Topic: good strings?

hey guys
I play a schecter damien series guitar with a floyd rose
what are some good strings for metal?
I like to do a lot of pinch harmonics if that makes a difference

and I down tune sometimes so maybe strings were you can get 11 or 12 gauge thanks guys!

Re: good strings?

Hi Deaken316,

  How long do you want those strings to last?  You might try Elixers, or EXPs,  but there are a lot of very good strings out there depending on how much you are willing to spend.  The Elixers are very good (good and expensive) but last long enough to make them a good investment if you are not into breaking them and changing often.  If you are tough on strings, then go away from the coated strings which you might have a tendency to shred the covers off of.  Ernie Ball, Fender, GHS, D'Addario, Walmart, any of those will do if you change regularly at about $6.00 per set on sale.  Keep in mind that the less you spend, the sooner they will go flat for keeps under heavy bends, but your mileage may vary.

  Personally I play Elixers on everything and buy sets by the dozen when they are deeply discounted.  Like dried foods they seem to have a good shelf life in unopened packages.

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Re: good strings?

Ernie Ball, D'Addario  and Martin are hands down the best string investments you'll ever make.  You can buy a lot for not much, and you won't cry when/if you break one.  Keep in mind that if you coat a string with something, you are dampening that string.  If you're willing to pay 3X the price of normal strings for one that is insulated, then you've been duped by a media machine that wants your money.  So many people want you to try these exotic strings. Do you remember the cryogenic string craze?  Ask someone who plays full-time or gigs part-time, what it is that they play.

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Re: good strings?

For Electric I've had good results with the D'Addarios...I usually stop by the booth at Guitar shows and buy them in bulk...  remember that if you change string going from 9-42 or 10-49 to 11 or 12 that you might need to re set-up your guitar. For the pinch harmonics I've done much better using the bridge pickup with volume at full...then set the volume and tone at the amp...   Hope this helps some!

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Re: good strings?

I love the Ernie Ball strings. Though only one shop near me sells the slinky (9-42) ones that I like for my Stratotele.

I am currently trying out a set of Dean Markley "Blue Steel" (9-42) strings that are almost as good as the Ernie Balls.


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Re: good strings?

For strats with single coils I play .009 D'Addarios, Dean Markley and DR's. For single coil strat with Texas special pick ups I play DR's .010's. On any humbucker loaded guitars I play the same DR's in .010 gauge.