopping to tune ever 90 seconds should not be on your list of things to face as you get started.

Good luck and let us know how it goes!     

Good tune man! Honestly I thought you were over processed, so much echo and verb took away from the sound of that guitar and your voice.     


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Gorgeous instrument. That's a real piece of art.     Also, I friend requested you.


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Saw you sticking your middle finger up a couple times.  Naughty boy.     


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Mods are each assigned a section or two.  Only those assigned to a section may perform the relevant cleanup. What normally happens is someone bans the abuser, flags the post for cleanup and then a section mod comes in and cleans up afterward. If you look on the main forum list page you can see who is assigned to each section.     


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I can think of a few modern musicians I’d like to send a shame flute. 

Are the shame devices instrument-specific? A shame piano would be torture to carry, but a shame piccolo doesn't sound too bad.  Maybe this informed instrument choice back in the day.

Finally, I didn’t realize Motown artists were paying tribute to Germany when they sang of the shame-a-lama-ding-dong.  smile     


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Bill I don’t believe we can upload pictures to the site directly. We can link to those hosted online, however.  Do you have a photo sharing account?     

The first one is A/B, asus2, or B7sus depending on the usage and location of the b note

The second one is D/E or dsus2 depending on the location of the e note. 

What chord shapes are you using?

Example of a/b

Example of asus2


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Yeah around 40-50 unless the neck is super messed up.     

Totally different but I'm super digging this cover https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3XRWOozgKFc