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I am begining Song writer,
I have been playing guitar for a few year sand am getting better all the time. I get many compliments from people about my playing.
I would like to play some orriginal tunes rather than allready recorded music.
Anyone out there have some lyrics that need to be put to music?

I am not into stealing someone elses hard work and will give all credit where due.
I just cant come up with any lyrics on my own. they all sound corney.

If you have some lyrics that need music let me know maybe I can do something with them. Or maybe Someone has a start and we could work together?

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Re: Looking for lyrics or ideas

what type of stuff do you play on the guitar? that would be easier to start. im not all that attached to lyrics and i think it would be kinda of fun to see someone elses musical take on my lyrics.

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Re: Looking for lyrics or ideas

well, i have a post or two here that dont have music if you feel like givin' em a shot.... probly will be more to come too lol

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Re: Looking for lyrics or ideas

Just because you don't think your songs sond good doesn't make them any good. There have been many number one hits that make absolutely no sence. Then you have songs that are spoken. You've even got songs that are stories.

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Give it a try.

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Re: Looking for lyrics or ideas

Hi ardstech & welcome to chordie's forum!  Just dive right in and write your own lyrics.  So what if your first few are not as good as think they should be - just write some more, and you will get better with practice.

Start a songwriting notebook where you can keep ideas and phrases and lines to work on.  We are immersed in a sea of potential song ideas - it's just a matter of recognizing them.  Songwriting takes effort and patience.

You hear sometimes about how a certain great song took 'just a few minutes' to write.  Well, that only happens when people spend many many hours writing other songs that maybe weren't so good.  The moral to the story is that you need to get into the habit of writing songs before those rare gems will finally emerge.

Dive in - dare to create.

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Re: Looking for lyrics or ideas

Everyones got a story or a dream, most people that listen can relate. I start many songs with lotsa words, and I think they are corney, then I distill the essence of the song into lyrics. A song may be 40 verses long but after drastic surgery just the essence is there. Ive written a song about waitin for a train, another about dog poo another about Coal Mines, gat yerslf a life etc. In all cases peole have enjoyed the song and at a recent festival I played I heared people singing lines out of one of my songs. Instant Headswell!

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I cant really play guitar and i have many songs without chords!! if you would like to give them a shot go for it and if you would like i will write a song for you!!

Just tell me what you would like it to be about and off i go!
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Hi ardstech, I agree with James and the others. I am from Belgium, and thanks to Chordie, my written English has improved a lot. My spoken English was not bad. About lyrics: I have a lot of songs, or better instrumentals, because no lyrics.
But I do have a few, like recently, meaning since a few days, I am busy, having the melody already a few months. The lyrics are about TIME: who and why is our time expressed in minutes and hours, while we both know that nice things, like a girl, a nice holiday, are going so fast. Better: why is 1 hour going so fast if you are doing something amusing, nice BUT so slow when sitting in a classroom? Pick something, a word, a phrase you like, and it will be easier. But who am I to tell this, because I have the same problem. I still haven't found an answer, but when it is about a song: the FIRST THING YOU WILL EXPERIENCE is the MELODY, later followed by the lyrics.

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Re: Looking for lyrics or ideas

Thanks everyone for your responses.
Firstly let me say I am into many types if music. I particularily like balads and songs with lyrics that tell a story.
I Learned music in a county environment, However I am partial to classic rock. I do however believe that all music has merit and takes talent to create and preform weather its Rap or grunge or Rock or whatever.

Thanks to everyone that responded with advice I will use all the advise I have read in your posts.

If anyone would like to email me some test lyrics that I could play with. Say the first verse of your song or something. I would love to give it a try and put some music to it for you.

I can be reached at

Thanks again to everyone for your replies and I look forward to more words of wisdom from around the world.

Ever gratefull

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Is  that your email  Proper? as i did try to Email you! But no joy.

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