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Hello again...Hope everyone in the southeastern United States is enjoying this extremely hot summer we're having as much as i am...So when i'm not working in the hot sun, I'm writing songs and here's another one from Rooster3. 
    Please let me know what you think......

Come Home MelisaCopywrite: Blake Stitcher

- For verses it is 4 beats per chord

Intro:  C,  Am, F,  G


Verse 1:

[C]This morning I got up,

[Am]I walked outside and cried,

[F]I started talking to the [G]rain.


[C]Every time that I spoke,

[G]I heard the thunder roll,

[F]But I said what I had to [G]say.


Bridge 1:

[F]I said I really miss that [G] girl,

[F]When she left she took my [G]world.



Come Home [C] Melisa

I’m sorry for [Am] all I’ve done

[F] I let you run out on me

Even [G] though I knew you were the one

If only [C] you knew how

I cry and [Am] miss you now

[F]I wish I could hold her and tell her I [G]love her

Come Home [C] MelisaAm,F,G



[C]I went back inside the house

[Am] I picked up the telephone

And [F] let it ring till’ I nearly fell asleep

Listenin’ [G] to a busy tone


Then finally I [C] heard your voice

It was the recording [Am] on your machine

[F] My heart fell out of my chest

And I [G] just waited for the beep


Bridge 1



Bridge 2:  (Barred chords work well here)

Then the [F] phone clicked a while, I heard you [G] voice and then I smiled

Because I [C] knew you’d heard what I had to [Am] say

I said [F] babe I’m beggin’ you, Now [G] girl it’s the truth

Won’t you [C] please just listen to [F]me?[G]



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Hey Blake - This has a nice sound but I need to hear it cause I already played it 2 different ways and both sounded good to me.

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This song has so much feeling which is great, i would also like to hear it as i have also played it. Keep going with writing songs, its a natural talent for you

love to you and god bless everyone

Rhiannon xoxoxoxo

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Hey thanks everyone!  I'll have the mp3 posted on another website soon and when i do get it up, i'll post the link on this page. Thanks again!

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Very nice flow to this one. I had a bit of difficulty going into the chorus on the G chord, but playing it a bit slower it worked.

Nice song and a very good lyric. The only thing I noticed about the lyric was that you used the word 'I' a lot of times (only my opinion). Keep up the good work


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another great song by the great ROOSTER! smile
keep rocking

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Once again everyone, thank you for your compliments and i'm glad ya'll liked it.

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-Charlie Daniels

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Another great song, rooster3.  I hear it with a real howl and twang, like an old country ballad.  James

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