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I  plan on buying a Guild F2512e  , to be my "take out of the house" 12 string.   My questions are:  1) Anyone have experience with this guitar....I can't find ANY negative reviews, "for the price."  and 2) it comes with a gig bag....any suggestions about where to look for a hard case at a reasonable cost ?

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You will have to check dimensions for fit, but take a look at this case for an example.  A good quality hard case will usually set you back at least $100, and can go pretty high.  The extra protection is worth the $$ especially if you have to fly and trust your gear to baggage handlers (not that most won't take care, but stuff can fall off the trolly, especially "odd" shaped objects) sad … mp;index=3

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I just can't stuff my much loved guitars in a "bag", I've seen the damage done and it aint pretty,  Hardshell cases are the better and safer way to store and transport any guitar. Most well stocked guitar/music stores will carry cases.

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Congrats on your soon-to-be acquisition!

Guild's are well-known for the build quality, and that 12-string should have a big bright voice with the jumbo body, spruce top, and maple sides. I agree with the others, that the best case you can afford for it is the right one. Getting one with a jumbo body AND the extra length to accommodate the longer headstock is the challenge, but gator Cases is a good place to start. If the specs on Guild's site and Gator's site are exact, this one should fit:

Sweetwater and Musician's Friend are both listed as retailers for them, and these molded babies usually cost a couple hundred bucks. But a gorgeous guitar like that - especially since you'll be travelling with it - deserves to be well protected.

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I think, before I would buy a laminated F2512e without a hard case, I would go to Reverb and look at the GAD j12-30 solid maple jumbo in a hard case at or close to what you will have into the 2512.  You would get an ebony fret board, real Grover mini tuners and dual truss rods as well.  These were the first Asian Guilds, sold a few years back.  All later Asian Guilds have had some of the nicest features removed.  The Asian Westerly models have really been stripped down.  The all blond 17" GAD jumbo is the best of the lot, however...and there's one for sale/best offer on Reverb.
They also have a FJ12, 16" jumbo...both with hard cases...both with pick-up
If your heart is set on the 2512e, the TKL jumbo case would fit fine.

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My Rogue Beatle bass came in a gig bag and I just never got around to  getting a hard-shell case before selling it, but here was my trouble with the bag: if you didn't place the guitar "just right" it can be a real pain getting it in and out. Add a few accessories and you get the picture. My Galveston accoustic/electric was a real challenge though I did find some custom-built cases while home on vacation (Germany) which would have fit.

Good luck, maurguy, and welcome!


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Thanks for responding. I did buy the Guild F2512.....very playable....sounds good....again this is my " take out of the house " (maybe) 12 string.      Have s Gator case....not the best fit but adequate until I find something a little better....