wow arkady, i totally agree with the comments above.  Excellent, you have a great talent and I can totally see these as sound tracks on movies or even a documentary.  Thanks for sharing.     


(13 replies, posted in My local band and me)

Nice one Peatle, i like the kiwi message in there and the line we dont do snow smile   Merry Christmas to you too smile     


(5 replies, posted in Poems)

Wow she sounds like an amazing lady, nicely written Peatle     


(12 replies, posted in Songwriting)

I really like this one Jim, a great message.  Looking forward to hearing it and wish I had time to have ago at this one but out of time before the Christmas and the holidays.     


(9 replies, posted in Songwriting)

Well written beamer, looking forward to hearing it.     

TIG ...... thanks so much for your great feedback.  Yes, it`s a thought provoking song for sure, I always enjoy this song when I hear it on the radio or where ever, definitely tugs at the heart, makes me sad for people living in this situation.

Classical Guitar ..... thanks also for your wonderful feedback.  On this particular song I used a guitar which I am still learning to play.  In regards to my ukulele`s though,  I have a few actually but the two I use the most are my Ibanez electric/acoustic cut away ukulele which is a concert size.  The other one I use a lot is my Kala 8 string tenor which I have made into a 6 string as I prefer 6 strings to 8 for the sound effect, however, i am able to put it back to 8 string if i want.  I don`t play my soprano size ukes much these days, except I do take one soprano uke away on holiday with me that lives in the camper van.

TF ........... gosh thanks so much as well for the amazing feedback, really encouraging for me.  I think this song is one of those ones it has a lot of feeling in it with the lyrics.

Peatle ......... thank you also for the awesome feedback.  I do like to try covering different styles as there are so many different styles out there that I like, to many lol.  I think the only stuff I am not really keen on is heavy metal and opera.     

What no names yet? yikes     

TIG ..... still a great song written by you and of course not to mention how it was covered vocally and musically.   Loved it as much as I did the first time listening to it.  This could easily be heard on the radio and people sing along to it.     

neo .... great guitar work on ~Sunny~.  The guitar made it i think on this one.  ~I can see clearly now~, an oldie but a goodie.  I think of the 2 songs, Sunny was the better, your guitar work really worked on this one.     

Hi lethanh, yes sure have heard of that song, I think most people would know  it.  Are you going to perform it for us?     

Here is my quick Cover tonight of the song "Luka" by Suzanne Vega.  I am thankful I have never been abused  physically but my heart goes out to those that have been and live in this atmosphere of violence. 

A couple of mistake in my recording but didnt have time to re-record.


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jets, really good.  I always enjoy your songs, I like your style and this one is no exception.   Great stuff smile     


(5 replies, posted in Poems)

easybeat ... thought provoking     


(6 replies, posted in My local band and me)

Nicely done, vocally, instrumentally.  Well done to you.     


(10 replies, posted in Chordie's Chat Corner)

What an amazing voice the main singer has!!     


(6 replies, posted in Songwriting)

Nice one easybeat, the lyrics are good and thought provoking.  Has a bit of a country feel to it.     


(10 replies, posted in Songwriting)

neo excellent both songs ............ another talented song writer it seems here on Chordie     


(9 replies, posted in Poems)

haha good one Phill smile     


(8 replies, posted in Chordie's Chat Corner)

Bill , a great song, and you did it well, your coming along with great leaps     


(17 replies, posted in Chordie's Chat Corner)

Bill, I enjoyed that, and agree with Phill, your comment "had enough yet" just cracked me up smile  Keep going your doing great and its just great to see you putting stuff up.  And this particular song has memories for me too ................... Peatle and easybeat put myself and 2 others through some challenges with this particular song to see if we could do it acapella styel!!! They had me doing the main bit and two other ladies joining it ................. lol we had a bit of a laugh with it smile

Baldguitardude ............ I liked that one of Matisyahu One day/No Woman no cry  .............. awesome!!!     

Bill you made that sound so interesting .......... your a story teller for sure smile 
I can`t say I have ever had the honor of playing in a band since I only started singing and playing uke and guitar a few years ago .......... ahhh how I wish I had started younger and been in a band............ who knows how many I would have been kicked out of yikes     

Wow, so crazy thinking about JANUARY 2019 already!!! 

For this MONTH`s FSOTM SUGGESTIONS for JANUARY, there will be TWO NAMES drawn OUT OFTHE HAT.   The TWO MEMBERS whose names get pulled out will get to pick a COUPLE OF SONGS EACH for this month`s FSOTM.  It can be ANY SONG of that members choice.

So, PUT YOUR NAMES DOWN TO ENTER and your names will go in the hat and get drawn out at the end of the month.

READY!   SET!   G!!!

Here we are in DECEMBER again, 2018 is nearly gone. For this MONTH`S FSOTM, as there were no suggestions for songs from any members this is what we are looking for.

1.    Any Christmas Song or Song that Mentions the word Christmas
2.    Any Song that causes you to Reflect on this Year (in other words ANYTHING you like)
3.    Any Song that makes you Think about the New Yearor Mentions the New Year

It can be an Original,  a Cover or an Instrumental.  Let’s see what you can all come up with.

READY ... SET ... GO!!! 

Ok looks like was a very very quiet month ............with zero suggestions neutral