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Hello everyone;

Been a while since i have been able to get back here. Last time i chatted with a few fellow veterans about the VA health system. A lot has happened since then. I hope on this Holiday weekend everybody is enjoying their slice of life!! I am really excited as i am only 3 weeks away form meeting my first custom made guitar! Not to bore everyone with the whole story but my Brother in San Diego hooked me up with a guy who is on his way to be an amazing Luthier. I am the last one that he is building my guitar for cost. I had been looking at a Martin 00-15M. They wanted $1119.00 from Sweet water. That was WAY over my budget!! So using the spec's of the Martin Ray is building me my Miss M as i have named her. I will be back when i have her safe in my hands!! Stay safe and keep on playing!!

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Good to see you back rick hope you get your martin quick!

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Good luck with your new custom guitar.

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Hope your new Miss M turns out the way you want it, Rick!

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Well Rick when she arrives by all means post a NGD and photo!  I don't think anyone here objects to a picture or two of a pretty lady.

Thanks; Semper Fi

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