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I looked for them in the list of artists and saw a huge number of artists I've never heard of but no Steeldrivers.  Was wondering if anybody could post some songs by this amazing group. Some of their songs are really good "Blue Side of the Mountain, Midnight Train to Memphis, Drinking Dark Whiskey, etc.).

For me it was box patterns.  Everyone knows minor pentatonic box patterns, but there are other "boxes," too. 
Get the muscle memory of a few boxes, and learn the root notes.
Then try to play along with a few songs.  Find out what key it's in, and noodle around in the box.


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OK, I didn't see The Steeldriver's mentioned.   They used to have a lead guy (Chris Stapleton) that makes every song really powerful.

Back to the originalsl:  The Osbourne Brothers, The Martin Brothers, The McReynolds, Bill Munroe of course.

BTW - Topdown - thanks for the link to The Waybacks.  I LOVE them!


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I bought a Martin D-15 about a month ago.  Then I went out and bought a strap that says "MARTIN" across the front.  I just can't help it...I'm a brand snob when it comes to guitar.


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What a great guitar part.

Just wanted to say I to have gone to Justinguitars several times and learned a lot about fingerpicking from him.


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One final note -

I went to a guitar shop.  Took a friend along so I wouldn't back out while writing out all those zeros on the check.

I bought a Martin d-15.  It sounds great and I plan to play a little louder at my next bluegrass circle.

Topdown - thank you so much for pointing out Emerald guitars!  I still want to get a CF guitar (after my bank account recovers) and I'm thinking Emerald.


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Hello Mr. Beamer.

I just bought another bluegrass.metal compilation on Amazon.  Here it is:

http://www.amazon.com/Bluegrass-Tribute … +bluegrass

It's pretty good, if you're a fan of Zakk Wylde and BLS.

Hey Monstamomma

At my bluegrass group we play a song called "Back Up and Push."   The title always leads me me momentarily to R-rated thoughts...

Anyway, it was MADE for mandolins.  It's on Youtube.


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Wow, that Don Ross is amazing! 

Every once in a while I type in "amazing guitar" in YouTube and watch a few videos.  It keeps me humble.

Neal Peart.

Not only is he a great drummer but he also writes the lyrics to most of Rush's songs.  And he's written a book about travelling cross country on a motorcycle.

I never read the book or travelled cross country on a motorcycle but I hope to do both soon.


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New to the site myself and I really like what I've been reading.  Sorry about your wife and wrist.
  When I picked up a guitar 10 years ago, a friend told me, "you'll never be bored again."  Boy I've found that to be true!


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Thanks for all the great replies!  Now I'm really intrigued.  I'm heading to Nashville this weekend to see if I can find one in a music store.

I especially like the idea that they're loud.  I play bluegrass with some guys and the darn banjo players and fiddlers drown everyone out!  smile


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Hello - new to the site.  I've been reading the forum and it seems to me that it's one of the few forums out there where people aren't snarky or downright mean.

Anyway, I have been playing a $179 acoustic guitar for quite a while and want to upgrade.  I'll probably get a mid range Martin because I think they have such a warm sound.  But I was wondering if anyone has tried a carbon fiber guitar like a Rainsong or a Blackbird. 

Any input would be appreciated!