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Aretha Franklin died today from Pancreatic  Cancer.  We lost another  great talent.

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It seems they're dropping like flies. Another great talent, what a voice? That band up in the sky must be sounding heavenly

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Although I wasn't particularly a fan of her music, there's no question she was an icon in the soul music world. I like Phill's comment about the "choir invisible". smile

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I "cut my drummer's teeth" on "Soul" Music, CG and all. You weren't worth spit as a drummer unless you had that "Memphis" soul rhythm in your sticks and feet, and together with the bass, well...... if your singer was Aretha Franklin, you'd be just fine because she was her own "lead instrument".

"Respect" was always the tune that "got 'em onto the dance floor" and if you followed that one up with even more, it would keep 'em there.  Close the set with Otis Redding's "Dock Of The Bay" and Bob's yer uncle.

Aretha must have kept her private life VERY private, because one never heard of such things as politics, likes, dislikes, etc.. It was always just the music and that voice, but if you listened, everything was right there in the emotion. THAT she never hesitated to share with us.

Rest In Peace, "Ree Ree". You sure were a "lung-slinger".


PS: This is NOT Aretha, but helps to explain what I wrote in paragraph 1 above. Turn it up and enjoy!

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Aretha was a great artist! Being a college student I was inspired by her voice and started my own lyrics and essay writing. Also, she helped me with other assignments -  love to music and guitar     

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