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Write down "you are beautiful" by your language and how to pronoun it then I will make it as a lyric big_smile 

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You are beautiful.

Yoo arr byoo-tee-full

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I find this  topic interesting seeing as how this is an "English Language" forum, although many of us are at least bi-lingual and some are multi-lingual.  So I wonder what the point of the exercise is ?  What is the motivation for gathering up an assortment of words for a lyric that only a small number of readers would recognize ?  smile     

"what is this quintessence of dust?"  - Shakespeare

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Hi Lissandragaren it is a sad thing there are people out there who don't know they are beautiful. Back in the day Ray Stevens sang about that. My second language I spoke until about age six is Fijian my mothers first language as a child..  In our language you are beautiful. is written  Ko ni sa rairai totoka.  It is pronounced  Car own knee sar rah ee rah  ee toe