neo ....... thanks for comments, I think I probably could have done with some distortion on this one as I failed to make it jazzy lol.  Oh well, can`t win them all smile  Challenge accepted re   these ~Boots are made for walking~ IF I can get time this weekend as looking after my 2 yr old grandson is keeping me full on presently.

Peatle .... thanks for your comments.  Yes I agree with you, it easier to try and sing jazz with someone else playing the instruments and then you can just concentrate on singing jazz.  Both singing it and playing jazz are new to me ............ I have a long way to go learning to do it properly I think.  Yes I think your right, it sounds more folky smile     


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Tig .... thanks so much , appreciate the feedback smile

TF ... haha cool, glad it made you smile and thanks for the wonderful feedback.  "Too right mate, Chur bro, your sounding like a real kiwi bloke, got the hang of the lingo down pat,  sweet as" smile 

bluejeep ... wonderful, glad it got stuck in your head, means my work is done  haha, thanks for the great comments smile

Peatle ..... thanks so much, it really is a fun song to play and sing this one, just bounces along smile

Phill ...... haha glad you liked it smile     


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Hi neo, no I haven't tried that.  I still cant get songs into my song book.  Just keeps telling me to log in even though I am logged in already.     


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Thanks neo, I had fun playing this one smile     

Ok here is my entry that easybeat challenged me too.  I had a  bit of free time tonight to learn it,  practice it a little bit and record it.  Actually easybeat, when I listened to Frank Sinatra singing it, I didn't know the song at all really, it was not what I was thinking it was.  Anyway, I had to do it tonight or not at all as I am babysitting my 2 yr old grandson for 3 weeks and today and tonight was my only child free day to do anything this month.  Also, I have never really tried to play Jazz before, that in itself will take me a while to learn how to play properly.  So I am not sure it sounds very Jazzy to be honest, and the vocals aren't the best in places as I am not that familiar with this song.  It is another song that I wouldn`t mind having another go at but I had to stop, it was getting late and the neighbours probably aren't impressed!     

(edited to add the word "at" and "probably"  by Jandle)

Woohoo look forward to hearing you Strummerboy smile     


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I really enjoyed listening to this song jets .... you have a great style and very easy listening.  I always enjoy listening to your music,  Well done.     


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Well I am having a busy 3 weeks babysitting my 2 yr old grandson whilst his parents are overseas on holiday.  Today I have a child free day as he has gone to the other grandparents for an overnight stay, which gave me a nice little break.   
So putting up this little number, an oldie but goodie. 


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Ditto to what the others have said beamer, great writing, out of a place that isn't so pleasant at the moment for you.   Heart felt.     


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Happy Birthday Russell, great to see another October Birthday smile  I hope you had a fantastic day.  Great to have so many 21st birthday too  ... keep on rocking that guitar and enjoy your Birthday.     

neo ..... nicely done, the sound effects on the vocals really make it too.     

easybeat, that was a fantastic effort and you covered it so well.  Thumbs up from me smile     


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Ok have emptied out the cookies.  Still can`t add to my songbook, it is telling me to log in in the add to songbook part and then when I click on add to songbook it brings me to the forum.     


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Thanks each and everyone of you for your comments on this poem.  Wow, your comments were amazing and deeply touched me.  I don't always find writing easy and don't even consider myself very good with words but I guess when it is something that comes from the heart,  I found this one easy to write.  Thanks for the wonderful encouragement smile     


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I wrote this yesterday.  Originally was going to make it a song but decided it seems more like  poem.


I was talking to my Dad on the phone today                                           
We talked for a while, in the usual way                                             
I asked him, “how’s your day been Dad?”
He said “not to bad, it been ok”
We chatted about the weather,
He said he hadn’t done much
He was sitting outside enjoying the sun, eating his lunch
Our conversation led to gardening and such
I asked him what he was planting this year
His vege garden always full, planted with care
The question seemed to hang in the air
I heard my Dad answer, with a sound of disappear
His voice suddenly went quiet, or so it seemed to my ear
As he contemplated his answer and for a minute day dreamed
He said he wouldn`t be planting any veg’s this year
No point he said, there`s only him there
“With your Mum in a home and me on my own
I can`t eat it all, it just goes to waste, gets over grown
There is only so much I can give the neighbors next door
They all grow veg`s and have way too much”
We finished our chat, said I`d call him another day
As I hung up the phone, I felt sad for my Dad and what he had to say
He used to love his garden, to plant, weed it and such
But the truth and sad part is not really the garden so much
It`s the life he misses, that he shared with my Mum, his lovely Mrs

(edited by Jandle to take out a typo)


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Beamer,  your writing is really next level.  Often the hard places bring out stuff in us that is good or bad.  In this case your writing skills have just sky rocketed, you are writing so well and from raw emotions.     

neo .... great stuff, really like what you did with Brian and Phills song, made it your own and a great cover.     

Tig ..... you and Phill both deserve a star, brillant writing by you and put together and covered wonderfully by Phill.   A big thumbs up from me.     


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Had a listen yesterday Tig,  commented on Soundcloud but ran out of time to comment here.  Wonderful collaboration once again  by both of you.     


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hmm tried again today, no luck.  I will get my hubby to see if he can work out why when he gets home.  Thanks Roger.   

(edited to add the word "get" by Jandle)

Just a reminder to give feedback to everyone that enters a song smile     

Nicely done neo .......... probably one of the best ones you have done yet vocally, style suited your voice.     

Nice one Roger, enjoyed that, performed well.  Nicely written by your friend smile     


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Hi, I am trying to put a song into My Songbook and it keeps telling me to log in when I am already logged in.  Anyone know why? Thanks in advance. 

OK,  here we are nearly at the end of the year already!


For example if the CATEGORY/GENRE was COUNTRY, then the member can only Suggest ONE SONG for a Country Song. 

Country                  Rock                                               
Folk                        Jazz
Blues                      Swing
Heavy Metal         Techno
Lullaby                   Musical 
Reggae                  Rapper
Classical                Gospel
Punk                      Hip Hop
Soul                      Instrumental

So, there are plenty to Choose from so go for it with your Suggestions.   Remember you can suggest for each Category/Genre but only ONE SONG