Good one Jim you are an excellent songwriter.


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Thank you Bill I love  those photo's. It has  been uplifting experince to be able to share with you this special time.

Love from Pete and Maree xxx.


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Congratulations Julian Craig on graduating High School. May you always carry hope, faith, peace and love in your heart, wherever you go. As you travel the path ahead have faith that the universe will always support you, that you are never alone.  love and hard work will light the path ahead of you.. Remember professionals were once amateurs who didn't quit.
All the best.


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I am not sure the first time I heard it. But I do remember having a few beers in a bar with the sound of the radio quietly been played over the sound system. Suddenly the  volume went up and Sultans Of Swing came blasting out of the sound system. I loved it and so did the others.  The boss of the place came in at the end of it and turned down the volume. He started screaming at the bar tender, " if you do that  again your fired." Everyone in the bar starting booing the manager. The bar tender became a friend of mine after that and he also ended up going out with one of my female drinking companion for a while. His manager at the bar use to call him and I  "The Insultants Of Swing."  Years later that bartender was now a  owner of  a pub in Sydney, I went there to have beer and catch up. After a while  reminiscing about things we had in common, he put on a CD and when Sultans Of Swing came on he turned it up real loud. His patrons didn't seemed to be that impressed . He died a few years back and now whenever I hear Sultans Of Swing I always think of my first time meeting him.

That is a beautiful love song. Jim


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Cheers Jandal I just put a little rough version up on Soundcloud which I have taken down.
Bill your spot on Kids are resilient and inventive. I have always felt greatful for ,my father's parents who I was very close to growing up as they gave me alot of love and time.Though I get on well with my mother now she is 97, growing up I wasn't that close to her as she was often more occupied with other things. My father died when I was twelve, I got on good with him and we enjoyed each other's company.  His relationship with my mother wasn't that good so she was not that happy with my closeness to him and his parents.  When I was younger I was not much of a family guy so I guess I was happy when Maree and I hooked  she didn't want kids. My two sons were lucky to have a good mother and stepfather growing up in Australia and the USA. I am just greatful that my boys never resented me for not been a big part of their growing up. Their late mother always painted me in a good way to them so that was kind of her. The poem I wrote was as a result of me observing and over hearing conversations on buses and trains while out and about. It needs more work done on it.

Your Friend


My time as a kid in Fiji and NZ we were made to sing at school. Even though we had it at school I didnt get very good at it. When I went to school in NZ the singing was more of a group thing done maybe once a week. Over in Fiji I always wanted to go to the school my Hindu and Muslim friends went to as they were not made to sing like we were.The Nuns over in Fiji  that taught us were very harsh if you were out of tune so I hated singing.

Welcome to Chordie al3c . Living down here in the bottom of the south Pacific Euro is not something I am up with. I am not sure if it is because I am a old dude or it doesn't come to this part of the planet.  But I can tell  you about my mother when I was younger she had a record by a lady called Sandie Shaw called Puppet On  A String. It was one of those annoying type of songs and if she put it on the record player I would leave the room. She would always say to me, "it won the Eurovision contest you know so it must be good". My mum is now 97 and we  were recently  reminiscing about the past. We  were talking about old songs we liked when Puppet On A String came into the conversation, she said to me "that song was stupid and sexist".  I reminded her, " you use to love that song so what has changed your opinion.over the years" ? Any way she told me "I only played it repeatedly as a way of  annoying  my boyfriend so he would go home If I had enough of him hanging around".

Bill that is one top piece of songwriting. Watching the resentment  of one group against another in this modern day on the news and  destruction of innocent peoples lifes saddens me. Power and morality don't seem to come together.


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Cheers TF time spent  quantity and quality are not always easy for most families. Most kids have differant stages in their growing up of wanting and not wanting to be around their elders. Then also parents career pressures and the need to provide the dosh make having time for family tricky. I found with this poem  the words  need to be better so I could recite it better. I was hoping someone could suggest some good changes to it. Or maybe someone could do it like a song.


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You got a good rift going their.


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Great humor EB


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A poem I wrote on the train in the morning in the rain. This afternoon at home I sat down and did It  on my piano with my cell phone. . I have put it on soundcloud link below.   If anyone with better playing and more skills than me wants to improve on it.,  I would be very happy for them to do that
A is the bassline  with the trebble playing E G A then D G with a F sharp and G alternating through out the tune. My  voice not that great as usual.

Working Man And Woman.
Their all leaving home trying to catch a train or bus.
It's a wet and windy day
It ill take lot more than that to stop most of us.
We got to raise our kids.
We got to pay the bills.
We got to pay for our life up up here in the hills.
Such is the lot of the working man and wife.
We spend half our life working trying to find time for the kids.
Trying to get enough money seems to take more time than it should.
We head of to the city on the bus or train no matter what the weather.
It could be rain.
It could be shining.
We could be experiencing  pain.
But we keep on striving.
Such is the life of a working man and working woman  trying to keep the family going.
Yeah trying to keep a family going.
Yeah trying to pay for a roof over our heads.
Yeah we need a bit more time to spend with the kids.
But we got to pay the bills and keep our self respect.
Yeah such is the life of a working man and a woman.
Yeah such is the life of a working man and a woman.
Yeah got to pay the bills some how.


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Love that kid's playing style.


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I love your guitar picking on this song. You get the song across real good. It is a real good song.

I love that video Bill.


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Love those monks .


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Another excellent song.  I have been retired for a while now the other week I had this vivid  dream I was late for work and I woke up jumped out of bed. I was in a bit of a panic thinking I better ring and let them know I am running late. My wife woke up and said are you alright when it hit me I don't work there any more. .That little bit of a bass vocal worked brilliant in your song I love whole arrangement.


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Phill  I love it. It is witty and even though you say it is nonesense it does tell the story of a scammer. Reading the word dosh made me remember my old man as a kid saying to me
" as long as a man has enough dosh after feeding the family and paying the bills for a pigs ear (Beeer) and a dury he has done alright."


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That is a brilliant piece of poetry to a beautiful daughter on her birthday. As you say in your poem she is a pearl..


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Thank you CG for your feedback

Bill great to have you comment and see you active here on chordie again. I am enjoying your posts on here.
Hugs to you and your beautiful Dondra.


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TF and Phill thank you for your comments and taking time to have a read of my poem.


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Jeff great to hear you on soundcloud again. It is a good song.


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Rapid Fire
The vexation of a fool is known at once.
When it is prudent to ignore insult
Words used in haste flowing like rapid gunfire.
Bullets flowing of the end of the tongue,  boomerangs aimlessly going in circles.
A boomerang powered  by an arm out of control and governed by a reaction of the knee instead of the head.
Bullets circling back  full of regret to the one who fired without deep thought about a consequence caused by the lack of a  pause.
Machine gun fire killing more than once the same victim.


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Nice guitar  and the lyrics remind me of some of the things I have heard people say to me at the end of their lives.