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Topic: My ideal guitar

Light like a stratocaster

Humbucking pickups

thin neck

long scale length

moderately priced

  - what is it. I need one.

thanks for all your posts.  Somne great recommendations. So hard, but I eventually choose an Ibanez RG for about £550. there's a picture here (not of my mine but of an identical model and finish)

http://www.musicplayers.com/reviews/gui … dx-big.jpg

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Re: My ideal guitar

I believe Schecter makes one like that....here
http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/prod … sku=513083

That one is a six, you also might consider a 7-string.  Ibanez and Schecter make those as far as I know.

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Re: My ideal guitar

How about


And cheap!!!!

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Re: My ideal guitar

Squier 51


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Re: My ideal guitar

ibanez has skinny necks but ive played a shecter once or twice an they were just as thick as my gibson (which is the way i like em)

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Re: My ideal guitar

I have a Peavey Wolfgang Special that might fit your requirements... It's an awsome guitar... those are often on EBAY for reasonable prices...

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Re: My ideal guitar

Hi Johncross21,

  Check out the Epiphone Dot Studio, a semi-hollow neck-through Gibson 335 clone.  Fairly light with twin hummers and plenty of growl/sustain.  Fine axe for most rock and jazz without going bankrupt! 

Just my opinion.

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Re: My ideal guitar

Try an Ibanez S Series. Those are great too. smile