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this one was one was coming along while I wrote the last one, my group the PUI annual river trip is coming in april and we lost one of our members to cancer recently. apologize for the quality on this one is was recorded at work in the SOC studios in Basra on my little martin travel guitar. going to redo it in a couple of weeks when I get home but I wanted to get some input on it I don't like the chorus that much the last line particularly

C                                                  G
theres an empty chair now     around the fire
Em                                     G                         D
raise a toast to friends who've gone on higher

like a ship gone down     in a hurricane
a body's gone but a spirit remains

in the end your just a       memory
one more soul that's finally been set free

friends and family you    left behind
one day soon that hill they too shall climb

C                   D                    G                   Em
across that river we must all go one day
C                   D                     G          Em
the Lord our soul to keep we all pray
C                   D                   G
reunion's not that far away

C                                                G
I know you've  gone  to         a better place
Em                                   G            D
that's my one and only saving grace

no pain and    misery
in that shining light we too shall see

cast a shadow on     the face of the deep
peaceful dreams where angels sleep

friends and family left you    behind
one day soon that hill we too shall climb

across that river we must all go one day
the lord our soul to keep we all pray
reunions not that far away
reunions not that far away

out of tune out of key and out of touch

Re: reunion

Another clever song MoJo i like the use of the word reunion but am unsure  about "not that far away"". I was thinking maybe something along the lines reunions  will be ours when the time is right
C                          G
Reunions are ours.
C               D           G
When the time is right.

Re: reunion

mojo01 ..... another good one by you ....... thoughtful and thought provoking ......  (couldnt comment on sound cloud yet as it is not letting me comment for some reason)

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Re: reunion

This is a beauty, Mojo ... personally, I like your original chorus, and Peatle's suggestion is also excellent. Are there any rules that say one must sing the chorus exactly the same way all the time? Why not use both?

Re: reunion

very touching mojo, please keep safe. TF makes a good point; why not use both? great recording too, your voice and guitar go well together. like all great songs; it reminds you of something but you cant place it....well done.

condolences for your friend, that's the second one this week on chordie, and three people that i know locally.

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