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I got the chance to play a Córdoba last night.I found it be a nice guitar especially for the price.


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Martin m36 for me.


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Very nicely done.


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Welcome John from a newbie.I'am a bit like you went back to it after  a long break.Really enjoying it now. smile


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NELA wrote:

RNS, welcome to chordie. The only thing that changes with age is your attitude about life,. It just get's better. Also, the groupies you get tend to have money of their own and enjoy  a good time. They may not have all their teeth, have blue hair and not be quite as perky as they used to be but they sure fun.


You never stop learning smile


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Tenement Funster wrote:

Hello again, Rusty ...

One of our Moderators (UncleJoesBand) has recently created a Google map, showing the rough geographic home of the Chordians who have taken part. It's at this link, so I hope you'll post a request there to be included:


It's purely voluntary, and you don't need to be real specific ... whatever you're comfortable with. Cheers, mate!

Just done it,cheers Dave.


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Hi,I'am in North East London.


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arkady wrote:

Hi rusty
Nice to have another English South Easter with us. I hail from Essex. Also I'm another old duffer still making music.
Welcome to the old boys home of mostly retired guitar lovers.

Thks,I can't be that far from you as I'am on the edge of London (Essex side).

It will come in the end just,practice practice practice ,good luck .nearly forgot WELCOME from fellow newbie.


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Thanks everyone for the warm welcome.


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Thks Ed.my martins are M36,and 00015sm and 00028vs.which I find a good mix of woods and 12 and 14 fret.Mine you its
Taken a lifetime to get there.


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I like the old bugger bit,I could get the hang of this !!!!!!!!


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New guy here I hope this is in the correct section.Just thought I'd introduce myself.I live in n east London 59 and been
playing for badly for 40 odd years now.I'am bit of a Martin fan (3).I play anything acoustic and blues etc.Been out of
the bedroom lately and started to jam with some nice people and really enjoying it.Hope to be of help here and learn
a lot too.Cheers Dave.