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Hi, mate

don't know where you'd get one (e-bay?) but I bought a second-hand Laney Tubefusion - not knowing what I was buying - a few years back and it has an outstanding reverb and warmth. I play an Epiphone 335 through it and it absolutely howls - but is also fabulous with no gain/drive.  I played my first ever gig as a lone guitarist last month and whilst i didn't win any prizes for my playing, everyone said how great it sounded.


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I turned 50 a couple of months ago and that co-incided with joining a band that was formed for a local series of charity gigs in Bedfordshire, UK.  I'd done some open mic and played drums when I was much younger but this was my first attempt at playing electric guitar in a band situation at the age of 50. We got through it - had a blast and have more gigs pencilled in. Moral ?  It's never too late.  regards to all.  David


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Mainly, for me - guys I grew up listening to and watching here in the UK.  Mick Green (who I was lucky enough to get to know pretty well as a result of helping to run the Pirates' web-site and promotion), Tony McPhee and Wilko Johnson.  Latterly, I've gotten heavily into Richard Thompson and may I also add the genius of Jake Thackray

I sure don't need ads in my life.......I could cry for the meaningless use of good music to sell toothpaste or something.  But as long as the ORIGINAL atrist gets something out of it..............discuss ?

I find it harder and harder to cope with TV advertising as I get older.  I can listen to and enjoy the loudest Rammstein track on my headphones but a vacuous advert using flashing images and chirpy, happy music gets me grabbing for the tv mute button.


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I'd be more inclined to say it was
du u/du u/du u/du u

If in doubt have a listen to the Police's 'so lonely' 'cos that's blatantly ripped off from NWNC - Sting admits that much in his autobiog !!!

I flew out from UK to Denver, CO last month to get married.  We stayed with my wife's uncle who I hadn't really had much contact with before.  Over a drunken talk one night he mentioned how he sings occasionally with 'a bunch of mates' and when I said I played guitar he promised to fix up a session of some kind.  Next night he took me over to his friend's house for what I thought was a beer and maybe a jam.  This guy has a shed in his garden, full of vintage amps, guitars, drums and even a piano - an absolute music nut who only plays for fun.  Another guy turned up who had lost his thumb in a work accident so couldn't lock on that well but still played like a dream.  After a while, a biker guy arrived and got behind the kit.....we had a blast for about 4 hours (sorry, neighbours) and did it again next week.  Worked our way through Creedence Clearwater, ZZ Top, Neil Young and some British RnB.  Also at the wedding we set up a small acoustic room and played long after everyone had gone to bed.....  just wanted to say thanks those guys and for the hospitality, friendship and absolute devotion to beer-drinking shown by the residents of Castle Rock, CO.


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I think maybe for writing your own songs, there's a tendency to shy away from F.  The guy in my band has just presented me with a new song, with a bridge of  F and rapidly up to Dm ......I can play barre chords and I find that it's much easier to get back to the F as a barre after I've hit Dm as a barre.  If only he'd written the bridge as Dm, F  I'd be sooo happy.


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Hi, Doug.  My main concern is that every now and again it will throw a temperamental tantrum and refuse to play.  And if I detect the faintest whiff of garlic at any time............


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cool - many thanks for the report !  I'm a bit shocked to now find out that it's French-built (that's not always a scenario we Brits enjoy) but I'll give it a warm-up tonight and see how it sounds through my old Laney amp.  I found this pic which doesn't really do it justice. 

http://www.ccmusicshop.com/productphoto … 200DCE.jpg


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Hi, guys.  Well - I just commited the foulest of sins (selfishnesss) and treated myself to a new electro-acoustic.  I went in to the store intending to try out a Takemine that was on offer for £279 (pounds) but eventually bought a LAG (and like the fool I am I can't remember the model) for £250.  My criteria for buying an acoustic is if I can play a D barre chord on it !!  Anyone got any experience of the LAG brand ?  My only immediate concern is that the equaliser is very, very basic with just a volume control and a 4-position mellow to thin switch. But hey - less to go wrong ?


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Hi,   only just joined up to chordie ( and thanks for being there - already found some help and inspiration ) ...       I've never tried to publicise my musical ramblings before but some of my self-made English angst is on



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Hi,   I've just started playing in a trio and been asked to learn this old standard.  I can't call myself anything other than a 'competent' player - has anyone got a play-able version of this song that isn't a mass of chords that would take an Indian mystic a lifetime to achieve ???

I play an Epi 335 through a Laney tube amp and that gives some lovely tones.  I made the mistake of buying a cheapo acoustic simulator pedal which I sure won't do again !!  Saving up for a proper one, now.