Topic: lp or sg???

which guitar is better....

not only am i buying one but i would like to know your opinions...

this here will help me dicied but i will playit to check it out!

if you can learn bass in 15 minutes
then why do i play the guitar???

Re: lp or sg???

For what purpose? AC/DC rocking out then the SG is proven ground! Wanna do some Slash? Then go with the Les Paul...Really I thing both are excellent guitars and one is probably not any "better" than the other...just which one suits your musical styles and taste? Also each has several variations within the product pick-ups, bridge, etc...

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Re: lp or sg???

I haven't played either one a whole lot. . .but to my knowledge, the LP is more suited to classic rock and blues, while the SG is more for hard rock and metal.

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Re: lp or sg???

I play the Gibson LP and agree it does have a more bluesy/classic rock sound ... it sounds beautiful though ... a buddie of mine plays the Gibson SG and it does give off a more Hard Rock sound

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Re: lp or sg???

My Epi LP HAD a more bluesy rock sound until I replaced the pickups, heavy strings, lots of distortion - now alot more metal

Personally I prefer the feel of my LP to my SG for some reason but my first 3 guitars were based on the LP design so I suppose that has alot to do with it

Re: lp or sg???

I used to have an LP, but sold it.  Then, bought a Strat and loved it!  I recently bought an SG and have to say that I liked it much better than when I had the LP.  It's lighter (of course) and I like the 'crunch' sound it produces.  Some may say that it's more rock oriented.  But, after seeing Derek Trucks played his old Gibson SG, I would say it was more versatile than most people think.