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Topic: Finally getting to go home

Well, it's time for me to go home. Been working 7 days a week since Labor Day without any time off and I'm going home, tomorrow. It's time for me to get home, kiss my dog and pat my wife on the...................pat my dog on the head and kiss my wife. Timing should be good as it's our 40th wedding anniversery and I done sent her some roses to kinda smooth things out. Gonna grab my bow and go deer hunting Saturday morning. Really looking forward to this weekend.


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Congrats NELA! - As a long time construction worker, I know how pleasant it is to finally get a chance to go home. If you're like me, a week or 2 is good - then it's time to get back on the road. big_smile

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Congrats Nela on the 40 years and being home to celebrate it!

Good Luck on the hunt as well.  If you don't bring home any meat you could always come over to my place and thin the herd that's thinning my orchard... there are a couple of nice bucks in the bunch.  Only problem is that they're pretty small lots around here, 3-5 acres and naturally houses and kids and pets and livestock.  Picked up a couple stray arrows in the yard last season, and I've a couple neighbors that have been taking shots with their long guns early in the mornings since rifle season's opened.  Makes me nervous!

I should caution you though that non-resident licenses and tags are very expensive!  But we've got lots of game!

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Congrats on your 40th anniversary to yourself and Mrs. NELA as well!  I'll bet she'll be happy to have that kiss!  We miss our men something horrible when they are away.  We own 17 acres of nothing but good hunting land.  This will be my son's first year that he can bow hunt big game (deer).  I'm hoping for a good freezer full this year!  I miss some good ole venison stew!  Good luck with your homecoming and a little quiet hunting time!

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Congratulations on 40 years.

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40 years.  You're doing something right.  Congratulations.  I hope you have something nice planned for the two of you.

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You obviously had a good shot Nella, heartiest congrats to you and yours.

Have a wonderful week end with your GrĂ¡ {Love }

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Congrats, Nela.

I used to travel every day of the week (to a different city!) for business and there was nothing like coming home.

Hey, I'm just wondering...am I the only city slicker in this group?

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PapaTom wrote:

Hey, I'm just wondering...am I the only city slicker in this group?

Geographically speaking I am a city slicker but I am a country boy at heart.